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dawg day

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Asked about coronavirus, Trump blats about ... the election? Completely out of it.

#Presidementia Driveway Calf Splatter: Trump was asked, “Is Corona more an economic or public health crisis?” His shouted driveway demented answer: “Well, I think it’s just, uh, people don’t know, it’s the unknown, you know, ... .. people look at it and say, how long will this last, uh, I think they’re not very happy with the Democrat candidates when they see them, I think that has an impact, and uh, we think we’re gonna win... we think we’re gonna win easily, but you never know, it’s an election, we don’t think that’s helping.” Clip was played on MSNBC 11th Hour.

#Presidementia Driveway Calf Splatter The Trump answer above is just one specific example of Trump’s inability to understand a question, formulate a responsive reply, and grasp a basic either/or question. He is mentally impaired, cognitively disabled. His brain does not work.

Not that I feel sorry for Melania....

But imagine being married to a "billionaire" who never buys you Christmas or birthday gifts. Once again, apparently (this is from CNN), Trump is getting his wife only "a beautiful card": One thing Trump hasn't done is much Christmas shopping, even on tony Worth Avenue, the Palm Beach shopping stretch a mile from his home. Answering a question from an Army intelligence analyst posted in Kuwait on Tuesday, Trump admitted he was still working on a gift for his wife.
"I got her a beautiful card," Trump said. "I picked the nicest one."

You'd think he'd at least ask his secretary to order some chocolate and sign his name to it.

Help me work through this Nunes-complicity thing-- What's it mean if Nunes is involved?

He's been sitting there being sarcastic on the Intel Committee all month, supposedly investigating the Trump involvement in bribing Ukraine, and all along he has been involved???

Isn't this huge? Isn't this unethical?
I saw Swallwell entered that article into the record yesterday-- was there any effect of that?

Is Nunes in serious trouble-- like expulsion trouble?

Can it really be okay that he sat there all this time asking questions (or rather, ranting) and never told the chairperson that he actually was doing just what Giuliani and Sondland were doing?

Barb McQuaid on MSNBC seemed to say that going after this would be "going down the rabbit hole" and distracting from Trump, but this seems too important to ignore. Also it seems like more evidence of obstruction of justice?

Mike Pompeo planning to resign because Trump 'hurting his reputation', report claims

Source: Yahoo news

Conrad Duncan November 20, 2019
Donald Trump’s secretary of state has reportedly told three prominent Republicans that he is planning to resign from the White House to run for a Senate seat.

Mike Pompeo had planned to stay at the State Department until early spring 2020 but he is now concerned that his connection to Mr Trump, particularly through the impeachment inquiry, is hurting his reputation, according to a Time report.

The Republicans quoted in the piece reportedly include a former Trump administration employee and another who remains in the government, while the third has served in several high-ranking posts.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/mike-pompeo-planning-resign-because-093230187.html

"I am Spartacus"

With Devin Nunes and his minion trying to reveal the whistleblower's name- and we know why--
I love it that the WB's fellow US military/intel/civil service members are stepping forward to affirm his/her testimony and also provide cover.

Their names are (IIRC):
Fiona Hill
Marie Yovanovitch
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman
Bruce Taylor
Laura Cooper
George P. Kent
Michael McKinley
Philip Reeker

There might be a couple others. They all have different names, but they're all saying: "I am Spartacus!"

Anyone watching the track championships in Doha?

They're proudly pointing out when "a mom" wins a medal-- Allison Felix (10 months after giving birth) getting a gold, Fraser-Price winning her millionth sprint ... Nia Ali, after TWO babies, bringing her kids onto the course after she wins the gold at hurdles...
I'm loving it, because I remember when I was in high school and we weren't allowed to play full court basketball because running the whole length of a basketball court would injure our uterus.

(Really. That's what they told us.)

Go, GOLD-medal moms! You are tough!

Anyone watching the Global Citizen concert?

Queen is there with Adam Lambert as the vocalist. He's no Freddie, but he's good.

So many good songs...
I wonder what he thinks-- he was one of the first openly gay contestants on the music contest shows here. And now he sings Freddie's songs-- poor Freddie in the 80s, trapped by homophobia and 20 years early for the miracle cures for AIDS.

There was a real lost generation of magnificent and powerful gay men in the 80s and 90s-- we owe them a lot for persevering and making art and music and fighting prejudice.

What is a book you loved in the past and re-read recently?

Did you love it as much, or wonder-- "what did I ever see in this?"

I remember reading Susan Howatch's "Church of England" series many years ago. I picked up the first recently, fairly certain I wouldn't still like it...

gobbled it up in a few hours.

Got the second book in the series on Kindle because I couldn't wait for the print copy to be shipped.

Presciently put the rest of the books on my Kindle list, which was good because I finished reading book 2 and couldn't wait to start book 3.

I was reading while standing in line at the grocery store cash register... waking up at 2 am and deciding maybe I'd just read another chapter...

It's been a long time since I got so immersed, and this is with books I'd already read.

Anyone else have a book or series they keep re-reading?

Matt Gaetz (R, Stupidville) gets an endorsement from Dershowitz

See, Matt Gaetz months ago invited a Holocaust denier to the SOTU speech.
Holocaust denier denies he's a denier-- he was just "testing the limits of free speech" when he, you know, denied the holocaust.

So Matt Gaetz scurried around looking for a character witness, preferably Jewish. Who could he come up with who would be happy to endorse this non-denier denier guy?
Alan Dershowitz. Really. He posted an email from Alan Dershowitz saying the denier wasn't a denier.

He actually thought Dershowitz would be a great character witness--https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/1155993249112133632?s=20

How do I delete one of my posts? It's a duplicate.

I can't find a delete button, or any instructions. I know I must be missing something.
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