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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,684

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Anti-vax GOP lawmaker who disappeared after getting COVID has died

An anti-vaxx GOP state lawmaker in Washington — who recently disappeared after being diagnosed with COVID — has died.

Sat Doug Ericksen, a Republican from Whatcom County, passed away Friday at 52, according to a report from KOMO News.

"Please keep our family in your prayers and thank you for continuing to respect our privacy in this extremely difficult time," Ericksen's family said in a statement.

Ericksen reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 while in El Salvador last month. "He was taken to a hospital in Florida where it was reported that he was in stable condition and on the road to recovery," KOMO News reports.


RIP and all that but you would have thought the his fellow grifting anti-vaxxers would have sent him the memo on far right survival in the age of a Pandemic... Spout the anti-vaccine message to garner the votes of the MAGA, but that does not mean you don't get the vaccine yourself... you don't win prizes for following your own rhetoric during a pandemic.

So 'Brexit Brain' has walked away from Brexit talks but it has nothing to do with Brexit...🤔

Lord Frost has resigned from the Cabinet and it has NOTHING to do with the success of the EU managed NI protocol or the fact that from January 1st chaos is about to descend across all the borders in the land as the full border check requirements on goods entering the EU go in effect. NOTHING TO WITH BREXIT AT ALL. New Year is going to be a clusterfuck of queues, rejections, even less produce on the shelves and huge costs to business that are already struggling under the strain of living in a post Brexit pandemic Britain. But that has nothing to do with why Frost has resigned... OF COURSE NOT. So the Mail on Sunday is reporting on this resignation and Frosty is saying 'Brexit is now secure. The challenge for the Government now is to deliver on the opportunities it gives us. You know my concerns about the current direction of travel. I hope we will move as fast as possible to where we need to get to: a lightly regulated, low-tax, entrepreneurial economy, at the cutting edge of modern science and economic change.' What an absolute pile of shite. Brexit is about to get 100% worse for business and he is jumping ship before that shit hits that Brexit fan of bollocks. Gets to keep his seat in the House of Lords though so what does he care. And at least he has gone. Awful man doing what the Tories always do...

On the bright side Boris has lots of talent to pick from the pick up the delusional mantle of Brexit uplands.

Slavery was bipartisan. Jim Crow was bipartisan. The refusal of women's suffrage was bipartisan.


Warnock: "Slavery was bipartisan. Jim Crow was bipartisan. The refusal of women's suffrage was bipartisan. 3/5 compromise was bipartisan. When colleagues talk to me about bipartisanship, I ask: at whose expense? Who is being asked to foot the bill? Is liberty itself the cost?" twitter.com/SenatorWarnock…

If you wait for the majority on any progressive issue, we would still be in the dark ages. The majority would happily sit progress out as long as it did not effect them.

The sharks are circling...

They are shocking in their sense of entitlement and one rule for them whataboutery. You know the Tories are ruthless right? The parties last year are having real cut through, as well they should. And so they start to set out their stalls...

I mean if you had to choose between Priti, Hancock and Johnson??? Rock and huge hard place springs to mind...Ugh. TBF the idea of Patel being in number 10 fills me with utter horror. Keep Johnson over her any day of the far right nasty week. And Hancock needs to sit the fuck down.

Not long before Truss, Sunak and Raab come marching out also. Heh.

What a shower.

California to Use Texas Abortion Ruling as Anti-Gun Law Model

California governor Gavin Newsom has called for a new California law that will effectively bar the manufacture and sale of assault rifles in the state, modeled on Texas’s victory in the U.S. Supreme Court that keeps in place state legislation banning most abortions.

Newsom has directed his staff to work with the state legislature and Attorney General Rob Bonta to create a law that would allow private citizens to sue manufacturers, distributors and sellers of assault weapons, according to a statement Saturday.

The proposed California law would be shaped on the Texas legislation that makes abortions illegal after six weeks of pregnancy and allows private citizens to sue doctors or anyone who helps facilitate an abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday narrowed a legal challenge to the Texas law and left it in force.

“I am outraged by yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing Texas’s ban on most abortion services to remain in place, and largely endorsing Texas’s scheme to insulate its law from the fundamental protections of Roe v. Wade,” Newsom said in the statement. “But if states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to Swiss Army knives, then California will use that authority to protect people’s lives, where Texas used it to put women in harm’s way.”

Emphasis mine

And the law of far right theocratic nasty consequences is going to bite righty arse. Huzzah. The outrage that their anti-democratic, anti-constitution, anti- women playbook is going to be used against them is going to kick in, in 3...2...1...
Well played Newsom.

The fundies are on a far-right march. They cannot be allowed to win.

This continued rise of the fundies taking control of the levers of power is more than a tad concerning. I speak of SCOTUS explicitly here where the 6 republicans, believe in the literal truth of the bible. This new literalism and fundamentalism are allowing fundies to create precedent and behave in ways that are at odds, sometimes violently, with the changing values of the modern world and with science. The fundies seeks out a pure and simple truth. I am right, therefore you are wrong. My God is the right God. Your God is wrong. Fundamentalism inherently breeds an us and them attitude. We have got the truth, we are the only ones who have got it, and you haven’t. You are with us or against us. Here is the truth. Take it or leave it. The fundies on SCOTUS see their religions books as literal, inherent, and historical – and if the constitution conflicts with this the constitution is going to lose. There is arrogance in proclaiming a definitive truth, and the fundies are an arrogant lot, right? Fundamentalism is exclusionary. It lacks nuance. And one has to ask the question, if they are right and I disagree, what happens to me? They of course happily damn and condemn us in thought word and deed as sinners, antifa, feminazi’s etc et al.

It is not of course that we see huge numbers of fundies, they just somehow manage to get themselves in everywhere – and they are so freaking loud. Statistically they are quite small as a proportion of the wider population, but their undue influence in governance and legislature which is very disquieting indeed. The way fundies see women and the segregation of women is an example of how damaging their power and influence can me. Let’s face it fundamentalism is at the core patriarchal. All forms of fundamentalism inherently believe that men and women are not just different, but they are unequal, and that men should have control, domination – and sadly the women within the fundie movement are complicit in this. And, of course – if SCOTUS gets away with gutting Roe v Wade, the fundies will be emboldened to take the fight to other targeted communities that are vulnerable to persecution. You can see what is coming down the line right?

Fundies are not mainstream. They are a minority. A vocal minority, for sure, but a minority none-the-less. They undermine society by creating division and disharmony, and their inability to support community cohesion because of the fundamental exclusionary stance they take is damaging at its core.

And they have taken control of SCOTUS…

The juxtaposition(s) in making everything about them is manipulation writ large

Excellent example.

One thing is not the same as the other thing, but they will fight on both those authoritarian hills.
Hypocritical authoritarian theocracy chasing nasty. And they know it. They smell their own stench. But power and control means don't tell me what to do as a patriarchal male pale and stale top of the racist pyramid pile, but get back into the kitchen little woman and do what I command. They stink.

By the end of this - if they get their way - certainly in those red states of shudder, you can pretty much guarantee - that sentencing for a woman seeking an abortion after rape, will attract a more severe penalty than the rapist himself.


It's not a cult. It's not a cult. It's not a cult. It's not a cult. It's not a cult.

Holy Trumpster. What is it they say about false idols again...

Can you decide if someone gets an abortion or not?

Exactly this...

you didn't have to tell me that the Oxford High School shooter was white


you didn't have to tell me that the Oxford High School shooter was white, I figured that out on my own when you told me he was taken alive

Just this. Exactly
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