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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,276

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Taken Alive

American domestic terrorists are not “lone wolves”. They are entrepreneurial. They may work alone or in small groups, but they are merely the extreme expression of a political system in meltdown. Republican politicians are careful not to alienate voters who might think these shooters had the right idea when they condemn the violence, which they occasionally forget to do right away.


They all own this. But it is OK cause he was having a bad day SMH

Got my first jab today

Gotta love the NHS. Whoop Whoop.

Did you hear the one about Julie Burchill???


In December Julie Burchill accused me of worshipping a paedophile and called me an Islamist.

After legal action, she has apologised in full for these falsehoods, for playing into “Islamophobic tropes” and making “racist and misogynist” comments about my appearance and sex life.

Good on Ash for following through on this. That apology .....OUCH.... someone made the joke that the mot disturbing part of this episode was that she admitted Rod Liddle was her friend LOL

There is a more serious point though - what is it with TERFS and their plain nasty attacks on other Trans inclusionary feminists? Feminism is supposed to be about our sisterhood and supporting, sustaining and up lifting each other, not act like Burchill and all the others she encouraged to pile on.

We all need Dangerous Coats

Power to the Pockets!

House Democrats draw the line: No bipartisan cooperation with Republicans who questioned the


Freshman Rep. Jake Auchincloss, a Democrat, has begun turning to an unusual source when trying to decide whether he wants to work with a Republican he thinks makes a good point during committee hearings: Google.

The Massachusetts lawmaker says he knows his constituents want him to work across the aisle, but he's drawing “a sharp red line” at working with Republicans who voted not to certify the Electoral College results as part of then-President Donald Trump's failed bid to overturn his election defeat.

If a quick search produces evidence that one of his Republican colleagues refused to acknowledge President Joe Biden's win, he said, “I kind of throw cold water on the whole thing,” adding that while he doesn't like political litmus tests, "insurrection against the United States government qualifies.”


They are absolutely right on this. If you wanted to overthrow the result of a free and fair election you do not get to play lawmaker with the people who did not engage in treasonous behaviour and enabled a violent insurrection against the key institutions that safeguard democracy.

As we would say in the UK. 'Oy, fascist. Do one. '

....on the plus side

Soooooooo much winning 👀

We're used to women being told to modify our behaviour as a reaction to male violence.

As the Metropolitan Police comes under fire for their mishandling of the vigil to Sarah Everard who was murdered (allegedly) by a serving Metropolitan Police Officer - women and girls in London are not surprised and have zero shits left to give to a force who does nadda to protect them, other than suggest they stay in doors, to stay safe.

We’re used to women’s freedoms and women’s bodies being up for debate, you see. We’re used to women being told to modify our behaviour as a reaction to male violence. Women may not be under a formal curfew but you only need to look at the disgusting victim-blaming that went on with Sarah Everard to see that we’re under an informal one. Why was she out at 9.30 at night? Why did she walk home instead of taking a cab? What did she expect? Our freedom of movement after dark may not be restricted by the government, but we often don’t have the freedom to fully relax. We regulate our behaviour automatically; we keep our keys in our hands, we stay on high alert, we pay extra to take a cab because we’re worried about walking home. Street harassment is so common we brush it off as “nothing”; after all, it’s not like there’s anything that we can do we about it anyway. As a recent letter to the Guardian pointed out, “you can be fined for dropping litter in the UK, but not for harassing a woman or girl in public”.


Jess Phillips MP on a Andrew Marr (a political news show on the BBC this morning):

“The police have got it wrong at every single turn,” she said.

Not just the final image that we see, but all day yesterday and the day before, the police did not try and find a way for a peaceful protest - not a protest, actually - a vigil, a moment.

The did not try to find a way to work with women who are sad and angry and upset to be able to, not even gather but just go to Clapham Common.

There are a million ways that that could have been organised but the police put their foot down before they put their boot in and at every stage they made the wrong call.'

Emphasis mine

A vigil for a woman who had been kidnapped and murdered...and young women get manhandled by the colleagues of the man who allegedly committed this sexually violent abhorrent act of murder.

That in 2021 we are still having to have the conversation about our safety on the streets is deeply depressing. We have been having the same conversation for decades and last night the actions of those who are paid to protect us and abjectly fail to do so on an on going basis was shocking. The lack of prosecutions for sexualised violence against women in the UK has effectively decriminalised rape and yet when young women and girls want to express their dismay and anger at the murder of Sarah, a very predictable outcome to the countries embedded patriarchal and misogynistic structures of policing and 'justice', are met with those very structures trying to silence them.

And if anyone says, but Covid, I will bite them...

One of your colleagues allegedly murdered a woman @metpoliceuk . That's why women are gathering to

mourn. And now you’re brutalising them.


Women being snatched by police at the vigil for Sarah Everard. Shameful, shameful scenes.

Shameful indeed.

Are ya feeling 'owned' yet?

Shall we inspect the evidence:

They lost the WH, Senate, and House.
They refused to a support VERY popular relief bill, endangering their own political prospects for 2022.
Their biggest donors are abandoning them.
They're losing the suburbs.
Trump is trying to hamper their fund raising prospects for future election cycles and making them swear fealty to the cult.

But they are going to own us libs dontcha know, cause potato heads, 4th July and insurrection.

They are such pathetic losers that their only political strategy is about 'owning the libs' for culture wars, rather than getting shit done... and they cannot even get that right...

Anyone feeling 'owned' yet?!?! In fact, one might ask, who's owning who!?!?!... hehehe

Who knew a sugar spike could turn you into a racist wanker?

From Occupy Democrats

How absolutely ridiculous. A sugar spike me do it your honour.... 👀

Chap needs to scuttle of into his white supremacists corner of his religious right wing world, after apologising for being such a racist wanker. He won't of course, because after 4 years of unchecked, undiluted hate at the very top of the nation - that shit stain is going to take some time to scrub from the nations psyche.
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