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Member since: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 03:21 PM
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Attorney Generals Matter. Elections have consequences

AG Keith Ellison vs AG Daniel Cameron

This is why we cannot let up when it comes to GOTV. We should have non stop effort for people to vote in every election. Not just generals. We must continue to inform the electorate why these local elections matter.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Apr 25, 2021, 04:44 PM (3 replies)

What not to do on an online dating site. Brag about storming the Capitol. We are not a match. LOL!

‘We Are Not a Match’: Bumble Date Turns Capitol Rioter In to the FBI

“I made it all the way to Statuary Hall,” he said. “We are not a match,” she responded

The FBI arrested a man in connection to the January 6 Capitol riots after a prospective Bumble date turned him in. A man calling himself Robert Chapman matched with the date a week after the riots and bragged about going to the Capitol early in the conversation. “I did storm the capitol,” Chapman said in a Bumble message included in court documents. “I made it all the way into Statuary Hall!”

“We are not a match,” the Bumble date replied.

“I suppose not,” Chapman said.

Then the Bumble date began looking at Chapman’s social media presence. They found profiles for a man named Robert Erick who looked exactly like Chapman. “In addition to Complainant-1’s direct communication with Chapman wherein he admitted to entering the U.S. Capitol Building, Complainant-1 informed the FBI that he/she observed a Facebook post on a Facebook page with account profile name “funkyvunky’” court documents said.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Apr 25, 2021, 03:55 PM (2 replies)

How broken policing is breaking our democracy

Lonng, but.a really good read.

A body of political science research finds that our criminal justice system suppresses the votes of Black people — in ways beyond the obvious.

Days before a jury convicted Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd, a group of boys on bicycles were stopped by police officers in the town of Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Footage uploaded by one of the boys shows the predominantly Black and Latino group riding close to cars and popping wheelies, but nothing seems illegal. Multiple squad cars appear; the kids, who say they’re far from home and afraid of losing their bikes, try to get away before being pulled over.

One officer tries to defuse the situation, promising the kids he won’t take their bikes if they stay on the right side of the road; the kids even applaud him as he walks away. But then a second officer, a sergeant, starts grabbing at one of the kid’s bikes. She yells at a Black boy for challenging her, arrests him, and seizes all of the kids’ bikes. The first officer, the one who seemed nice at first, backs his colleague.

The legal justification for the bike seizure is an obscure city ordinance, enacted in 1939, requiring that cyclists obtain a license to operate a bike and display a tag on their vehicle. The absurdity of the pretext helps illustrate the grim reality behind this interaction: For millions of Americans, this is what the government looks like. In many communities, especially poor Black ones, police harassment, arrest, and incarceration are routine parts of life — shaping how they understand the nature of the American state itself.
This has a dangerous — and not widely appreciated — effect on our democracy.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Apr 25, 2021, 02:46 PM (0 replies)

Another bad apple in the bunch. The whole tree, farm is rotten.

ITs the accepted behavior of police brutality that makes the whole farm rotten.

Two years ago, my 19-year-old brother, Anton, was killed by a former Dover police officer. After his death, it was revealed that the officer had 29 use-of-force reports filed against him.


Delaware is one of the few states in the nation where officer disciplinary records are only known by police internal affair units. That secrecy enabled Thomas Webster to continue abusing Dover residents during the decade he spent on the force. In 2015, he finally resigned after facing criminal charges for kicking a Black man in the face and breaking his jaw during an arrest.

Webster simply moved across state lines and was hired as an officer in Greensboro, Maryland. That is where the fatal encounter with my brother occurred. Webster responded to a 911 call claiming that Anton kidnapped a 12-year-old boy, who was actually a cousin. Within an hour of crossing paths with Webster and other officers who were handling the call, my brother was dead.

Webster never should have gotten a badge in Maryland. His certification would have been denied had the state police training commission known about his history in Dover. Last year, the former Greensboro police chief pleaded guilty to covering up Webster’s record on his application. It would have been much harder to hide this information if Delaware made it public in the first place.

Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Apr 25, 2021, 12:47 PM (12 replies)

Maryland To Probe Cases Handled By Ex-Medical Examiner Who Testified In Chauvin Trial

Maryland officials will conduct an independent review of reports of deaths in police custody during the tenure of retired chief medical examiner Dr. David Fowler, representatives from the offices of the governor and attorney general confirmed to NPR on Saturday.

