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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

These far right white privileged bollocks protesting are absolutely infuriating

I was thinking about the protests across America and the very act of these particular groups protesting is absolutely infuriating. You know who should be protesting, but are not because they are grown ups and know that staying at home saves lives:

• The 20 million who have lost their jobs without any real social security net to support them, because the republicans have spent decades eroding these social support systems.
• The 100’s of thousands who are queuing up in their cars to access food banks, risking their health, to feed their families, because of a need to rely on charity in the richest country on the planet.
• The residents of nursing and residential homes across the land who are dying in their thousands because of a lack of focus by the federal government on the virus’s impact on these care facilities.
• African Americans who are being disproportionately affected by this virus with 30% of the deaths recorded, while being only 14% of the population.
• The families of the nearly 40,000 who have died so far because of the complete and utter incompetence of Trump and his pathetic enablers.

I would understand if all these groups headed to Washington with spearheads and torches and attacked the barricades of the smug tossers palace. I would understand it completely. But they don’t and they won’t. They are grown ups. They sit at home and worry about how they are going to feed the family, pay the rent, quietly grieve their loss. Instead we have a bunch of far right selfish wankers who would see the destruction of the republic, turn up with their guns and their nazi nonsense to demand the right to increase the misery of everyone who has already been so badly affected by this virus, because they can. They live in the land of the far right white privileged freedumb. In the real world America is not free, but they really are fucking dumb.

White privileged far right bollocks indeed.

The death cult can never be allowed to claim pro-life status again, ever.

They tell you that those who are old and vulnerable can be allowed to die for the economy but a cluster of cells must be protected at the cost of female agency. What the death cult really means is that they want agency over all our bodies. Period. They want to get to decide life and death status for old, young, fetus, in poor health, democrats... they are truly a death cult. A huge bloody and dangerous death cult, and every time they try and claim pro life status, every single citizen with even 2 brain cells needs to call them out.

Something to make your heart sing, and potentially make you slightly weepy

Watch all of it. It is glorious and I reckon they will win

Signing choir Sign Along With Us are here to show us that anything is possible and that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Watch as Christian, big sister Jade and their whole choir take to the BGT stage to perform 'This Is Me', in a moving performance which really shows what it means to be themselves.

Just going to leave this here for your amusement on a locked down Saturday.

The likeness is uncanny!!

The day all of the ironies died

Graphic mine

According to Nazi in Chief Trump these protesters, that are flouting lock down rules, are all very sensible people... of course they are

They are protesting for all the right reasons...

Heh. At least she will be comforted as granny and grandad die that she was able to get her roots done.

One thing these crazies yesterday confirmed though, there is a section of America that is lost to the rest of you. You cannot fix this level of reality denying idiocy. They will be brain washed dolts to the end. And looking at the protests yesterday, the end will probably not be that far away because based on the pictures I saw there was no self distancing at all and maybe two people where wearing PPE. So there is that. Cough Cough. 👀

We're Doomed...

There are times when if you don't laugh crying seems inevitable and I thought this was funny, even if it is scarily close to our current lived reality.

There is always a tweet

Upward comparisons are always awkward. Do you think he is ready to take responsibility yet. Hell freezing over comes to mind

EDIT - Apparently, as pointed out below, this is not a real tweet, which is a bummer. BUT there are still 700000 infections and 40000 dead and he is still NOT taking responsibility at ALL

Don't be like Bob

They are a literal death cult, not for them of course, but they will happily kill off the worker bees to save their pensions and serve their masters. Death cult indeed.

We need to make sure that this shit of killing elders cannot stand. they deserve so much better.

I posted something earlier about a grand old Captain from WW2 who is making his stand for the NHS. And I was thinking about this. Our generations have no real clue about hardship and sacrifice. Not in the same way as living through the blitz, being born in war, rationing and death. We are going through hardship right now, but it is not that. In the UK and the USA Covid-19 is like a scourge, a viral destroyer of our elders, those who started their lives in violence are now drowning in their lungs because of incompetency and indifference.

This cannot be allowed to stand. Something needs to be done. Stat.

Paying taxes? We really should make this a regular thing.

Maybe, just maybe, if they had been making companies and people pay their due taxes, and not giving massive cut taxes to the richest amongst us we might have been better placed to protect the most vulnerable at this time. This is the same thing in the UK. None of the big boys pay their dues. Some of them have an effective tax rate of 1%. The fact that a few of them are giving donations now, does not deserve our thanks. Of course they fucking should. At the same time Munchin is saying that American households can survive on $1200 trump signed cheques for 3 months.

I think by the end of this society will have changed for the better, people will demand more from society, unless of course Trump gets his civil war... after that is anyone's guess.
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