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vsrazdem's Journal
vsrazdem's Journal
May 10, 2021

Steven Donziger: Can't Get Livestream Of Upcoming SDNY Trial

For more information on this case, check out the nation article. This is a lawyer that the Justice Department would not bring charges against, so a jude hired a private law firm associated with Chevron, to bring criminal charges against him, because he would not release his attorney privilege information to the judge, and while it was being appealed, (which he won), the just had him arrested and criminally charged and he has been on house arrest for over 600 days, disbarred, froze his bank accounts, all because he went up against Chevron and won along with other lawyers. This is the most illegal case I have ever heard of. Now the Greenpeace and others have sent a letter to Merrick Garland to investigate this case. They want this to stay quiet as this is the only way they can win.

A Manhattan federal judge has rejected Chevron foe Steven Donziger’s request for a livestream of his upcoming criminal contempt trial, saying Tuesday that federal rules won’t allow it.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska denied Donziger’s bid for a video or audio stream to allow what the disbarred attorney predicted would have been “hundreds or thousands” of people from all over the world to follow the proceedings beginning May 10. Donziger faces misdemeanor charges arising from an underlying civil suit brought by Chevron over his $9 billion win against the oil giant in Ecuador for alleged environmental abuses.


March 31, 2021

Wow. Walgreen's just totally screwed me with my COVID vaccine.

I got my first shot at Walgreens, 20 miles from my home as that was the first one I could get. Got the Pfizer, no problems. They scheduled my second shot closer to home, now 30 days from my first shot I am ready for my second today in 45 minutes. They just called to tell me after being on the schedule for 30 days, that they don't do the Pfizer, they only give the Moderna. Now they are trying to find somewhere for me to get my second dose. They said I have 41 days from the first shot to get the second one. This is extremely frustrating.

February 12, 2021

I hope the president puts a stop to this.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) under President Joe Biden is going to the mat for former secretary of education Betsy DeVos.

In a Monday filing with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton and other DOJ attorneys argued that students who were ripped off by for-profit scam colleges cannot depose the former Trump-era official.

“The [students’] demand for a former cabinet official’s deposition is extraordinary, unnecessary, and unsupported,” the filing alleges. “It is a transparent attempt at harassment—part of a PR campaign that has been central to [the students’] litigation strategy from the outset. It should be rejected and the court should quash the subpoena.”

Making common cause with the DOJ in the motion to quash is another Trump-era official: former acting associate attorney general Jesse Panuccio. Now an attorney with elite law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, Panuccio is acting as DeVos’s personal attorney “and is represented in her capacity as former U.S. Secretary of Education by the U.S. Department of Justice,” the filing explains in a footnote.


July 12, 2020

Biden needs to hire some different campaign staff. My son-in-law just called me.

He has been giving money to Biden's campaign, and said they were thanking him by sending him a sticker. He received it, and was pissed. It says Beat Trump, which is no problem, but then has a PICTURE of Trump. He said "no way am I putting a picture of that moron on my car. What the hell!!!

June 30, 2020

What the hell is going on in Ohio and Tennessee. Their numbers jumped up 51,000 in Ohio and

43000 in Tennessee in the last 24 hours moving them both into the top 10. Where did those numbers come from. There is no way we know what the actual numbers are for states, with this going on.

January 19, 2020

Why Bernie Sanders Is Electable, Too Against Trump.


Sanders leads Trump in the latest head-to-head polling 46 percent to 42 percent, picking up 2 percentage points on the incumbent Republican since the previous survey and statistically tied with Biden, who leads Trump 46 percent to 41 percent. The latest national survey, which was conducted Jan. 6-12 and polled between 8,218 and 8,386 registered voters, has a 1-point margin of error.
January 19, 2020

Sanders has lead in California, up 10 points since the November survey.


Among likely voters in California’s March 3 Democratic primary, Sanders is the choice of 27 percent, while 24 percent favor Biden and 23 percent favor Warren. They are followed by Pete Buttigieg (6%), Amy Klobuchar (4%), and Andrew Yang (3%), while 7 percent don’t know. (Note: We included the five candidates who qualified for any upcoming Democratic National Committee debate before the beginning of our interview process and respondents could name someone else. Survey respondents who indicated Yang as their choice volunteered their answer; 1 percent mentioned Mike Bloomberg.)

This latest PPIC survey shows Sanders up by 10 percentage points since PPIC’s November survey (27% vs. 17%), while Biden’s and Warren’s numbers are identical to two months ago.

Candidate preference varies by age group. Among younger voters (age 18–44), Sanders (45%) has much more support than Warren (25%) and Biden (12%), while voters age 45 and older favor Biden (32%) over Warren (22%) and Sanders (15%). Asked who they think has the best chance of defeating Donald Trump, 46 percent of Democratic primary likely voters say Biden, far more than say Sanders (25%) or Warren (10%). Among younger voters, 39 percent say Sanders (31% Biden, 11% Warren). Among older voters, 56 percent say Biden (16% Sanders, 9% Warren).
January 9, 2020

He is an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, which he has every right to be representing.

He is not going around disrupting and getting paid for it. He involved himself in a conversation. He did not set out to start this.

"Last Thursday, in a packed college gym in Greenwood, South Carolina, I stood next to Silvia, a local immigrant mother and activist, as she asked Joe Biden a question. I translated for her as she told the crowd about her daily fear of ICE separating her family. It’s hard for her to trust Biden, she explained, because he has defended the millions of deportations that took place when he was vice president. Under a Biden administration, could her partner or children be next?

Silvia asked if Biden would use executive action to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation on his first day in office. Biden bluntly said no and went on to defend Obama’s record on immigration. As a longtime activist, a 2008 volunteer for the Obama campaign, and a formerly undocumented immigrant myself, I pushed back and reminded him that millions of families were separated while he was vice president.

That’s when Biden interrupted me and said: “You should vote for Trump."

This had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders campaign.

Press Reliese from Movimiento Cosecha:

Families are calling for Biden to apologize for the 3 million family separations he oversaw while in the White House, and commit to using his executive authority to end all detention and deportation on day one, if elected President. They will be joined by allies who will be sitting in at Biden’s campaign offices, refusing to leave until the campaign speaks with the families.

Philadelphia- Immigrant families whose loved ones were among the 3,000,000 deported while Former Vice President Biden was in the White House plan sit in at Biden campaign headquarters in Philadelphia on Wednesday. They are demanding Biden to apologize for separating their families, and commit that, if elected president in 2020, he would use his executive authority to put an immediate end to all immigrant detention and deportations. Families are also calling for Biden to commit to bringing home loved ones that were unjustly deported by the last two administrations.

Jul 12, 2019

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