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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

''Squashed Like a Bug': Gaetz Smacked Down After 'Rage-Tweeting a Slander on America's Entire

Military History’

“I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned and noncommissioned officers of being quote ‘woke,’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there,” Milley told Gaetz.

Gaetz, whose district has a huge military presence including one of the largest air bases in the world, did not wait long to strike back, attacking General Milley:


He is such a fucking outrage... there is literally no shame, at all.

One of the astute and accurate responses:

LOL, Many more put downs at the link!

To be conservative today is to actively work to burn it all down

In the olden days to be conservative was about conserving tradition and the status quo. Very dull way of looking at the world. and progress was an anathema to them, but to be conservative today is to actively work to burn it all down. They have moved on from conserving the status quo for the benefit of the male pale and stale patriarchy, to fuelling culture wars based on bollocks and systematically trying to dismantle democracy, using the very tools of democracy to do so.

GOP is to democracy as it is to progress and equality...

Jabber? Come on.


For the PM to describe questions about rape convictions as ‘jabber’ is disgraceful. But this is the man who once said investigating child sexual abuse was ‘spaffing money up the wall’ - he doesn’t care about tackling sexual violence.

Because of cause he did... good grief.
I am very sure that rape victims across the land, who have been very poorly served by predominantly white middle aged privilege male administration, feel very reassured by the PMs tact and sensitivity while being pushed about the criminally low prosecution and conviction rapes in the country - they were always bad - but with this administration they have fallen off a cliff. Jabber indeed.

White Supremacy is Fascism

Graphic mine

All of the voter suppression tactics across the American red wall, and the blocking of any debate in the senate by McTurtle on voter reform is all about one thing - right wing white wankers thinking that their right to power is absolute and blocking anyone who looks at their shit and knows it stinks, from accessing their franchise. They believe that in their whiteness they have the absolute right to rule - they they get to sit at the high table of white supremacist privilege while the rest of us should be grateful for any scattered crumbs. They believe the monstrous lie that somehow they are 'better' and have the right to rule - which is why they are more than willing to quote the big lie ad infinitum, refuse to agree a commission on a violent insurrection by their white supremacist friends and comrades, and are actively fighting against the American experiment and the democratic republican principles on which it was founded.

Fascist they be, and they cannot be allowed to get away with it.

Five years on and sooooooooo much winning 👀

NI Protocol and the threat to peace
Sausage Wars
Lying to the Queen
Empty shelves
Massive drop in trade to EU block
Breaching international law
Very cost intensive bureaucracy at trade borders
English far right nationalism run amuck - ignoring any constitutional norm that does not fit their far right narrative.

You know how they say referendum on constitutional matters should only be done once in a generation? I think we should get to decide what length of time a generation is - after all things change at a rate of knots these days. Heh.

Sooooooooooo much winning.

And now the promotion of that shitty song they want kids to sing in school on Friday cause Flags and Right Wing Bollocks. Have you seen it? Apologies in advance...

What the *FRESH UNHOLY HELL* is this.

Of course the Department of Education suggests all school children should sing this on what they have dubbed freedom day this Friday.

Other than the slight overtones of Hitler Youth, they seem not have given a moments consideration to how this might go over in NI with the current tensions, oh and most schools in Scotland will be closed for the summer by Friday. Brexit Great Britain is literally English Nationalism. I mean can you imagine anyone coming out with that ditty 6 years ago? Unless it was as a parody.

There is an unembellished truth here for the male and stale self-appointed morality police

Exactly this rapey right wing man... heh.

First amendment rights be damned...

Trump appointed Judge rules that Trump, and his flunkies, did not deliberately conspire to remove BLM protesters (violently) so he could strut up to St John's Episcopal Church and hold a bible upside down for pictures to show godly he is. Just like Jesus.

In the ruling the Trump appointed Judge states: ' These allegations, taken as true, do not show sufficient "events, conversations, or documents indicating an agreement or meeting of the minds' amongst the defendants to violate (plaintiffs') rights based on (their) membership in a protected class. Merely alleging that the defendant officials communicated, without alleging any details of those communications that suggest an unlawful agreement, cannot justify inferring the requisite agreement for a... conspiracy.'

As Scott Michelman from the ACLU said 'Today´s ruling essentially gives the federal government a green light to use violence, including lethal force against demonstrators, as long as federal officials claim to be protecting national security, not only is this decision a stunning rejection of our constitutional values and protestors´ First Amendment rights, but it effectively places federal officials above the law.'

So much shit still needs to be cleaned up from the Trump era. *sighs*

Well isn't this shit special in 2021?

Well fuckity fuck would you look at that? Got news for this misogynist, any woman worth her salt - whether sweary or not would walk over burning hot coals to get away from him.

I am defeated...

The Art of Afternoon Tea


White Privilege's Good Old Days Narrative Perpetuates Racism. Because, Of Course It Does.

That is the POINT. They love power. They love control. They desperately want to retain domination of his- story.

(as seen on the interwebs - do not know who wrote it)

All of this.

It is the same way the male pale and stale love to talk about how GB led the fight to end slavery - choosing to ignore the fact that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was seeded and perpetuated by us before America was America and the Empire was built on slavery before Wilberforce got indignant about it and forced the hand of the establishment - that had already been made rich on the back of Empire and slavery.

The winner gets to write the narrative right? And white patriarchy has written the story for the last millennia. In some ways it is hardly surprising that the self entitled racist wanker righties have a sad on about CRT etc. The rest of society is demanding that they hand over the pen of history, so that wider voices are as valued in both a historical and present day context as the gammons are. It is asking them to expose themselves to the truth of who and what white male privilege looks like - and that is some ugly shit - actual history tells us so.

As Moira Donegan put it in an article for the Guardian entitled What the moral panic about ‘critical race theory’ is about
For Republicans, the preferred narrative of race and American history is one that minimizes the harm done to Black people, overstates white virtue and insists that racism is a personal prejudice in the minds of misguided or amoral people, rather than a system that structures cultures and institutions. Racism was a problem, this story tells us (with an emphasis on the past tense) because some white people made an error; it’s not a problem any more, because those white people have been edified.
Maybe this is part of what Republicans don’t like about these versions of anti-racist thought: they remove white people, and white people’s feelings, from the center of the story.

After all, when racism is merely a personal idiosyncrasy, and not a systemic condition, nothing is required of white people, or of the institutions they control, except to deny that they feel hate in their hearts. But if racism is a foundational reality, and not just a personal prejudice, then much bigger changes have to be made – and more is required of white people than personal innocence.

Emphasis mine

White folks have work to do and one thing we know about right wing male white privilege - working for the betterment of other has never been a strong point. Heh.
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