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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,684

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

The cruelty (and racism) is the point

Reckon this is gonna be the go to gesture by the ethno nationalist white supremacy hate party that is the neo GOP. The new American Nazi salute? - watch out for it at whatever iteration of unite the right we are on now, when they go on their marches... guarantee they are standing back and standing by, watching closely and practicing the chop or whatever they call it.

They know exactly WHAT they are doing. After all this was NOT done in error...

They are hideous. This is not a bug it is the main feature. It is the whole point of what they have become.

We see you...


NC Lt. Gov. Robinson Declares That 'Christian Patriots' Will 'Own This Nation and Rule This Nation'

Robinson began his speech by thanking God and declaring that anyone who doesn’t agree that the United States is a Christian nation is free to go live somewhere else.

“You can leave God’s country, and we will not miss you,” Robinson said.

Later, Robinson told the crowd that they are God’s regiment on Earth and “the living embodiment” of all those who have sacrificed their lives in defense of this nation.

“Tell our enemies on the other side of the aisle that will drag this nation down into a socialist hellhole that you will only do it as you run past me laying on the ground, choking on my own blood because I will not give up this nation to you!” Robinson bellowed. “It is not yours. You did not build it, you did not defend it, and you will not own it. We will. The Christian patriots of this nation will own this nation and rule this nation and help freedom survive for future generations.”

Emphasis mine

These theocratic nationalists are proper scary cray cray. Paranoid wingnuts to a one, they are.
How anyone can listen to this Gillead living, theocracy wishing, democracy stealing 'christian' and think there is the guy I am going to vote for in 2024? Christian Patriots my arse. A cross between the Taliban and the Hand Maids Tale is their control freak patricarchy go to. Am I right?!?!?!

File this under lock 'em up

EXPLOSIVE late-night court filing from National Archives details what Trump is trying to block the Jan. 6 committee from obtaining.

They include "daily presidential diaries, schedules, appointments showing White House visitors, activity logs" and records of calls to Trump/Pence.

Thread at the link - worth going through it all.
The committee is knocking on the door of the work product of Mark MEADOWS, Stephen MILLER, and hundreds of pages from binders of Kayleigh McAneny.

Hot take.... Trump has got to be shitting himself, he is throwing everything he can to stifle these documents, but no executive privilege for you matey....The committee has filed its own legal brief tonight, rejecting Trump's claims of executive privilege as 'weak' and legally unsupported.

Trumps inner circle right now be like...

Results for the October Comp are up in GD

Well done to Heartstrings!!!!!!


Soph xx

The results of the October Photography Competition are in, and they are SPLENDID!

Hey everyone

The results of the October Competition have been tabulated and I am as pleased as punch to announce the results.

For those who did not get a chance to see the OPs on the comp the theme was "Roadscapes, rural or urban, old or new".

A big thank you to everyone who participated and for everyone who took the time to vote and make such lovely comments. Please be assured that the entrants of the competition really appreciate them.

So without further ado the runaway winner of the contest is Heartstrings with an absolutely STUNNING picture.

The road less traveled...

Second place goes to Grumpy Old Guy who always manages to make a long shot look incredible and they are so not easy!

Yellowhead Highway

And in third place MichaelSoE with a glorious road picture at dusk, country stark against a darkening sky. Magic hour indeed.

Magic Hour

I think we can all agree that they are worthy winners, one and all and deserve a huge round of applause!

And for the valued prize of winning Heartstrings gets to provide the theme for the next contest. Everyone look out for it - if you voted this time, maybe you might think of entering next time? Just sayin' 👀

Just when you think the cray cray might be turning a corner...

Some headlines this week gave hope that just maybe the ongoing fever pitch of paranoia and hate had reached its peak and maybe some of the cult were finally getting over it…

Graphic mine

YAY you think - are some of them finally getting that it is all bullshit to keep them in fear? Could this be a dent in the success fo the far right propaganda machine of nasty?

And then you read a quote from Tim Snyder (from interview on MSNBC) and realise that even if some of the cray cray fanboys are calming down it nearly doesn’t matter because the coup is on with the fascists in charge at state and local level in red and purple states across the land.

“Well, as someone who follows contemporary Russia, there is a Russian phrase that comes to mind, which is ‘the administrative resource.’ What the administrative resource means in Russian is that, sure, you have an election, but the people who are running the election are going to determine how the election turns out. What the Republicans are going for is precisely that thing—the administrative resource.

Historically speaking, what we know about a big lie is that, because of its very scale, it’s not about truth or not-truth, it’s about living in a kind of alternative reality. And what we’re looking at is people who believe in or pretend to believe in this Big Lie actually carrying out our elections. And the problem with this, or one of them, is that, since these people have already claimed that the other side cheated, that basically legitimates their cheating. In other words, if you talk about the Big Lie now, you’re basically promising to cheat the next time around, and that’s very concerning.”

Emphasis mine

I suppose who turns up to TFG nuremburg's is not the point. Poking fun at someone in a head to toe Trump suit is always good sport of course, but minority rule and stolen elections is never fun. Ask Alexei Navalny. The Republicans are all Russian owned now - the administrative resource indeed. Traitors to a one these democracy stealers.

The Naked Emperor insists he is legally immune because he is the former guy...

Article behind pay wall here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/10/24/donald-trump-fights-electric-avenue-copyright-claim-citing-presidential/

Donald Trump is fighting a breach of copyright claim after using the British hit song Electric Avenue in a campaign video, insisting he is legally immune because he was the US president....

This case has been going on for a while and Trump has been trying every trick in the book to get it thrown out. He won't and they will win. But this has to be a doozy. In Trumpland he can never be sued. He is legally immune cause there were enough idiots in the US to give him a one term presidency... but not enough to give him a second.

I know he only has absolute immunity in his somewhat taxed noggin but never the less this quote seems appropriate:

When one reaches absolute power, one loses total contact with reality. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

oh, and

Immunity corrupts; absolute immunity corrupts absolutely. John W. Campbell


Gonna guess that the employee attrition rate in this business is through the roof...

Company asked someone to sign a ‘sweat pledge’ and people think it’s a major red flag


Work for free & stay in your lane, pleb.
Going to go out on a limb here but how many of the senior management voted for Trump, do you reckon? 👀 MAGA!
Can you imagine having to work for the people who sat round a table to come up with this utter dehumanising and devaluing of your individual worth?


FINALS are up in GD

Hi my loves

Finals are up in GD. You know what I am going to say...

Well done to everyone who made it.

Link here:


Soph x

October Photography Contest Final Round Now Open for VOTING!

Hello loves,

This is the official FINAL vote for the October Photography Contest. The theme was been decided by the marvellous HAB911 who won the August contest.

The theme this month is:

"Roadscapes, rural or urban, old or new".

Thank you to everyone who voted in the preliminary round. You made some great choices. Well done to everyone who made it to the final!

Posted in GD per permission and custom.


Please do try and make some time to comment on the magnificent talent you are about to witness!

And now without further ado ladies, gentlemen and others I present to you some splendid pictures that made the final, for your votes, delectation and delight!

The road less traveled...

The Long And Wavy Road

Magic Hour

Columbia Plateau Spring Vista

What Lies Around the Bend?

Closed for the season

Yellowhead Highway

Shady Lane.

Rainy Street in Havana, Cuba

I think we can all agree we have some worthy finalists and your voting choices are going to be hard!!! Please enjoy.
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