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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
March 31, 2020

They say you get the leaders you deserve... we are so screwed

Where the fuck is the competence and the gravitas? When was the critical point of pivot away from normal. I know that the great recession and the austerity era made people vote in strange patterns, but it goes back much further than that. I think 40 years ago Reagan and Thatcher led to where we are now... up shit creek without a paddle.

March 30, 2020

They will wring the coppers from our bones and not think twice ...

If one thing that is positive comes out of this, it will be the world we inherit will be very different from the one that exhausted all of us. We just have to stay alive to enjoy it!
March 30, 2020

Hilary could not have been any closer to the truth if she tried

The only thing missing is the zombies...
March 30, 2020

Just when you think he can't get anymore hideous...

Because of his utter incompetence the equipment that healthcare workers need is a scarce resource and so he suggests to his base that those same health workers are STEALING the kit rather than using it protect themselves while they save lives. At this point it is obvious that there are no depths to which he will not sink to try and mitigate the fact that he is completely and utterly shit at his job. And of course because he is a crook and a grifter who has milked the US taxpayers for millions, he would naturally think that is how others would behave - because you can be very sure indeed, if he was in a healthcare environment - he would have every bit of protective equipment out of the backdoor in a minute and fuck everyone else. It is who he is.
March 29, 2020

Living in a police state

Some of the police forces are taking the piss. Derbyshire is male testosterone on steroids. As about 96% of people are acting in the spirit of the new rules the police need to wind their necks in. Taking the guidance and interpreting it in the most draconian way possible. Who are they to decide where someone can walk their dog, or get their exercise? They need to wind their authoritarian necks in. If they don't the 96% will not have it. Maybe they should concentrate on the 4% who are actually breaking the rules, rather than the granny who wants to walk her dog in a local beuty spot, driving there in her car when she is self distancing. IMO if the police continue with this we will see a breakdown in social order. We do not live in a police state. The police need to realise this or 2011 comes to mind.

March 29, 2020

This should not be their silver lining.

Wanna bet trump will try and take credit for this as well?: ''We armed all of the people and then they stopped shooting the kids. It was very clever plan because I am such an genius guy, bigly.''

Heh. Such a sad way to live your life as a child. Indeed, this may be a silver lining - but it is very shitty that this silver lining needs to exist.
March 28, 2020

Alabama's Emergency Operations Plan for mechanical ventilator triage be very very Nazi...

'Alabama is poised to make life-and-death decisions that will deny needed medical treatment to countless individuals based entirely on their underlying disabilities

'The mere fact that a person has an intellectual or cognitive disability cannot be a basis for denying care or making that person a lower priority to receive treatment.

'In this time of crisis, we cannot devalue the lives of others in our community based on their disabilities. It's morally wrong, and it violates the law'
James Tucker, Director of the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

This is as unsurprising as it is disgusting. But in line with killing of granny and grandpa and denying female agency this makes a far right kind of sense for a patriarchal theocratic cult that they own all bodies, and they can dispose of them as they will.

How did the Nazis see disabled people?
The Nazis took Darwin's ideas of natural selection, in particular the idea of survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom, and applied them to the human world and society (Darwin's Origin of the Species had been published in 1859). It was argued that allowing disabled people to live and have children, led to the "unfit" reproducing more quickly than "the fit". It was said that this weakened society's ability to function efficiently, placing an unnecessary toll on non-disabled people.


Very very nazi
Just sayin'

March 28, 2020

Far left you say?

Exactly this... human rights are civil rights. And this is not a far left position in any other developed nation, it is just common sense.
March 28, 2020

And in other news, Trump said words on earth that just...



Donald Trump offering a great example of social distancing...


...no words...
March 28, 2020

Donald Trump demands his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American

“Mr. Trump has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks that will go out to many Americans in the coming weeks, according to an administration official,” wrote Siobhan Hughes and Natalie Andrews. “Normally, a civil servant — the disbursing officer for the payment center — would sign federal checks, said Don Hammond, a former senior Treasury Department official.”


Not sure that is going to save him... but yeah, that makes perfect sense for him try and take the credit in that way. He is nothing if he is not predictable. He is probably hoping the cult will be so excited to get something with his signature on, that they will frame it rather than cash it!!! And they probably will...

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I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

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