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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

The question has to be at what point will the cultists let go of the big lie?

Last night Trump put out a whine fest re the Arizona ‘audit’ and Fox News for once accurately reporting that there was no evidence of mass voter fraud in the general… surprise! If you want to see it you can pop over to his spoke persons twitter @realLizUSA – it is absolute dross so did not feel the need to promote in full. Needless to say, election stolen, RINO’s, oh woe is me, blah, blah, orange craven nazi blah…

The question has to be at what point will the cultists let go of the big lie? They have had multiple lawsuits, ninja audits and over eight months to present any evidence that the election was nicked. The brightest and the best of them, by which I mean the not very bright and really rather bad of them, have repeatedly pledged that they would dazzle us all with irrefutable evidence of the dastardly democrats stealing the election from right under their nazi noses. Over eight months and nothing, nadda, zippo. Much like with everything the presidency of the former guy foundered at, they have utterly failed to produce one scintilla of evidence to back up the big lie, which is hardly surprising because of course it is a big lie. Where is their clincher? Their I told you so moment in the sun. It is never going to happen, of course, and after eight months of this bollocks how dense and delusional do you have to be to continue to believe that is was never anything but a big fat bastard lie?

The right wing love themselves some plague

Here in England we are opening up on Monday - all covid rules swept away, with the government instead asking people to use their common sense - the same people who voted for economic and cultural suicide with Brexit and then putting BoJo in number 10... of course they are going to go to face licking parties as soon as they can, they have no sense of community responsibility at all. All the while we currently have the largest infection rate on planet and media reports today that fans rocked up to Wembley to watch the Euro's final having tested positive, spreading it about and sending the newly infected off to all corners of the country.

America is just as bad with the anti-mask and anti-vaccine wing nuts and hot spots popping up all over under vaccinated populations. Surprise!

Putting whole communities at risk. Selfish fuckers the lot of them. We need to avoid the lot of them like the plague (see what I did there! )

Plagues are not just for the middle ages anymore... as BoJo has reportedly said, let the bodies pile high in their thousands.

...the Great Cracker Republic

As it is reported that 66% of republicans in the South would rather not mind buggering off...

The great delusion is as extreme as the big lie...

They could have Trump for President and be a real shithole country in a matter of minutes! There is that.

Top Credit Rating Agency Warns Trump's 'Failure to Concede' and GOP Voter Suppression Could Tank

US AAA Status

“The failure of the former president to concede the election and the events surrounding the certification of the results of the presidential election in Congress in January, have no recent parallels in other very highly rated sovereigns,” Fitch declared, explaining its negative outlook warning. “The redrafting of election laws in some states could weaken the political system, increasing divergence between votes cast and party representation. These developments underline an ongoing risk of lack of bipartisanship and difficulty in formulating policy and passing laws in Congress.”
And it cited as one of three possible reason for a downgrade, “A deterioration in governance quality that undermines the integrity of the U.S. political system, with potential negative implications for the effectiveness of the government and institutions in managing the economy and absorbing adverse shocks.”

Emphasis mine

Banana Republic Wannabees don't get a triple AAA... Economy is always going to influenced by governance and the big lie and authoritarian right wing governors who are running rampant across red states undermining democracy in every which way possible have international consequences as well

Government to introduce statute of limitations on Troubles prosecutions

Ministers are expected to introduce a statute of limitations to end all prosecutions related to the Troubles before 1998 to stop Northern Ireland being “hamstrung by its past”.

Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary, will outline the approach in the Commons on Wednesday as government sources rejected claims it would amount to an amnesty for army veterans and paramilitaries.

A source said: “We want to give Northern Ireland society the best chance of moving forward as one – to do that we must confront the difficult and painful reality that the realistic prospect of prosecutions is vanishingly small and while that prospect remains Northern Ireland will continue to be hamstrung by its past.


So because they want to protect squaddies that may have done bad means that everyone gets an amnesty.
Listing to BBC Ulster this morning - this is going over like a bag of boke. Not one party on NI is in agreement with this. Listening to victims of the troubles today is heart rending. Apparently they are not worthy of any kind of justice? No-one has asked the victims what they want... This Tory Government has nothing but contempt for the people in NI - they neither care for not wish to understand the cultural sensitivities of the land from which I come. BoJo is in the house of commons right now saying that he is giving NI the opportunity to draw a line under the troubles... fucking idiot. Intergenerational trauma in NI is a real thing, and dismissing the need for justice for victims of the trouble is not drawing a line under anything.

Welcome to Gilead

Forced pregnancies and neighbours legislating every woman’s wombs is the future for every woman in Texas. Inform on your neighbours’ reproductive choices and get a bounty… how very very Nazi… after all Hitler loved getting neighbours and families to report on each other.

Apart from this just being abhorrent on its face, have they given any thought to the fact that for the vast majority of people $10k is a large amount of money. Never mind the far right trying to find cases for cruelty and under his eye giggles, what about all those people who think accusing someone of this ‘crime’ is an easy way to make a few bucks and never mind the impact on the medical professionals and women involved.

Just when you think they cannot get more hideous… SURPRISE!

All of the ironies, again, again...

Safer for everyone that said traitors never get to own a gun again.
I am sure they are all members of the NRA who own multiples of guns to make up for the fact they have very sad little racists lives.
And, they can never be part of 'well armed militia' again! Sad

Street sculpture be comfy!

Handy spot for a lunchtime nap

Professional suicide

Would not touch him with a ten foot bargepole. One has to wonder, as Toxic Trump poisons everything he touches how much more does he have to do before the cult wake up....

Good trouble.

My Democratic colleagues and I are leaving the state to break quorum and kill the Texas voter suppression bill.

We’re flying to DC to demand Congress pass the For The People Act and save our democracy.

By all democratic means necessary...
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