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tulipsandroses's Journal
tulipsandroses's Journal
September 10, 2020

All I can think about is Trump and his enablers. For Reggae Fans. Buju Banton -Murderer


Murderer! Blood is on your shoulders
Kill I today you cannot kill I tommorow
Murder! Your insides must be hollow
How does it feel to take the life of another
Yes, you can hide from man but not your conscience
You eat the bread of sorrow
Drink the wine of violence
Allowed yourself to be conquered by the serpent
Why did you disobey the first commandment
Walk through the valley I fear no pestilence
God is my witness and He is my evidence
Lift up my eyes from wenth commeth help
You will never escape this judgement
I tell you, all men are created equal
But behind the trigger its a different sequel

Some are murdering people just to collect medals
Stop commiting dirty acts for the high officials
You could wash your hands until you cant wash no more
Its like an epidemic and you won't find a cure

Upper class you could be rich, middle class whether you are poor
Only the righteous won't feel insecure
Have you ever thought about your skill getting bored
Drinking sulphur bitters wont be bitter like your end
Only God can help you, no family or friend
Don't let the curse be upon your children's children
Abednigo, Shadreck, Meshek, Daniel in the den
Jonah in the whale's belly, but he was never condemned
Job with the leprosy, and he still reached heaven
He will do for you everything He has done for them
September 3, 2020

Donald's Trump America - Don Lemon's segment on eviction

Horrifying. He just did a segment showing people as they were getting evicted in Texas. Young family with 2 little kids, also an elderly woman - hot summer day in Texas. Even the guy hired to put the elderly woman's stuff out was crying. Geez.
The dad said he lost his job and it took him a while to get another one, he said his check is only $300. He kept saying it was his fault, he let the rent get backed up. But how the hell do you take care of a family of 4 with $300?. The police officer carrying out the eviction order ,said this week they got twice the number of eviction orders they usually get.

This so called president only wants to talk about law and order and the stock market, that he thinks will help him win while people are truly suffering.
I'm haunted by that young family walking away with what they could fit in that baby's stroller. This is Trump's America.

September 2, 2020

SMDH. Jacob Blake Sr. Just said he has been getting death threats

But yeah, we are the ones that people should be scared of.

September 1, 2020

Joe Biden does not have to and should not address Trump's crazy bullshit

Andrea Mitchell just said some mumble jumble about The Biden campaign thought they could focus on the virus but they are going to have to deal with this -prior to that statement she showed Trump's bat shit crazy interview with Laura Ingraham talking about "people in black that got on a plane that are supporting Biden that they are investigating" But he won't say who the people are.

I'm fed up with the media's incompetence at dealing with Trump's bullshit. This is not serious and you know it. This is the stuff that he should be made a laughing stock of. If Fox wants to indulge, fine. But serious media people should not be giving air to this nonsense and suggesting that this is something that Biden MUST address.

Trump either is truly delusional or just wants to create confusion - just as he did in 2016. I'm just so damn tired of them reporting on his nonsense as if its of utmost importance.

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