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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
March 30, 2021

Girls in STEM hit my happy old feminist spot

How bloody marvellous!

I mentor a young lady who is currently doing a workplace degree in Network Engineering. These STEM ladies rock in a mans world - the new generation is brilliant!
March 27, 2021

A picture speaks a thousand racist white supremacist Jim Crow words

When you’re a violent white supremacist storming the Georgia state Capitol vs when you’re a Black woman elected official knocking on the Governor’s door to protect voting rights.

Heh. Kemp, Election Stealer in Chief says “It wasn’t a voting rights bill. It’s an election security bill that increases early voting opportunities on the weekend here in Georgia,” as he lies through both sides of mouth at the same time and whines about being called a racist, for being a Jim Crow racist. Fun times for Georgia 👀
March 21, 2021

Waging war over vaccines can only end in tragedy for Britain and the EU

An escalation into a full-blown “vaccine war” between Britain and the EU would be a disaster for both on many levels. The production of vaccines depends on intricate multinational supply chains. Take the Pfizer dose. Ingredients for that vaccine are shipped from the UK to the company’s plant in Belgium before some of the finished product is exported across the Channel. A round of beggar-my-neighbour export bans will be self-defeating. The EU’s problems will deepen, while the government will find it harder to realise its ambition to get a shot into every adult by July.

Vaccine nationalism is already a dimension of this crisis. It would set a terrible example to the world if countries that advertise themselves as mature, sophisticated and internationalist democracies were to unleash a vaccine war in Europe. Britain and her near neighbours are going to have to live and work with each other long after Covid-19 has become history. The UK’s security and prosperity still depend in great part on what happens within the EU. It cannot be in the EU’s interests to have permanently toxified relations with such a substantial country on its border. A vaccine war would be a conflict without a winner, only many losers.


Did you see Mairead McGuinness, EU Commissioner for Financial Services on Andrew Marr this morning? I don't see this being resolved anytime soon, the very fact that the UK is slinging vaccine nationalism at the EU when they have exported over 30 million doses outside the EU borders and we have not exported a single dose means the very definition of vaccine nationalism is under extreme strain. And as Rawnsley says - I am para phrasing - the EU has no trust in the UK under Boris - they don't owe us anything. Mairead says she wants common sense to prevail, but with the Boris cabinet that seems impossible, and coupled with the really rather shit roll out across the EU the mud slinging and threats will continue.
March 21, 2021

They are all in on breaking the commandments that actually made the cut..

He also needs to throw them in his own face!

A far right religious cray cray displaying utter hypocrisy... say it isn't so! The one thing that Mrs B gets wrong with this one is that even if he ever had the guts to throw Trumps 10 commandment multiple and continuous failures in his face, he would still not have any authority to sit in judgement on anyone, ever... odious individual.
March 21, 2021

#notallmen- cause while women talk about violence, make sure no mens feelings are hurt 👀

I’m not here to mansplain the experiences of women. My point is that this commentary was responded to by men insisting that they not be tarred with the same brush. While women talked about their experiences of rape, sexual assault and daily street harassment, the only response men could come up with was to wave their little victim arms for fear that they be thought of badly. Social media even came up with #notallmen, just to make sure no boy feelings were hurt.

And yes – even here I have to do it – not all men responded this way. Not even most of them. There you go, diddums.

Yet the fact that even a minority of men insisted that an exception be made in the normal social contract illuminates the problem. It’s about territory. While women spoke about their experiences and fears, (some) men felt they had the right to barge in and try to dominate the terms of that conversation; many with the express aim of trying to de-genderise the issue: it’s about crime, not the behaviour of (some) men. Some of the (some) men even tried a self-defeating equivalence by pointing out that men suffer more from violent crime. From other men.

Emphasis mine

For (some) men, they need to hijack the conversation women and girls are having because for (some) men their fragile ego's can't take it when the conversation is not all about them, or about calling them out for their behaviours which (may) endanger women, they need to make it all about them. Misogyny can by about benign neglect of the danger and women face as much as it can be the cat caller or the rapist... but #notallmen mansplaining to women and girls that their lived experience must be wrong, because as (some) men they NEED to make it all about them...

March 19, 2021

'FLAGS!' insist Tories

The Tories have robustly insisted that ‘FLAGS!’

It comes in the wake of some controversial rhetoric yesterday that many saw as not ‘FLAGS’.
It is expected that there will be 92 laws about flags created today and everyone who doesn’t like flags will have to go to prison.

It is expected that Tories will continue to insist that ‘FLAGS’ throughout the weekend until Tuesday or Wednesday when they will begin to demand ‘STATUES’ or possibly ‘MONARCHS’ instead.


Having a country run by English white supremacist patriarchal nationalists is so very tedious. Although credit were credit is due - they are very good at whipping up the xenophobic crowd to distract them from the shit job they are actually doing

March 18, 2021

172 Republicans Vote Against Violence Against Women Act - One Day After 7 Women Massacred by

‘Sex Addicted’ Gunman

172 House Republicans voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act Wednesday, just 24 hours after eight people – including seven women, six of Asian decent – were gunned down in a shooting spree at a series of Atlanta spas by a shooter who is now claiming he has a sex addiction.


Because, of COURSE they did. The patriarchy hates women having rights... their toxic masculinity framework loves a second class citizen status for their wives and children - means they can give them a slap when they get out of line, right? Demanding the right to beat rape and murder be sooooo republican.
March 18, 2021

Clinging onto the remnants of slavery in the 21st century is so KKK 1870

Graphic mine

Right now, the Tennessee Constitution states that slavery and involuntary servitude are forever prohibited in the state, except as a punishment for convicted crimes. Democratic State Senator Raumesh Akbari out of Memphis is sponsoring a constitutional amendment proposal that would simply take out that exception.

But...But... FAKE NEWS!

"I just think it's ultimately fake history to be telling our voters next year that the 1870 Constitution allowed slavery," Senator Brian Kelsey (R) District 31 said. "It clearly did not, and it was passed five years after Tennessee and the United States ratified the 13th Amendment, forever prohibiting slavery. So that to me, Mr. Speaker, is fake history, and for that reason, I'll actually be voting no."


Sorry but this is ridiculous.. who the fuck votes for these throw backs? Bowing to the nasty of the post civil war confederacy thinking of the south... Clinging onto the remnants of slavery in the 21st century is soooooooooooo KKK 1870.
March 18, 2021

The bigots always target women first...

Listening to Stephanie Cho tonight point out that Asian women are the bulk of the victims of anti-Asian hate crimes I couldn't help but think of similar stats showing Muslim women are overwhelmingly the victims of Islamophobic hate crimes.
The bigots always target women first...
The Mehdi Hasan Show
An armed man killed 8 people, including 6 women of Asian descent, in 3 Georgia spas, but the police say that this attack was *not* racially motivated.
Stephanie Cho of @AAAJ_Atlanta does not believe that for a second. Listen to what she tells @mehdirhasan:

The twofer that women of colour have to endure on a daily basis.
For the utter horror show that is the right wing in America Male Whiteness & Patriarchy clasp each other tightly as they hate just cause they can, assault just cause they can, harass just cause they can, murder just cause they can.

And they get away with it over and over and inevitably it escalates to extreme violence, because in this white nationalist ethno centric environment they are never radicalised far right white supremacist terrorists, they always are a lone wolf. *Rolls Eye* And in this particular case sexualising the victims... they made me do it cause they turned me into a sex addict... stereotypical nasty that needs to do one. That shit is just another layering of the racism and hate that led to this mass shooting in the first place.


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