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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,276

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

I am a child of the troubles

I am a child of the troubles in Northern Ireland. My earliest memory is sitting in the back of the No. 7 Bus and watching Woolworths blow up. I grew up in place that was violently riven because of borders, faith, politics and othering. The other side was the enemy. Even in middle class circles, wagons were circled and both communities lived separate lives, including walls and postcodes dividing us. It was situation normal to see soldiers at roadblocks throughout the city. Police with guns on every corner (nowhere else in the UK are policemen armed). When I first left the land of my birth and moved abroad, I found it very difficult to adjust to not being searched every time I entered a shop.

And then came the Good Friday or Belfast Agreement. Where the vast majority of people on the Ireland of Ireland agreed that peace was the new road map and power sharing was instigated. For the last 20 years, both communities are witness to closer integration than ever before (of course there is still a way to go – there are decades of hurt and bloodshed that need healed). Peace suits and no-one in their right mind wants a return to the dark days of the 70’s and 80’s.


The Brexiteers do not give a flying fuck about the people of Ulster. They will see a hard border restored in breach of internal treaty obligations because they are such extremists when it comes to leaving the EU.

A hard border will reignite the troubles, make no mistake about it. For dissidents on the republican side any customs posts – be they at the actual border or 10 miles away – will be a target for violence. A bandit border will return. Tit of Tat will start. The only thing I cannot see this time round is the British Army on the streets, more like a UN peace keeping force.
I was a child of the troubles. This bollock’s has to stop now. The next generation should never be able to say ‘I was a child of the troubles’.

When you put it like that...

....WE ARE ALL DOOMED...Both sides of the Atlantic walking hand in hand to a totalitarian nightmare if we are not careful

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds 'extreme' irregularities in black districts

More than 15,500 pages of documents turned over the to Oversight Committee and obtained by the Journal-Constitution shows that the election was plagued by widespread irregularities.

In one case, a voting machine in Kemp’s home precinct recorded that Republicans won every race, while the other six machines in that same precinct showed that Democrats won every race. The machine showed Republicans winning by roughly the same margin by which Democrats won on the other machines. A statistician’s analysis cited in court documents said “odds of an anomaly that large are less than 1 in 1 million,” the Journal-Constitution reported.


And in the latest not surprising news democracy stealers are racist...

The Trump Presidency In A Nutshell...

Heh. Funny, but also this groundhog day of incompetence and distillation from reality is more than a tad terrifying..

Trump Administration Moves to Capture and Test DNA of All Migrants in Custody and Treat Them...

...‘More Like Criminals’

In a major change from prior administrations President Donald Trump’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials want to extract and test the DNA of every single undocumented person in their custody, regardless of age. Civil rights organizations often oppose the capture of DNA for those who have not been charged or convicted of a crime.

CBP and possibly ICE could spend at minimum 20,000 hours each year to capture and test the DNA of undocumented immigrants in their custody.

A Dept. of Homeland Security official tells Buzzfeed News, which first reported the story, that DHS “is working closely with the Department of Justice on a path forward for DNA collection.”


Next step...

Just in a form more fitting to the 21st Century...

***Just a Reminder to all the lovelies in Photography***

The wonderful photographer Richard D won the Spring Seasonal Contest. Unfortunately, he is unable to commit the time needed to run the Summer Seasonal Contest, so I have stepped into the breach.

Therefore this is reminder to start looking through all the glorious images you talented bunch have taken over the summer months that you think represent summer. I will be opening the competition for submissions on Sunday, so get editing!!!!

Soph x

Trump is "so intelligent it would make your brain blow up if you even knew how smart this man was."


Trump campaign adviser Tana Goertz says that "if there is ever going to be a female president, it'll be Ivanka Trump" and claims that Trump is "so intelligent it would make your brain blow up if you even knew how smart this man was."

A very stable genius...

When did 'we' accept that not only can you have your own opinion you can have your own facts?

Listening to the radio this morning, a conversation about the proroguing of Parliament. The right winger just made shit up. Presented opinion as fact when it was bollocks. No Empirical Data to support the shite that was coming out of his gob, but they were his ‘facts’ and he was sticking to them dammit. This why we can no longer have nice things. We have allowed a bunch of complete wankers, on both sides of the Atlantic to present their opinions as facts, and as a part of the electorate does not have the ability to distinguish between fact and theory we get stuck with being run by liars who think that if they keep repeating their opinion that somehow this will magically turn their nasty into facts.

Hence Trump.

Hence Brexit.

How can we get back to fact-based decision making? Cause the ‘facts’ of those in charge right now stink to high bloody heaven.

PS when I say we - I of course mean the wider collective we.


So much failing!

Trump Lifts Logo From White Supremacist Account

The discovery, however, that the logo used at in end screen title card features a lion illustration that appears to have been taken from a Dutch Twitter account suspended for promoting white supremacy.

The inspiration for their name and logo? It appears to have come from that time Trump retweeted the following Benito Mussolini quote “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

Last week the DOJ “accidentally” sent out an email that contained a link to VDare, which is named for Virginia Dare, the first white child born in what would become the United States.



the image at the end of the video Trump tweeted earlier was popular amongst the fascists of Lion Guard and the white supremacists of Vdare in 2016

They are not even pretending not to be Nazi's anymore...

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