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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,684

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Marco Rubio named to lead Senate Intelligence Committee

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a strong critic of China and Cuba, was named Monday to chair the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee while previous head Richard Burr is investigated in an insider trading scandal.

“The senior senator for Florida is a talented and experienced Senate leader with expertise in foreign affairs and national security matters,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in announcing the temporary appointment.

“On subjects ranging from China and Russia to Iran and North Korea to tyranny and unrest in our own hemisphere, Senator Rubio has been on the case for years.”


God grief. Way to ratchet up the diplomatic war with China. My partner and I were talking earlier about if Trump republicans carry on with the evil China rhetoric, they may start to call in the debt. The market will be flooded with cheap dollars and the US will be fucked. I think Rubio being given this job will not help this scenario. If China does this, and they really could, what is happening right now in America with a 20% unemployment rate will be nothing in comparison, if they call in their chips.

Book Burning 2020

No accurate data on much handling of Covid.
And the death cult be like

Mein Trumpf, as those around them die.

Is it still Obama's fault?

Hehe. Of course it is 👀

“Trump’s fact-free fixation on Obama dating back to birtherism is so absurd and stupid that it would be comic if it wasn’t so tragic.” Ben Rhodes

Envy, racism, white supremacy and nasty fucking delusions of grandeur all make Trump fixate on President Obama, who is all the things he is not. Trump is such a jealous spiteful man baby. All of the trees are falling down right now and of course it is all Obama's fault... heh. Trump said yesterday Obama was a ‘grossly incompetent president’ in the most obvious example of projection in the history of mankind. Meanwhile on planet normal and rational...

However much he tries to deflect to Obama, as a racist reflex in part, while his utter incompetence is translated into actual deaths and infections that far outstrip any nation on the planet - the more it is obvious to anyone, other than the death cult members, that not only is he out of his depth on a good day, he is too fucking stupid to at least surround himself with experts who can guide him properly. Surround himself with sycophants and blame the black man for everything, too pander to the racist underbelly of society, all the while fucking up every single day. It is like a viscous circle. He hates Obama because Obama is everything he is not. Then every single day he demonstrates how he is everything Obama is not, by fucking everything up and being petty about it. And so he hates Obama even more as comparisons shows him for the failure he is. And so it goes on. It is ALL Obama's fault, obvs...

Humpback Whale feeding the Shetlands is the most splendid thing ever


How marvellous and soothing to the soul

The new MAGA hat

November 3rd be like...

Biff the Nazi. Hurrah!

Police question man, 57, over death of rail worker Belly Mujinga who passed away with coronavirus

after being spat on by train passenger

A man suspected of claiming he had coronavirus while spitting on a rail worker who later died of the virus was questioned today by police.

Belly Mujinga, 47, was on the concourse at London Victoria station, where she worked in the ticket office, when the man, who said he had the virus, spat and coughed over her and a female colleague in March.

Both women fell ill within days of the incident and Mujinga, who had underlying respiratory problems, was taken to hospital and put on a ventilator.
'They are not looking to identify anyone further in relation to the incident.'


Based on the news tonight they tracked him through the purchase of his ticket. The fact they are not looking for anyone else suggests they are pretty sure that this is the fucker who did this. The BTP tend to be somewhat more rigorous than their counterparts elsewhere. We will see, but if it is him and if he is now showing anti-bodies... fucker needs to go down for a very long time.

Evidence based reality has a distinct and determined liberal bias

We know what a pathogen is. We know what a virus is. We have known about both those things for well over a hundred years. We had Pasteur and Ivanovsky to do the hard work on this well before any of us were born. And yet here we are in 2020 where many more will die than is necessary in this pandemic, because the populists of the right make evidence-based reality a wedge issue. ‘Science? Science? Who the fuck is the liberal hoax called Science?’

It has never been more apparent that evidence based reality has a distinct and determined liberal bias, as we live through a time in history, where right wing leaders gaslight a virus and see numbers spiral and liberal democracies put science at the heart of their pandemic strategies, and see numbers dwindle. I think I see a pattern... hhhhmmmm.

A pandemic that is made for grifting...

Number one - surely making gravestones orders are baking up to see him through the next 5 years, so what the fuck is he grumbling about...
Number two - seems like Danel might be using an out of control pandemic to maybe expand his business??? After all, open up too
soon, more dead people equals more gravestones...

Danel be like...

Meanwhile outside of the death cult people understand that it is exactly the governments job to protect public health, and peoples right to not be infected by arseholes is pretty much the rightest right out there right now!

Don't be Kevin...

Hey righties. Don't be Kevin... Be Sanjay. Sanjay is a badass. Hehe

That has to hurt BOOM. BOOM. SHAKE THE ROOM.

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