Fowler testified that he believed Floyd had died of a sudden cardiac event due to his underlying heart disease while being restrained by police, citing multiple possible contributing factors such as drugs in his system and potential exposure to carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust. While the Hennepin County medical examiner concluded that Floyd's death was a homicide, Fowler argued the manner of death should be classified as "undetermined."

That testimony alarmed Washington, D.C.'s former chief medical examiner Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr., who wrote an open letter calling for investigations into Fowler's medical license, as well as a review of the Maryland medical examiner's office under Fowler's leadership. At least 458 physicians have signed the letter, Mitchell tells NPR.

Signatories of the open letter criticized Fowler's testimony about Floyd's cause of death — and especially the suggestion that carbon monoxide exposure may have contributed to it — as "baseless, revealed obvious bias, and raised malpractice concerns."

Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Apr 25, 2021, 12:21 PM (1 replies)

I really enjoy these shows, but I am a bit bothered by this trend of black terrorism being told

through a supernatural lens. Just watched the 1st episode of Amazon Prime's Them. Many folks learned about the Tulsa Race Massacre in the HBO Series Watchmen.
Love Craft Country, another horror series blending the supernatural monsters and real life racist monsters. Don't want to give away what happens in Them, but it follows the same trend of Watchmen and Love Craft Country. I guess you could even add Falcon and The Winter Soldier where The Falcon is racially profiled and there is conversation about the black super soldiers who were experimented on, went to war but didn't get the same heroes' welcome as Captain America.

My question is, I know this is Hollywood exercising artistic license- but is it because this is the only way the general public can stomach the horrors of racism? The actual brutality of it? Not a sugar coated version. I guess it can be seen a few ways, artistic license to actually show that this was and still is terrorism. Or, people still are not ready to accept the brutality and cruelty. They can only view it through the lens of a supernatural story or movie. OR if told as a true life story, perhaps people would just look away?

You could add Jordan Peele's Get Out and Us to the list of supernatural movies about racism as well.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sat Apr 10, 2021, 07:14 PM (4 replies)

Man arrested while taking out trash - Police arrest him because? Well the usual

This is chilling.
The LAPD fought to not have the video released because "it would have a chilling effect on future investigations".

How about stop harassing and arresting black people ? That's the chilling effect of all this.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Fri Apr 9, 2021, 10:28 AM (32 replies)

"I don't trust Democrats, I think they are going to try to get every vote they can get"

They just keep saying the quiet part out loud.

They just played a clip on MSNBC of Lt. Gov of Texas - Dan Patrick saying that. This is what he is saying in defense of voter suppression tactics.

Posted by tulipsandroses | Thu Apr 8, 2021, 11:49 PM (8 replies)

Women in support of Gaetz. Just Stop!

They need to STFU!
The women of the office of Matt Gaetz have released a statement saying he treated them with respect. Whoopdefuckingdo!
I am sure Camille Cosby, Harvey Weinstein's wife, The wife of BTK, Herb Baumeister's wife, Gary Ridgeway's wife, RKelly's former wife and I could go on about serial killers and rapists, would say the same. He never raped or brutalized me. He never took advantage of me.
So Gaetz treated you nice by not raping you, dehumanizing you, big whoop! Means diddly squat. That is not proof that he would not do the things that he is being accused of.

I can attest to my own personal experience of a former good friend, who was like a brother to me. Meanwhile he was taking advantage of vulnerable women he was entrusted to care for. The first 2 accusers, like many others, I said no way. He is not like that, these women have problems. I had blinders on because he was my friend. Those women are exactly the type of women that predators like to go after. In Gaetz' case, no different, young women who are probably vulnerable psychologically, even if they don't realize that's what is going on.
Sadly, it wasn't until video evidence surfaced, that we realized what a horror my former friend was. This was after a 3rd accuser. I still think about that. What if we had believed the 1st accuser?
So for those women defending Gaetz, they should just stop. Predators do not go after every woman, or man. So the fact that he was able to not violate you doesn't mean shit.

Rant over.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Thu Apr 8, 2021, 11:21 PM (4 replies)

Netflix Concrete Cowboy

Really good. Will make you happy and cry all at the same time. Get your tissues.
Its a fantastic film. Based on the lives of modern day black cowboys in Philadelphia.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Apr 6, 2021, 05:46 PM (2 replies)
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