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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,280

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

'It proves hate won't win': Couple marry 9 months after surviving deadly car attack on anti-fascist

protesters at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville

A couple who survived the deadly white supremacist car attack during clashes in Charlottesville last summer finally got to tie the knot on Saturday.

Marcus Martin, who was pictured mid-air in a powerful photo taken when the Dodge Challenger struck on August 12, married his fiancée Marissa Blair in Gordonsville, Virginia, during an outdoor ceremony paid for by well-wishers.

Martin, 26, pushed Blair, 27, out of the way when the car struck. He suffered a broken leg while the couple's friend, 32-year-old paralegal and fellow anti-fascist protester Heather Heyer, was killed.



Daddy's Little Ghoul


Trump V Pence (poll)

If Trump goes down then Pence takes over. Granted Trump is a monster but he is a self serving monster. Pence actually thinks that God speaks to him in a way that would mean a further roll back of minority rights. Which is the least worst option? And there is no other option - until 2020 this is it, so please do not pass (unless you REALLY have to and then explain why!)

A 'Special' Kind of Snowflake


Bless their hearts the whiny little snowflakes!

Never underestimate the awesome power of ignorance, self-righteousness, and smug arrogance



The ignorance - it burns

'I'm angry and scared': Trump-backing CEO whines that his proposed tariffs will 'cripple my company'

Even though Buchzeiger backed Trump in 2016 and “supports” his “campaign to level U.S. trade imbalances,” she didn’t expect him to enact anything like what he has proposed.

“I am… angry, frustrated and a little scared, because the unintended consequences of the president’s $50 billion tariffs on China would cripple my business in Auburn Hills and strip my 50 employees of their good-paying jobs,” she writes. “This is crazy.”

She then goes on to explain how her company’s supply chain does have some jobs in Asia — but she says those jobs also pave the way for other jobs here in the United States. Trump’s tariffs threaten to disrupt her whole supply chain, she says, which also puts her American employees’ jobs at risk.


Another great example of Karma being a complete bitch!

If People Calling You A Nazi Turns You Into A Nazi, The Nazi Was In You All Along

Weiss is, unfortunately, not alone in this sentiment. We’ve all been hearing it for years. This “Well, if you’re going to call me a racist or a sexist or whatever, than I guess I just WILL be that thing! So there!” shit.

That. Is. Not. A. Thing.


This kind of thing plays out very differently when you are dealing with someone who does think racist or misogynistic things but avoids saying them out loud because they don’t want to deal with the social consequences of being known as a gross racist or misogynist. They’re not turning racist or sexist, they’re just deciding that if they have to deal with the social consequences anyway, they may as well just be the asshole they truly are inside. When they see that other people are not getting away with dog whistles, are not getting away with couching their shitty beliefs in scientific racism and “evolutionary biology,” they decide they don’t really need the facade either.

This is supposed to be a threat — they are holding common human decency hostage by saying “If you all insist upon making it socially unacceptable for me to be a stealth Nazi, I will be a loud and proud Nazi, and you will live to regret it!” But it’s an empty threat because that is who they actually were all along.



Paul Ryan's Last Act: Kicking At Least One Million People Off Food Stamps

So how is he trying to change this bill? They are adding the changes to the "House Farm Bill" and upping the age to 59 instead of 49. You will still have to work work at least 20 hours a week, but that jumps to 25 hours per week starting in 2026. If you can't find a job for some reason, states will be responsible for offering you a spot in a training program (how will you get paid or pay for childcare, who knows). If you refuse to attend or violate some other rule, you will be kicked off SNAP for a full 12 months. Mess up again and the punishment jumps to 3 years.

Based on these work requirements, the CBO has determined that over 1.2 million people would no longer be eligible due to the work requirement alone. On paper, it looks good, though. Slate reports that it will be a true "welfare to work" bill. But it will end up costing more money overall, especially to states with high unemployment, as they will have to provide job training to everyone ages 18-59. This bill also creates a huge vacuum of hoops for SNAP recipients to jump through. They will have to provide proof every single month that they worked 20 hours per week, were in training or were exempt. Who is going to do those verifications? States will have to hire people to fill those jobs.


One can only hope that karma at some point will take huge chunk out of his arse

Singapore Installing Advanced Anti-Fat Fascist Douchebag Defense Systems

When he announced that his historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will take place in Singapore later this summer, many throughout the world adopted a position of extremely cautious optimism, but not the government of Singapore itself.

“We have begun hasty work on building a force field around Singapore that will keep out all fat fascist douchebags,” Sinapore’s government said in a written statement released overnight. “We implore all fat fascist douchebags who are or might be planning to hold peace summits here to find somewhere — literally anywhere — other than our country to host them.”


Singapore has put its top scientists to the task of developing a force field that will repel fat, fascist douchebags from their borders as a result of the upcoming summit, the leader reads. Though they do not wish to start any wars with any country, Singapore cites an “urgent need for separation from pudgy little pricks” in the development of this new technology. Singapore warns they will have to turn the force field on if Un and Trump can’t find somewhere else to hold their summit.



The con is working. Bigly.

I don't know how these people come back to earth after this. They are willfully supporting the president of the United States who is credibly suspected of being a puppet of a foreign government and is clearly criminally corrupt. It's totally obvious that he's unfit for office. And yet:

Only 13 percent of Republicans say that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is a “legitimate investigation.” Fully three-quarters of Republicans agree with President Donald Trump that it’s a “witch hunt.”

Meanwhile, 76 percent of Democrats consider it a legitimate investigation. That’s according to a new Economist/YouGov survey of 1,500 adults between May 6 and 8 about the investigation.

What’s more, 61 percent of Republicans believe the FBI is framing Trump. Just 17 percent of Republicans say the nation’s federal law enforcement agency isn’t after the president, and about a fifth — 21 percent — weren’t sure.

Twenty-five percent of independents think Trump is being framed, with 39 percent saying he is not. Seventy-eight percent of Democrats say Trump isn’t being framed, 7 percent of Democrats think he is, and 15 percent aren’t sure.
This guy isn't just another politician. He's uniquely destructive of the very concept of reality. Through constant repetition he has millions of believing that up is down and black is white.

And you have to give him credit. In one year he's managed to turn the previously most protective of the federal institutions of intelligence and law enforcement against them solely to protect himself. It's quite a feat.


Facts, we don't need on stinking facts.....
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