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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

A story as old as time

In breaking news the Patriarchy still maintains control of female choices the world over...

Brexit Britain in the eyes of the beholder be like...

Graphic mine

The only thing to disagree with here is that it is Brexit Brits - so basically the English nationalists that have taken control. Not the rest of us, although they are doing their level best to bring us all down with them as they continue with their deluded Global Britain Empire fantasies, even as the fact they have been lied to repeatedly is shoved in their little Englander faces.

How nations die. Who would have thought we would be living through this? Scotland undoubtedly going. Border poll within a decade. England a rump of decaying ruin - but with a great trade deal with Australia, so that's alright then. And all because of bloody Brexit brought to us by a lying populist (who is really shit at his job) and his narcissistic sidekick and enabler.

Fun times. 👀

Take a seat colluding corrupting contemptible Carlson


Tucker gotta be worried about what is going to come out in the hearings... obs going all in to try and protect someone by attacking a man of courage who will be remembered for his role on that day long after the Carlson name is dust... hhhhmmm - is someone getting sweaty?!?!

Officer Harry Dunn's name should not cross this racist nasty democracy hating nazi's lips.

Pipeline to 'White Power Hour': Kevin McCarthy's 'election truther' picks 4 Capitol riot commission

As Miller noted, three of McCarthy's picks — Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Jim Banks (R-IN), and Troy Nehls (R-TX) — voted to overturn the results of the Electoral College, the very event that the Capitol rioters were trying to influence.

"Everyone knows what to expect from Jordan, the sweaty, jacketless, former wrestling coach who worked alongside a serial sexual assaulter while simultaneously not ever seeming to notice and allegedly telling one of his wrestlers he should help cover it up," wrote Miller. As for Banks, "He is an election truther who polled his constituents on whether or not he should cancel the votes of citizens from other states" and his communications director "is Buckley Carlson, son of Tucker, ensuring that the White Power Hour will have a direct line to leaks from the committee." Nehls, too voted in favor of the rioters, even as he attacked them publicly.

Emphasis mine

The bit in bold is the most interesting take away I think and he needs to get booted of the commission before it starts. Not only will the White Power Hour have direct access, ergo TFG will to, and that cannot stand.

State Republicans shun lawmakers critical of Trump and his big lie

But rank-and-file Republican officials actively working to tip the scales to placate the whims of a one-term president are breaking new ground.

“We’re in a period now with a former president who has grievances of his own party and he’s using his clout and his megaphone and his power to attempt to exact revenge on those individuals. And in certain states where Trump is popular or where an incumbent political figure has taken a deeply unpopular political position, you are seeing some internal opposition,” said Matt Mackowiak, the chairman of the Travis county GOP, in Texas.

He added: “I think we’re living in a time now where party officials don’t feel as duty-bound to support every member of the party, particularly if they’ve gone in a different direction on a fairly important issue.”
Even more unusual, these internal Republican party conflicts have little to do with a broad swath of policy disagreements. Instead they are often about whether a candidate supported Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Emphasis mine

So unless you are ready to buy into insurrection and sedition you no longer belong in the republican party at state level also. Good to know.

Full on authoritarian with a splash of nazi...

What fresh horror is still to come?

BoJo by Cummings…

“the people who are dying are essentially all over 80.”

“I must say I have been slightly rocked by some of the data on Covid fatalities. The median age is 82 – 81 for men 85 for women. That is above life expectancy. So get Covid and live longer. Hardly anyone under 60 goes into hospital (4 per cent) and of those virtually all survive. And I no longer buy all this NHS overwhelmed stuff. Folks I think we may need to recalibrate.”

“There are max 3 m in this country aged over 80”

“it shows we don’t go for nationwide lockdown.”

Quotes from article here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/19/dominic-cummings-tells-bbc-that-pm-denied-covid-would-overwhelm-nhs

I know Cummings is a complete prick but this is backed up with actual texts and Whats App messages. Seems like the let the bodies pile high in their thousands quote was mild in comparison to some of these revelations. Boris would have been content to kill off the entire population of over 80’s to keep the economy open. 3 million grannies and grandads had zero value attached to them by him. I suppose that is one way to solve the funding ciris for social care… let them all die… horrific. How much worse can it get? Hhhhmmmm

Well at least she didn't plan to steal anything, other than democracy... so there is that...

Love the fact that she then went home, having actively participated in trying to overthrow democracy and within 24 hours had managed to convince herself that it was antifa what done it... how can any sane person work with that level of dissonance? I fear she may have left planet normal a long time ago and is drifting, because of all the grifting, in the hinterlands of planet MAGA with her fellow cultists, never to find their way back to planet facts again.

Whatever happens next on Plague Island, it's now on us.

Today we are freeeeeeeeeeeeee, allowed to go out and do anything we want too, although possibly absolutely maybe don't do that. We don't need to display a mask on our noggins… except when you might have to but only if you wish to or maybe not. Whatever happens next on Plague Island, it’s now on us. When it all falls over again, as it must, as we are the flag waving leader of new infections in the entire frigging world, they will blame us. With a straight face they will go on the airwaves and point that finger at the great British public, we weren't prudent and failed to heed the suggestions to be cautious, that we were told we were allowed to disregard but maybe shouldn't, depending how we feel about it.

I trust I have cleared that up for you!

They are fit only for defeat -- total and uncompromising.

Graphic mine

Link to full article

Just gonna leave this here as TRUTH.

When animal farm is trending you know the Tories are taking liberties, again...

They take us all for idiots. And the fact is that they have an 80 seat majority so many of our fellow citizens really are that stupid

So the Health Secretary is covid positive but the PM and the Chancellor - who both got pinged by the track and trace app - announced they would not self isolate cause 'pilot'. Obs they have had to do a u turn on going to self isolation - but the fact that they thought it a good plan to announce that they would not self isolate when 500k currently are in the great pingdemic of 2021 is something else.

From the times:

We are all doomed. 👀
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