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dawg day

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Member since: Tue Oct 31, 2017, 12:42 AM
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Matt Gaetz is now under investigation for obstruction

Somehow he roped his "ex girlfriend" allegedly into calling some of his other "exes", the ones he paid for ALLEGEDLY. This young lady I think was the college intern.

It sounds like these calls were in the last year in response to Greenberg's being investigated. This ex is reportedly seeking a deal. Think about what a scumbag Gaetz is, getting her to commit a crime maybe because he likes to pay very young women.


White House Security official Crede Bailey-- diagnosed in Sept with Covid, "gravely ill"

Not a word about him from the White House in all this time, and in fact, Jared Kushner has been bragging that WH staffers who have had it have been fine.

Well, apparently this staffer is in need of aid and isn't getting it from the White House or the supposed billionaire in there.

Mr. Bailey's friends have had to set up a GoFundMe to help modify his home for his new disability, and also pay his massive medical bills (weeks in ICU).

It's very sad, and infuriating that he was exposed to this dread disease by the Trump administration's hateful negligence and defiance.

All-time Worst Approval for Trump!


What happened to the Durham probe?

I heard some podcast with some Republican never-Trumpers, and one who seemed pretty clued in said that the Durham "probe" had closed down, no October surprise.

Anyone have a definitive source for this? I just found this one article where Weissman said he hasn't been subpoenaed (presumably he would be if there was much going on). Also, one of the Durham main prosecutors resigned in September.


Can we actually flip an Indiana congressional district????

Can I ask for help with this flippable district?

This is one of those gerrymandered district, that attaches a Blue urban area (northern Indianapolis) with a SCARLET suburban area (richest suburbs in the state). The very blue city is broken up so there's only one Democratic congressman (the great Andre Carson) in the center, and the rest of the city is attached to the usual red Indiana suburbs and rural areas.

Christina Hale is the real thing-- a former waitress and single mom who has struggled to get health insurance and REMEMBERS what that was like. She's a real Hoosier-- that is, down-to-earth and pragmatic, humorous and thoughtful. (This is David Letterman's birthplace, btw.)

This is flippable because the seat is open (the GOP congresswoman is retiring), and the GOP nominated a woman who has a lot of money but not a lot else-- Total Trumper.
The city portion of the district is energized-- flipped the local city-county council seat. Biden and Black Lives Matter signs everywhere. It's really about GOTV here- when we can get out the city vote, even Indiana can go blue (this is Birch Bayh's state... and it went Obama in 2008).

Christina Hale is the sort of person we want in Congress-- mixed ancestry, working class roots, compassionate and not bitter.

If you've got a few dollars to spare, this is a good target. This is just the sort of Congressperson we want-- streetsmart and college-educated, working-class but professional. She remembers her roots and speaks her heart.
Most important, I actually think she can win. And if she can win in Mike Pence's state... well, let's make it happen. Anyway, in this district, a little $ goes a long way.


Donald Trump Jr. privately thinks Trump will lose in November

Donald Trump Jr. believes that his father, President Donald Trump, is on course to lose the presidential election in November, according to a profile published by The New York Times Magazine.

A spokesman for Trump Jr. strenuously denied the suggestion.

The Times magazine cited a Republican activist said to be in regular contact with the president's eldest son, though it did not name them.

The activist described Trump Jr. as "the only person who thinks they're going to lose. He's like, 'We're losing, dude, and we're going to get really hurt when we lose.'"

According to the report, Trump Jr. believes that if his father loses against Democratic candidate Joe Biden, it will result in federal prosecutions of the president, his family and political allies.

I'm linking to the Business Insider recap, rather than the original NYTimes article, because paywall.

What poignant and cozy stories will Melania tell about her husband?

What cute story will she tell about how they met, and how he proposed? And why she said yes?

What sterling character traits of Trump's will she emphasize?

What examples will she give about him as a father?

What will their embrace at the end of her speech be like?

And what will Trump say about his wonderful marriage and what he's learned from these years of marital love?

Anyone hear anything about Herman Cain?

Remember about the 4th of July, he went into the hospital with Covid-19, which he'd apparently caught (along with Donnie Jr's girlfriend) at Trump's Tulsa rally.

Any news about him? The $%@^& Neil Boortz put out a rather suspicious tweet asking for prayers for Herman Cain. I wonder if that's supposed to prepare everyone that bad news is coming.


Happy sweet sad: Carl Reiner recreates the last scene in Princess Bride


An article about how it came to be-


Putin paid to murder our soldiers

And Trump condoned it. He's trying to distract from that. Let's keep the Putin bounty for our soldiers in the news.
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