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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,777

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

There are too many people out there who will not realise what they have until it is gone...

As Sir Winston Churchill said in 1948 "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

And here we go again…

We are witness to the next rise of the far right. Some have forgotten how terrible it used to be. Some glorify in the horror of it all and want the world to burn. Some wilfully ignore it because it suits their purpose. Throw in a lack of robust education systems where young people can develop critical thinking skills, a fact free online world and Putin into the mix… clusterfuck 101 for democracies across the West.

There are too many people out there who will not realise what they have until it is gone... *sigh*

There are echoes of the fascism and antisemitism of the 1930s. But populism is also deeply modern. It has prospered over the last 10 years not just because of the way that economies have changed, but because social media platforms have proved to be the ideal outlet for its furies. Their algorithms promote anything vivid, angry and sensationalist, and incubate endless conspiracy theories. Facebook, as a matter of policy, allows political advertisements that tell lies.
The lesson of the last decade is that millions of people do not want to adapt or change, and their complaints are likely to continue. For the foreseeable future, the opportunistic politicians who claim to represent them are going to be at the heart of yet another contradiction: Trump, Farage, Orbán and the rest attract the votes of people who want the world to return to the past; but their mission is to push us into a chaotic, ugly future we cannot yet imagine.


They are relying on complacency, short memories and nostalgia to hijack our democracies. Nazis.

Proof Positive, if any more were actually needed...

Stupid stupid stupid wankers!

Just sayin'

I guess no-one is that bothered about my vote...😡


With 5 days to go until the general election other than a LibDem and a Tory leaflet through my door there has been no evidence of the election going on anywhere that I have been. This is unusual and I am not sure why. I live in a Labour held seat that very nearly went Tory in 2015 before bouncing back in 2017, so it has some vulnerabilities… but not one person from any party has knocked on my door, not one party has set up a table outside the local Waitrose… nothing…nadda {this is not the norm}. It is all really rather annoying, I love a good debate during election season.

Looks like this time round they really don’t care about my vote…bah humbug!!


I think Euripides might have been a time traveller...

Trump every single day. An idiot who thinks everyone is not as clever as he is... always a concern when such a simpleton is the leader of the free world.


An anecdote from the "extreme right wing" that will warm your hearts

I’ve just been reminded of something I heard on NPR earlier this week.
The next caller, from North Carolina, stated that he was 68 years old and “an extreme right-wing Republican.” Oh, boy. Here we go. But then, the very next thing he said was, “I absolutely despise Donald Trump.”
Well, now.
He went on to say that Trump was abusing the Republican Party for “his own fascistic ego” and decried the drama and the way that he has been disparaging and alienating people. He also stated that a President Pence would be a wonderful thing, but let’s take what we can get.
“He is not a decent President. He is an awful man. He is a horrible man. And I hope he’s impeached.”
He closed by saying that, if the Republicans don’t remove him, he will be voting Independent or Constitutional Party in the next election.

Emphasis mine

This is good. One down only how many million to go?
Look what happened with Nixon. It took time for the public to get the severity of his behaviour and then something clicked. Same this time round, hopefully.

It is not JUST ignorance, stupidity and arrogance...

Yes they are ignorant, stupid and arrogant but this generation of righties need to push the envelope of hate to extremes we have not seen in living memory (at least). The vainglorious sycophantic monster enabling wankers actually like the idea of the world burning... they are destroyers of peace, they are stealers of freedom, they are demolishing democracy one day at a time on both sides of the pond.

Are the Republicans trying to get Ilhan Omar killed?

Behind all the attacks on Ilhan Omar lies a cold Republican calculus. When they look at Ilhan Omar, Republicans seem to see someone so unlike them that the most she represents is a cynical opportunity. Here’s a politician who is a progressive, black, refugee, hijab-wearing Muslim woman. Who better to focus all their venom on?

But what if politics is really a question of addition and not subtraction? What the Republicans don’t seem to understand is that Ilhan Omar’s multiple sides connect her to so many in America. Anyone and everyone who is progressive or female or black or religious or any combination thereof should see something of themselves in her.

There is no question that in today’s climate, many of us are concerned about Ilhan Omar’s safety, as we are about our own. But we also know this, that we are many, and we vote. And the more we unite against such explicit bigotry, the more we will win. When it comes to the political future of this country, the Republicans are the ones who should be afraid.


At the very best they do not care one way or the other about the danger they have exposed her to with their rhetoric. But there is hope here - emphasis mine

Pudding is Served!


Merry Impeachment
Seasons Hearings
Happy New President!

Maddow shreds 'bad faith' complaints about impeachment from Republicons

Christmas? You can't impeach cause it is the holiday season! Of course the failure to mention that Clinton was also impeached during the holiday season does not matter, not one jot! RIDICULOUS REPUBLICANS

“So I would caution my friends in the media and those of us responsible for sort of tracking this on behalf of the media in this country, that it’s not necessarily worth continuing to follow each bad faith objection after all the previous bad faith objections have been shown to be in bad faith, right? I mean, to a certain extent after somebody says this is something they really care about, it’s then revealed to something they actually can’t possibly care about, you should be cautious the next time they try to sell you that same soft soap.”

Deprive them of media oxygen for their hypocritical bollocks is in no way a bad thing.
Love Maddow I do!!!!

With these stealers of female freedoms, 2020 could not be more important...

We are witness to the demonstrable and evident continuing need of many right wing men to assert domination over women, not just within their own communities, but with all of us. This reflects not only the extent of their innate insecurity (snowflakes) it is also a direct measure of the extent to which they believe women are inferior and the anger they feel towards those who would question the 'rightness' of patriarchy. There has never been any empirical evidence to back the view that one sex is innately better than the other, and if conservative women chose to allow their men to treat them like second class citizens, they need to own that. But that should not and must not mean that these stealers of female freedoms get to make choices for the rest of us. We have our own agency, but they seek to appropriate this every day as they drop multitudes of new abortion restrictions.

Being anti women’s reproductive freedom is all about punishing women for having the nerve to be sexual, outside the strict confines of what these dominionists think acceptable (marriage, sex for reproductive purposes etc). In their bollocks approach of faux Christian faith system pregnancy is the punishment for us having sex in a way that they do not approve of and cannot control. They are after all alongside everything else, control freaks. They literally believe (because it suits their patriarchal world view) that women have their god given position in society as second class citizens, and to have the audacity to disturb their chosen natural order is of the devil. And as second class citizens women who have not followed their rules should never be allowed to be unburdened from the fears of an unwanted pregnancy. They could not conceive of a better punishment for our refusal in the 21st Century to give them our agency. If they get their way with abortion, you can guarantee birth control will be next.

2020 could not be more important.
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