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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
November 27, 2020

Donald Trump to pardon Judas Iscariot in time for Christmas

“Julius is a very misunderstood person,” confirmed the President.

“It was only right to pardon him for those things he ALLEGEDLY did. I mean who is this Jesus guy anyway? Sounds Mexican to me. I don’t trust the guy, I really don’t. I bet you mainstream media types haven’t even looked into him.

“Anyway, I’m glad that Julian will be safely back with his family so that he can celebrate the birth of the man he betrayed.”

Julius Iscariot commented, “It’s taken 2020 years, give or take a couple of decades, but I’m glad to be freed.

“Donald Trump is a lovely man and I’m looking forward to welcoming him into my home, in the seventh circle of Hell, where he was heading anyway.”


There is always a quid pro quo after all. He would pardon the devil himself if it would keep him in power! Although I wonder what the constitution says about pardoning the person to whom you have already sold your soul. Hhhhmmmm 👀🤣

November 27, 2020

From the Resolute Desk to the Covfefe Table of Despair.

Are his media team trolling him at this point? Because it seems to me, someone set him up to look as ridiculous as possible. LOLOL DiaperDon @ the toddlers table
November 26, 2020

..this is 100% about Trump's trying to erase the Mueller report from history.



There are many secondary point, but 4 primary ones:
1. Flynn's original conduct in conducting a rogue foreign policy with our prime adversary before Trump was in office was deadly serious and absolutely required investigation. 2. His admitted lies about it to the FBI and Cong constituted a serious crime and a present threat that had to be eliminated. 3. His conduct since then in arrogantly denying guilt & putting the US on trial are the precise opposite of the accepted factors for a pardon, & this is 100% about Trump's trying to erase the Mueller report from history.

November 26, 2020

Now, this would be a splendid thing for 2021

Will Ivanka Trump snitch? Retired judge says her best option may be to ‘turn state’s evidence’

As Donald Trump’s desperate plot to subvert the election fails and the end of his presidency approaches, Ivanka Trump could face her own “state’s evidence” moment as a result of her role in her father’s sketchy business enterprises in New York.

According to the New York Times, both state attorney general Letitia James and Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. are investigating income-tax-avoidance schemes undertaken by the Trump Organization that involve questionable deductions claimed for “consulting fees” paid to Ivanka and other individuals and businesses.
Still, as the clock ticks down on the Trump presidency, the first daughter may well be advised to ponder whether her legal interests and those of her father have diverged to the point where it would be better to cooperate with the authorities, fess up, and ultimately turn state’s evidence.


Can this be my Christmas wish? LOL
Every single Trump kid will throw him under the bus if it means not having to go to jail. They must dislike him as much as the rest of us. Probably more cause at least we don't have to be in his actual space. The only problem with her turning on daddy dearest would be that she probably would avoid jail and that would mane me every sad!! Tis a conundrum.
November 25, 2020

Some bloody marvellous news in the Job Department

If you may remember when I started the new job 6 weeks ago I was on a 3 day a week, for a 3 month contract. I decided last week to speak to my COO about January, when my current contract comes to an end. I was conscious that with Xmas also in the mix my contract end date would be on me in the blink of an eye, and as I had a couple of very interesting jobs drop into my inbox, that I did not want apply for if they were planning to keep me on full time and on my normal expected salary, that they may like to think about whether they want to put me in next years budget, or not. I was very clear that I would not take it personally if they did not want to offer me a permanent position. Covid budgets are harsh for business everywhere. Anyway, upshot is...

Full time permanent at the senior level of management I have always led from. Not quite the salary just yet - but higher than currently, and with a review within a year and if I meet my income and profitability targets (which I will), that will change.

November 23, 2020

Trump concedes: GSA functions... finally

About time!!!

US GSA: President-elect Joe Biden can formally begin transition process
The US General Services Administration (GSA) told President-elect Joe Biden that the Trump administration has given a nod to commence the formal transition process, CNN reports, citing a letter from administrator Emily Murphy sent on Monday’s American afternoon.


Trump KNOWS... heh
November 23, 2020

Supreme Court declines to take action on Trump's Pennsylvania appeal prior to certification of Biden

The Trump campaign had hoped that the Supreme Court would hear the case prior to Pennsylvania’s certification of the 2020 election.

But on Monday, the court’s regular order list for its November 20 conference did not include any action on the case.

The court could take action at its December 4 conference, which is after Pennsylvania’s November 23 deadline for counties to certify the election.


#SCOTUS releases regular Order List from November 20 Conference; no new grants; no action on Pennsylvania late-arriving mail-in ballots case or New York COVID cases:

Of course they were not going to touch this! Poisonous.
November 21, 2020

The immorality is a feature not a bug

The utter lack of empathy or compassion is written all over his oily appearance - bur Americans voted these fuckers back in, in a bewildering display of actively voting against your own best interests. I am we know that there are people who embrace the immorality and poison of the GOP because of personal gain, but the rest of them, with 250k dead, their delusion is complete. they voted for a death cult and all that entails.
November 20, 2020

...things have to be very bad indeed for a Cabinet Office enquiry to find fault in a minister

2 thoughts of the day. Bullying at work is never justified: it can cause huge misery for those affected and their families. In my experience, things have to be very bad indeed for a Cabinet Office enquiry to find fault in a minister -the system is rigged to conclude the contrary.

Bullying inquiry 'found evidence Priti Patel broke ministerial code'
Boris Johnson, the sole arbiter of the rules, is expected to release a decision on the inquiry within weeks but it is not likely to demand the home secretary’s resignation.

Sources familiar with the inquiry said it had found evidence that civil servants were treated poorly by Patel, as well as compelling evidence of bullying.

Pressure on the prime minister to sack Patel is growing as a result of claims of bullying and harassment from civil servants in three separate government departments.


In any other era than this any Secretary of State would be made to fall on their swords for this. But here we are in the post truth era and nothing will happen. Nothing. And she will feel empowered to keep bullying, cause none of them are ever held accountable and they really do believe that the rules do not apply to them. Queue the tory toadies flooding the airwaves today after being bullied into defending her bullying...

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