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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
April 11, 2020

When late stage capitalism takes a selfie

And the sad thing is as long as the market bounces back they could not give a shit about the millions who have lost their jobs, they will just use the opportunity to drive down the price they need to pay for human resource.
April 10, 2020

Just a reminder my lovelies

Four days to the opening chorus of the April competition

As we self isolate archives are a lovely thing and lets all come together and kick the shit out of this.

April 10, 2020

Just going to leave this right here.

Yuge deaths lead to yuge ratings don't you know...
April 10, 2020

This should be in every Biden attack ad.


: How can the administration discuss the possibility of reopening the country when the administration does not have an adequate nationwide testing system for this virus? Don't you need a nationwide testing system for the virus before you reopen?

TRUMP: "No."

He is going to end up killing so many people that did not need to die. He is a horror show. And when he opens up the country too early and a second wave hits just as hard, this message needs to be front and centre to every citizen in the country... he cannot be allowed to gaslight his way out of this.
April 10, 2020

#1 they say, we are exceptional they say

Remember when Trump said...

[The coronavirus will weaken] “when we get into April, in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.”

“It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.”

“Anybody that needs a test, gets a test. We—they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.”

“We have a lot of people working very hard to do ventilators and various other things.”

The infection and death toll today:

And as testing is very very hard to get one can assume that infection rate is significantly higher than recorded. After all if you don't count them they can't count. And even then America is still #1 for infections, by miles.

When people boast that America is #1, I am pretty sure that this is not what they have in mind...

April 10, 2020

Coronavirus is not some great leveller: it is exacerbating inequality right now

Coronavirus is not some grand leveller: it is an amplifier of existing inequalities, injustices and insecurities. We hear the constant invoking of the second world war: but despite the horror of Nazi bombs, the living standards and health of poorer Britons benefited from rationing and full employment. In the age of Covid-19, the rubble of economic collapse will fall on those who suffered the most from the last crash: the young, the precarious, the low-paid.
So save us the platitudes of coronavirus as the great leveller; abandon this sickly myth that we are all in this together. For some, this is a time of grand inconvenience, of undoubted stress, of a self-evident loss of freedom. For others, this is both a national and personal disaster, a present defined by turmoil and of futures snatched away.


Coronavirus: They tell us it's a great leveller... it's not

“History will look back on this moment, and those who had the means but nevertheless failed to do everything possible to assist and protect the most vulnerable, will be judged harshly.” IWGB’s general secretary Jason Moyer-Lee

When you live in the epicentre of a Pandemic the likelihood of you having your own outside space is very limited, because urban spaces in the centre of cities means flats for most people and much more so if you live at the poorer end of the housing market or in social housing. I woke up this Good Friday to glorious sunshine. Any other Easter we would have popped into our local supermarket for baguette, cheese and a rough red and headed to our local garden square. Now the queue for the supermarket is twice round the block and you are told off if you sit on bench outdoors. We are blessed that our apartment is reasonably situated, but I do not see how when people live in reduced circumstances, they can stand staying in on such days and compelling them to stay indoors seems almost cruel. They are certainly more in it that we are.
April 9, 2020

Next best tweet of the day, Barack Obama stylee


Mayors have been working hard to help us get through this pandemic, and they’ll have just as big a task to help people through hard times ahead. I spent some time with many of them today to thank them for their efforts, and asked them to keep up the good work.

Remember when America had a President that had empathy and was competent. Building up the people at the coal face of the pandemic. Just right and proper. Of course Trump will now put in a law that no elected official anywhere can speak to President Obama.
April 9, 2020

This Is Trump's Fault

A s the pandemic kills, as the economic depression tightens its grip, Donald Trump has consistently put his own needs first. Right now, when his only care should be to beat the pandemic, Trump is renegotiating his debts with his bankers and lease payments with Palm Beach County.

He has never tried to be president of the whole United States, but at most 46 percent of it, to the extent that serving even the 46 percent has been consistent with his supreme concerns: stealing, loafing, and whining. Now he is not even serving the 46 percent. The people most victimized by his lies and fantasies are the people who trusted him, the more conservative Americans who harmed themselves to prove their loyalty to Trump.
Trump has mouthed the slogan “America first,” but he has never acted on it. It has always been “Trump first.” His business first. His excuses first. His pathetic vanity first.

Trump has taken millions in payments from the Treasury. He has taken millions in payments from U.S. businesses and foreign governments. He has taken millions in payments from the Republican Party and his own inaugural committee. He has taken so much that does not belong to him, that was unethical and even illegal for him to take. But responsibility? No, he will not take that.

Yet responsibility falls upon Trump, whether he takes it or not. No matter how much he deflects and insults and snivels and whines, this American catastrophe is on his hands and on his head.


It is worth clicking the link. It is a long read but it is a forensic examination of Trumps utter incompetency during this pandemic. I mean you know that he really is this awful but seeing all the instances of inaction or malicious decision making in one place is evidence that when all this is over people need to go to prison...

April 9, 2020

It's a step away from damnation.

. Look, I could be a dick about this (I have been and I probably will be again, but, hey, this is the mood I'm in now) and say that if you're a Sanders voter who refuses to vote for Biden, you're giving the election to Trump and all that that means, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court. Instead, let me put it another way: Trump and his administration and his voters just fucking suck. They are just fucking terrible human beings who are actively harming people in the USA, who are accelerating climate change, who are savagely anti-immigrant, who want to get rid of women's rights and LGBTQ rights and civil rights, who have no problem with the country becoming a white nationalist Christian theocracy, who love guns and hate things like food inspections, who are corporatists at a level that would make even the most craven corporate teat-sucking Democrat look like an amateur, and who hate you, like hate you for existing and hate everything you stand for and would probably like to arrest you, eject you from the country, send you to a Trump reeducation camp or worse. Don't you wanna fuck up their world? I do. Very, very badly. I want their world shattered. The way to start to do that is to get rid of Trump. That's why I will have no problem voting for Biden. It's a step away from this path of damnation. I'll do it without any hesitation. You should, too.


Exactly all of this.
April 9, 2020

They say both parties are "the same" and it doesn't matter...

Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in 2014

This is depressing. We all know how many Americans would be saved from this virus if Obama was still in charge, or if this pandemic started next year and Biden was President.

At this point there can be no doubt that the difference between the republican and democratic parties is huge:

One party is a death cult, The other party isn't that. One President takes full responsibility for what happens on his watch. The other will never take responsibility, even as citizens die because of his actions and in-actions. So above all else, even if you are gutted that Bernie has dropped out, every single person on the left needs to vote for Joe.

This is about responsible government versus chaos.

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