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Member since: Tue Oct 31, 2017, 04:50 PM
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Raw Story - Popup Ad (Raw Story is calling on 2020 candidates ...)

While I understand that RawStory has some well deserved dislike after their latest redesign, the latest infliction on users is enough to make we never go back.

Every time I view an article I get a Popup Ad about how "Raw Story is calling on 2020 candidates to commit to some form of amnesty ... ". Yeah, I got it the first 25+ times you prevented me from reading your content before asking me to pay you. Honestly, you can keep your content hostage, but it really isn't that compelling or important. Good luck.

I got over the disappearance of Gawker.com, so I can live without RawStory.com, and it will be easier (especially since they conditioned us to hate them to begin with).
Posted by ZERTErYNOthe | Tue Sep 3, 2019, 06:06 PM (1 replies)

Your consumer behavior based on CEO Statements

I had an interesting discussion recently regarding how a single negative experience can have long term negative impacts on profits and shareholder values. I will use as an example a personal experience:

In 20102, "Papa" John complained that Obamacare would cost as much as 14 cents/pizza to provide health care to all of his pizza chain's uninsured, full-time employees. Later analysis showed that it was actually less than 5 cents.

While I had been a weekly (sometimes more) customer, once I saw what he thought of the employees that gave him his wealth and allowed him to give away millions with the NFL promotions (and finding/restoring his own personal first car), I haven't ordered from that company since, and never will. Schnatter has been kicked out by the board since then, but the damage is done, it doesn't really matter.

Second experience is with Sam Adams beer. I like beer, and I especially liked Sam Adams, but after what founder Jim Koch said after a dinner with Trump (just google it - even local mayors had enough and said no more), I haven't given his company a single penny. While I used to miss Sam Adams, it gave me a reason to try other brands, and I have found what I like. No more Sam Adams, ever. They made themselves irrelevant.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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