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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Afghanistan reports of torture and killing contradict Taliban's promises

Evidence of Taliban killings, detentions and intimidation is emerging across Afghanistan, ominously contradicting the hardline Islamist group抯 promise earlier this week not to take revenge against its opponents.

With reports of the Taliban going door to door searching for people who worked with the former Afghan government or western countries, claims have also emerged of Taliban fighters torturing and killing members of an ethnic minority in Afghanistan after overrunning their village last month.

Amnesty International said its researchers had spoken to witnesses in Ghazni province who recounted how the Taliban killed nine Hazara men in the village of Mundarakht between 4 and 6 July.
The rights group said many more killings may have gone unreported because the Taliban cut mobile phone services in many areas they have captured to prevent images from being published.

Emphasis mine

Of course they are doing this. We knew they wouldn抰 be able to help themselves.
They are a death cult that uses torture to maintain control. Always have.
They are ill disciplined. In the main they are illiterate. The leaders of this death cult may have THOUGHT that they would be able to turn over a new leaf but, let抯 face it, maintaining any kind of organized control over what is essentially a guerrilla army is impossible and what is happening right now will only rachet up going forward.
Further barbarity and outrages perpetrated by utter horror shitshows with explosives will become the new normal in 321

All of the ironies once gain at risk from the counter factual crowd

All of the ironies run screaming for the hills once again...

They seem to being quite the job of getting rid of themselves recently, but not a bad plan....

In the context of Afghanistan - this applies to both the UK and US, although as inevitably the venn of the racist and the anti vaxxer is basically a circle, they do seem to be bumping themselves on with increasing regularity.


As we are told this morning 1,000's will be left behind...

As we were told yesterday that Raab refused to make a phone call cause he was on his holidays and shrugs for the Afghani allies who will be stoned, raped, beheaded cause our government is so utterly shit.



''But it is better than the Taliban'' is a pretty low bar...

With Afghanistan being all over the news cycle, the #NotAllMen crowd are very busy on the feminist interwebs pointing out how lucky we women in the west are cause our patriarchy is not a death cult patriarchy, or something

As Laurie Penny once said:
憭The oppression of women is a global phenomenon because patriarchy is a global phenomenon. It抯 embedded in the economic and social structures of almost every nation and community on earth. Sexism and misogyny, however, look different across boundaries of culture and religion, as well as across divides of race and class and between generations.拻

Men using the Taliban抯 resurgence and their inevitable deadly oppression of Afghani women and girls as the bar by which they measure western systemic patriarchy and misogyny, need to stop it. Not being stoned to death is not a legitimate measure of female equality, because of course it is not. Men patting themselves on their misogynist interwebs backs because they don抰 do that, because of course they are.

That we need to point this out...

Pennsylvania School Board Bans Critical Race Theory by Passing 'Patriotism Amendment'

The Mars Area, Pennsylvania School Board voted unanimously to pass a 揚atriotism Amendment to the district抯 mission statement Tuesday night in a move that is designed to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

The new statement adds to the district抯 mission to promote 揑nformed, Engaged and Patriotic Citizens, as the Cranberry Eagle reports.

The addition prohibits 搕he teaching of concepts that assign fault, blame, or guilt to people solely because of race, sex and religion, and opposes materials that 搃ndoctrinate students in 揳 single social, or political, ideology and/or theory, or promote one race, religion or sex above others.

Emphasis mine

Do they understand when they pull meaningless bullshit stunts like this, that they are just telling the rest of us that they are white supremacist racist wankers? And do they care? Are they s far down the rabid right wing rabbit hole of counter factual living that they wear their racism with pride? I think maybe so.

Everything about them is preposterous and nonsensical, but we are the irrational ones? 👀

Get outta here. Heh.

US Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg and husband welcome child

Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay US cabinet member, on Tuesday announced he and his husband were becoming parents.

"For some time, Chasten and I have wanted to grow our family," Buttigieg, the 39-year-old US transportation secretary, tweeted.

"We're overjoyed to share that we've become parents! The process isn't done yet and we're thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us. We can't wait to share more soon."


How splendid!
Right wing brains explode in 3...2...1....

Taliban leader personally thanks Donald Trump for getting him out of prison and making his dream...

...of an Afghanistan caliphate a reality (Satire)

Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar has personally thanked former President Donald Trump for freeing him from a Pakistani jail in 2018 and allowing his dream of a Taliban-run Afghanistan to become a reality.
揚resident Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, so to find our leader Abdul Ghani Baradar and 5,000 of our foot soldiers freed from prison at the behest of Donald Trump was a lovely change of tone by the Americans.

Abdul Ghani Baradar himself said in an address to the Afghan people, 揕et us be clear, without Donald Trump and his generous assistance I am not stood here on the verge of becoming Afghanistan抯 new Taliban leader.

揑n fact, without Donald Trump I would still be rotting in a Pakistani jail, but thankfully he told them to let me go so I could regroup and wait to take over the country and for that, he will always have the thanks of grateful religious fundamentalists everywhere.

Emphasis mine

Once one of the worlds most wanted men, responsible for the deaths of 260 UK soldiers, freed from jail by Trump - and now the new 'President' of Afghanistan. Trump deserves all of the credit for the horrors Baradar is about to unleash as the death cult takes firm control of all the levers of power again. After all we have seen this Taliban rodeo before, and it all of the horrors x 1,000,000's.

It is true what they say, all the best satire comes from a place of truth.


A tale of two countries (could the difference be any starker?)

Parliament has been recalled today for an urgent debate on Afghanistan. That is not the point of this although the bluster and bollocks of Boris is something else. Look @ the picture. On the left sits the English Nationalists Party - once known as the Tories. On the right of the shot sits the opposition parties - SNP, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens etc...

Can you spot the difference?

First time back on the Westminster Estate, since freedom day is fully implemented, where the house is rammed and barely one member of the party in charge has a face mask on... in an indoor space, with poor ventilation and social distancing impossible... These same people, when hospitalisations and deaths go up and a fourth wave seems inevitable, will be squawking out of their unmasked holes that another lockdown is unthinkable. This government is just shocking.

On the other hand all of the grown ups on the floor are doing the sensible thing and wearing face masks. Surprise!

On another note I had to turn off the debate as I wanted to throw my I-pad against the wall. What did we do to deserve this bunch of moral and ethic free black hole zones? I hate their country. I want my country back, face mask and all...
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