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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Basically they are bunch of spoilt whiny brats

That is why they worship Hair Furor. They see themselves in him. He allows them to the worst that they can be rather than striving to be the best.

Meanwhile for the rest of us on planet normal even inanimate objects have had enough!!

The sun is shining, we are in lock down so OF COURSE they do this...


It makes sense of course, if you are going to block the road for works do it during lock down. But good grief the noise and dust when we are all captives in our flats. The choice is between keeping the windows closed to try and mitigate the noise, but roast, or keep the windows open, lose your hearing and choke on the dust!!!!!! Well on the bright side - this is for the 5G network which we are all going to need as self distancing seems to be our new normal and zoom the new way to keep in touch!!!

Hope you are all keeping safe

White Supremacist Nasty Nazi Distraction Tactic Alert

Did you hear the one where Trump has used a deadly pandemic to push his far-right white is right vision of America be Nazi and has cancelled all immigration because American jobs for Americans? Bloody red meat for the right-wing masses but here in the real world…meh.

1. Who the hell is emigrating anywhere when the whole world is in lock down?
2. Who the hell is emigrating to a country that is one huge hotspot for COVID-19?
3. How is anyone actually going to get to America? I mean logistically trying to get a flight is a dangerous expensive nightmare. Is he talking about Canadians putting on a backpack and trekking across the border?
4. You would need to be living in desperate circumstances (as in a refugee camp somewhere) to make America your country of choice with Trump in charge, constantly encouraging and inciting his base to despise and hate you, by virtue of you not being ‘American’ enough.

His racist nasty America for Americans white nazi nationalist xenophobic base is of course going to love this. The messaging on right wing media will be fawning at the ‘genius’ of this tactic to get America back to work. In reality over 22 million have lost their jobs so far during this crisis and it is unlikely these jobs will be coming back anytime soon. We know that this administration has already done everything they can to stop anyone black or brown coming to America, in 2017/2018 c 200,000 emigrated to America, I am sure it was less last year and 2020 would have seen a further decline. Even if borders where kept open it would not make one tiny tiny dent in the current unemployment crisis. But that is not really the point, is it?

All of this is a distraction from his utter incompetence in handling the pandemic, and as a white supremacist nasty fucker he will always take every opportunity he can to try and 'make America white again'.

And now for your public service announcement

Just this.

We will win. Good will out. Period.

Georgia says yay to killing their residents with COVID. Oh my! What a surprise...


Starting Friday in Georgia, you can go to gyms, get your nails done or hair styled. You’re welcome to preplan your funeral, and choose your plague. *Locusts sold separately.

All sensible states should stop people from Georgia accessing their space. Let all these red states drown in their own lung fluids.

Picture from Georgia protests this weekend. Graphic mine

Tea baggers suck...

...Trumps balls, figuratively speaking. They KNOW he WANTS it. And they are going to give him everything he wants.

These nasty racist freedom denying (for everyone else) fuckers have morphed from nasty racist freedum fuckwits to that plus harbingers of death.

P.S. You really need to find a way to take the guns out of the hands of these dangerous simpletons.

😜😁😊Photography Contest is now open for a second submission😊😁😜

Hey Loves

We have had 16 entries so get looking through your archives for a second marvellous picci

HOWEVER before you submit a second entry please check the size of your current entry to ensure that is does not exceed the size limits in the rules. As a reminder please keep your entry no larger than 1024 pixels in its longest dimension and under 675K in file size. We have a few entries this time round that have not yet be resized to fit these requirements

I trust that you will please do this and update as needed before you post a 2nd picture. If you are unsure how to resize leave a note here and one of us will help.

I will check on Wednesday morning and will make the changes myself if they have not been done by then, but I do not like the idea of messing with your images, where possible.

So enough nagging and to the fun bit!!!!!
The pictures that have so far been submitted are absolutely extraordinary. The light and the joy and the beauty on display is delightful.
If anyone is reading this thread who is not planning to submit anything you may still want to take a peek at this link https://www.democraticunderground.com/103674870 to see the talent on display.

So happy hunting through the archives in this time of lock down and come post a bit more beauty, just make sure it is before 1700 GMT on Wednesday because we will be shutting for submissions then!!!

Soph xx

EDIT - 5 more pictures to go before we close the competition so you had better be quick!!!


Original picture @Rueters
Graphic mine

As seen in Denver, where healthcare workers showed their opposition to deadly death cult wingnuts doing their very best to make their jobs as hard as possible in the coming weeks. In response to silent pleas for common sense they got heckled. Because of course they did. But don't worry, those hecklers are very fine people, the very best, Trump said so. Do I need a sarc tag?

These death cult members are willing to risk the lives of everyone they know based on a few tweets from Trump. That is next level cray cray. That is Jonestown level cray cray. They have literally drunk the great orange fuckwits koolaid, unfortunately this time round the koolaid is that the lock down is anti their particular brand of right wing America, and everyone is put a greater risk because of it.

These people should be shunned, not only because they are actually despicable, but they are a public health risk. They should be shunned and when they get sick they should not be allowed access to public health services. Their risky behaviours should not be allowed to put any pressure on an already overwhelmed system. The BBC is reporting today that 70 healthcare workers have lost their lives in the UK, to date. Lost their lives while working to fight this virus. And that is in a country that locked down sooner, and although we have our own brand of right wing nut jobs, they are all sitting this one out alongside the rest of us. It doesn't take a mental giant to figure out the death toll of American health workers will be higher than the UK.

People need to be reminded day in and day out that Trumps Death Cult heckles the people risking their lives to save them, and Trump thinks 'these are great people'. Every single day between now and November.

Just sayin'

Exactly twenty-five years ago far right wing terrorists 'liberated' the Murrah building in Oklahoma.

When Trump calls upon his far right army of covidits to ‘liberate’ states he knows exactly what he is doing. When he keeps bringing up the 2nd amendment again and again and again at his press conferences he knows exactly what he is doing, as he explicitly aligns the two issues of ‘freedom’ and ‘violence’. He will happily see a plague across the land, and bloodshed to boot, to retain power. I think he would quite like a civil war of some sort, he really is that hideous.

A complete list of people Donald Trump would kill or let die to be reelected and avoid prison

And I believe the Trump cultists are happy to sacrifice their health and their lives to protect his reelection efforts, and he will happily let them. Because they are simpletons and he is a narcissistic sociopath.

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