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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,272

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Muslim group purchases full page ad in major newspaper condemning anti-Semitism

The British Muslim Group Muslims Against Anti-Semitism took out a full page ad in U.K. newspaper the Telegraph, condemning anti-Semitism and promoting unity in light of the horrific events that occurred between the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border during the opening of the new United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

“For far too long, anti-Semitism has gone unchecked,” the ad read.

“Sadly, it has become entrenched across society. Its poison can be found in all political parties and among followers of all faith, including Islam.”

“There is no cause that can justify the promotion of hate.”

The ad was signed by various groups including the Association of British Muslims, Faith Matters (a Muslim group focused on fighting anti-extremism), and Tell MAMA, a project that records and measures anti-Muslim activities in the UK.

In the response to the ad, the Board of Deputies of British Jews praised the call for unity saying, “Incredible solidarity” in a twitter post. “Together we will defeat the twin evils of antisemitism & anti-Muslim hate.”


Something that undoubtedly not be reported in the UK MSM.....

Eugene Robinson: "The constitutional crisis is here"

He has written this powerful column for tomorrow's Washington Post that begins simply enough:

Stop waiting for the constitutional crisis that President Trump is sure to provoke. It’s here.

This is not a column that I can easily summarize.

It is tightly written.

It starts with “the tweet” on Sunday as the immediate provocation, noting that

Trump’s only rational goal is casting doubt on the probe by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, which appears to be closing in.

and immediately following that with this paragraph, before quoting the tweet in question:

Trump’s power play is a gross misuse of his presidential authority and a dangerous departure from long-standing norms. Strongmen such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin use their justice systems to punish enemies and deflect attention from their own crimes. Presidents of the United States do not — or did not, until Sunday’s tweet:

Robinson notes the false claim, fully supported by right-wing media, about a spy” who was ‘implanted” into Trump’s campaign for political purposes, of which Robinson notes

This claim is completely unsupported by the facts as we know them. Trump wants you to believe a lie.



Thou shalt not commit fake news...

Ten commandments? We don't need no stinking commandments - we is Christian (the far right version) !!!!!

Trump lobs bizarre tweet claiming 'not-as-crooked-as-Hillary' New York Times vindicated him in .....

....Russia probe

It was not immediately clear which New York Times report the president was referring to.

A May 16 report reviewed the origins of the Russia probe, but it did not offer any conclusions about the investigation. More recently, the paper disputed Trump’s assertion that the FBI planted an informant inside his campaign


What was discussed on Fox this morning?

Will they ever again be seen as credible moral agents after the last two years?

Morality Morality We don't need no morality.

All 34 of Chile's Catholic bishops resign in fallout from huge child sex abuse scandal

Of the 34 bishops who traveled to Rome, three are retired, including Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, former Archbishop of Santiago, who has been accused of covering up cases of clerical sexual abuse, Crux Catholic Media reported Friday.

An estimated 54 percent of Chileans belong to the Catholic Church, 14 percent to Protestant or Evangelical churches, and 7 percent to any other religions, according to a 2018 survey conducted by Plaza Publica Cadem. The remaining 25 percent are atheists, agnostics, or people who do not identify with any religion.


None of their hands are clean

Trump Voters Are Whining They Want "Respect" Because They're Terrified Of The Blue Wave

Paul Waldman writes:

In the endless search for the magic key that Democrats can use to unlock the hearts of white people who vote Republican, the hot new candidate is “respect.” If only they cast off their snooty liberal elitism and show respect to people who voted for Donald Trump, Democrats can win them over and take back Congress and the White House.

Respect? From the day Trump won the 2016 election by cheating, his supporters had one message for the left: "We won, you lost. Fuck you!" They were really consistent about it, too. A full year later, the go to answer for Trump's incompetence and criminal activity was "We won! Get over it. Fuck you, snowflake!" But over the last few months, that brand of belligerence fell away to be replaced by incoherent threats of civil war if Trump were impeached. Now, the same right wing that spent over a year screaming their hate at the rest of us are very concerned that they aren't being treated with respect? Really?
The real fear is the same fear that lies at the heart of all white Republican voters and that is that their time is done. If they get creamed in a midterm where Democratic turnout is traditionally weak while the economy is strong and unemployment is low, even with all of the voter suppression and Russian hacking that they won't admit exists but are relying on to save them, the future of the Republican Party doesn't just look bleak, it looks almost hopeless.

They are absolutely terrified.


Great rant

His deals really are shit

The suckers that voted for this so called 'deal maker' have much to answer for.

You can keep your thoughts and prayers because you could fix this yourself, God tells America

God has rejected America’s latest set of thoughts and prayers following the Santa Fe school shooting, telling them he doesn’t grant prayers for things you can easily fix yourself.

As the latest school shooting saw more students gunned down in a place they should feel safe, God has shocked many Texans by flatly rejecting their requests to do something about school shootings.


“But, if you’re praying to me in the hope I’ll help stop school shootings, then no – I’m not helping. Because that’s a job for your politicians. I’m here for divine intervention, not because America’s political establishment are too dependent on the gun lobby’s money.

“Look, it’s really simple – school shootings are really easy to fix, just get rid of the guns. Easy. You don’t need me. Gerry needs me, and I’m happy to consider helping Gerry – but you folks calling for me to help with school shootings need to write a letter to your congressman and start voting against the people that won’t make changes to your gun laws.


Heh. God raises a valid point

Might one be more specific on this whole collusion thing????


Hehe - so much collusion, such little time!
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