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Indoctrinating Our Children and other thoughts

Yes, a deliberately provocative subject, but bear with me.

The long term strategy of Republicans has been to start at the local level and move up, starting with local politics. Why aren't "The Libs" doing this? Or are they? I don't think so, but convince me ...

I'm a bit young to remember the Nixon impeachment hearings, although I recall being disappointed I couldn't watch Sesame Street on our 12" b/w TV.

Didn't a lot of the hippies from that time run for office? That was my experience, and then the pendulum swung the other way during the Reagan years (Reagan youth, etc.). I remember it hitting around the time I graduated HS, around 1985, but but my perceptions are probably a bit off. I moved from a really hick area to a suburban Christian school at that time (culture shock for sure).

I grew up with politically active parents. I did my homework off to the side of the polling place where my parents were poll workers and judges. They were also leaders in the League of Women Voters and the local Democratic party and local business organizations.

Around that time my neighbor organized a rally across from the courthouse about the Ayatollah Khomeini. I helped him with photocopying flyers, and handing them out at the rally. I did a presentation a few days later in a civics class. I don't think anyone really cared, or worse (I got a bit of mocking, but not as much as expected)

Both my sister and I have been involved in local (very local) politics, and we don't have the stomach for it, although we have done all that we can for just causes, including my sister who still uses her talents to help children instead of making real money.

Another thing I had to do as part of my Christian Education was to attend a trial, and then write an essay on what we saw. Most of my classmates just did traffic court, but my friend and I were able to attend a rare murder trial. While we chose that trial to get a few extra days off school, the joke was on us: We learned a lot more. But this is probably a topic for Restorative Justice.

Where am I going with all of this? Please get yourself and your children involved in local politics. Start with HOAs, Lake associations, townships, school boards, and move up. Even private and parochial schools and your church, if that's your thing. If it isn't your thing (it might be), that's OK. Try something else.

Apologies for the sermon.

Posted by ZERTErYNOthe | Fri Nov 8, 2019, 08:55 PM (0 replies)
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