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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

In case you missed the absolutely fantastic pictures in this months photography competition

Our splendid contest for the photography group April is open for business. In case you missed it I thought I would pop by and encourage you to go visit. The pictures are stunning this month and really have the ability to make your heart sing in a time of sorrow. Please pop by and have a wee look. Maybe vote and show your appreciation of the splendid work your fellow DUers have produced.




Thanks in advance

Soph x


Grim Reaper McTurtle

Same shit different decade

Graphic mine

Ten years on the tea party is now a death cult and their white supremacist shite privilege has got worse, even though that would have been difficult to imagine 10 years ago.

What America’s lockdown protests tell us about the past and future of the US right

That the confederate flag is showing up in these protests is evidence of their political undercurrent.

“There’s a cyclical pattern of extremist communities trying to reinterpret that symbol,” Graves says. “The historical record is pretty clear: it’s the banner of a white supremacist slave project. [But] there's been this attempt to layer over different meanings “ – including that of the rebel pushing back against tyranny. In Michigan, where black Americans make up 14 per cent of the residents but were, at the beginning of April, 41 percent of those who have died from Covid-19, a white person can wave the Confederate flag and insist that, no, they’re the injured party.


Indeed, this is exactly who they are and it is worth clicking on the link to read the entire article.


Heh. When all of this is over and the investigation into the handling of this is done, the biggest disgrace will be this... the utter incompetence in failing to ensure the health and welfare of front line staff is shocking. But this is what happens when sycophantic arse kissers get promoted to the great offices of state, cause Boris and Brexit, rather than grown ups and those who have dedicated their lives to helping others are literally dying because of it.

Drunk in a club after Covid


This is absolute genius!

They are really pissed that compassion is required

They wanted a zombie apocalypse and instead they have been politely asked to stay at home... whiny fuckers be whiny because they are being asked to self sacrifice to save lives rather than being hunter gatherer boom boom.

ReOpen NC death cult protesters heckle a nurse about her weight.

She was mad. She had devoted her career to advocating for patients and the vulnerable. Brown said her patients at Wake Forest Baptist Health, where she’s worked since 2015, will always be her patients. She made the trip for them.

“I kept thinking about the fact that these people (protesters) were putting them at risk,” Brown told the N&O in a phone interview on Wednesday. “Part of it I think is they don’t understand science and they aren’t maybe getting the best sources.”
Protesters converged on her, first attacking her weight. Some called her a strain on the healthcare system, saying obesity kills more people than the coronavirus. But she stood strong.

“I didn’t say anything,” Brown said. “I had a message, and I think it was pretty clear. I didn’t think I needed to say any words. When people are in a mob like that and they are angry and screaming, there is no reasoning with them. I wasn’t going to change their mind. I wasn’t there for them, I was there for my patients.”


Of course the right wing nasty pushing these protests say this has nothing to do with them.
Heckling care workers seems to be the new normal for the death cult. You really cannot make this shit up.

Fatal Ignorance

Graphic mine

I really don't like this 'imagine if President Obama had done it' bollocks

All this what if President Obama had done it shit. Comparing Trump to President Obama is like comparing a fuck witted orange dog turd with a fully grown up stable and compassionate big brain who, whether you agreed with certain policy decisions or not, always acted in what he believed where the best interests of America, rather than himself.

So this...

I have no desire or need to imagine this, we all know that republicans are hypocritical lying crooked racist arseholes. We also know that on his worst day Obama would never have done anything remotely as cruel and inhumane as the way Trump has behaved on his best day.

It does a disservice to President Obama to compare him to anything that wanker in the White House does.

Just sayin'

All the other options lead to worse outcomes, what is not to understand?

Now you all know I am not an American, so please help me out here. The more I consider the protests on state houses cause the evil governor dictators are just like Hitler in the minds of the death cult crowd, the more there is something I do not understand.

I get they are right wing, I get that after 50 years of republicans telling them that they should not trust the agencies of governance that they have brought the cheese, I get that they watch an incitement to death media, I get all of that.

What I do not understand is this… How can they purposefully believe that the governors are doing shut downs as an action of bad faith? Do they really believe that these men and women actively want to bring recession, hardship, destitution, dwindling tax revenue as businesses close, because they want to take away the freedom of their citizens? Really? How can that make sense? Do they not understand that they have modelled all possible outcomes from the decisions that they are making, and shutting down is best possible way to ride out the pandemic? That all other options bring about a worse outcome, both in health and in the economy. Do they really believe that these decisions have been made as some nefarious deep state freedom stealing plot? Really? It literally makes no sense.
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