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Member since: Fri Nov 24, 2017, 09:34 AM
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What if someone dies from the WH outbreak....

I have been really scared all day that Trump is going to beat the covid and pound his chest for the next 4 weeks. Someone talk me down.
Posted by leftofthestorm | Tue Oct 6, 2020, 08:12 PM (22 replies)

I wonder how Hillary is taking all this?

I am sure she is all tore up over it.
Posted by leftofthestorm | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 02:28 AM (3 replies)

Court Releases Grand Jury Recording In Breonna Taylor Case

Source: NPR

A court released some 15 hours of recorded grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case Friday an extraordinary action that comes after a juror disputed Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's explanation for why no one was directly charged in Taylor's killing by Louisville police this spring.

Ahead of a noon deadline, Cameron's office filed a redacted version of the recording with the court in which Social Security numbers and other personal information of people involved in the case were removed. Those edits removed three minutes and 50 seconds of material, according to a court filing.

The recording is now posted online in 14 different audio files. It includes at least two interviews with Detective Myles Cosgrove, whose gun an FBI forensics lab identified as the weapon that fired the bullet that killed Taylor in March. A state forensics lab differed in its view, saying said the evidence was inconclusive.

In one recording, Cosgrove says the police knocked on Taylor's door for as long as 2 or 2-1/2 minutes before the decision was made to force the door open. As they continued to knock, one of Taylor's neighbors emerged and began to shout at the officers, he said.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/10/02/919245689/court-releases-grand-jury-recording-in-breonna-taylor-case
Posted by leftofthestorm | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 04:40 PM (2 replies)

Text me when he is in Walter Reed....

We are not going to get any truth out of that WH.
Posted by leftofthestorm | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 04:18 PM (6 replies)

So all those people that toadie along with trump every. freakin. day. Are all negative?

It just can't be true.

Someone earlier said the WH didn't want to announce the positive findings and that the story was leaked to Bloomberg? So are there more positives being kept under the rug.

There just might be a goddess!
Posted by leftofthestorm | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 03:14 PM (3 replies)

They are saying Ivanka and Jarred are negative.........

How could that be?
Posted by leftofthestorm | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 10:37 AM (11 replies)

Brian Williams just said that the rest of the debates are off.......

that was his opinion....
Posted by leftofthestorm | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 01:19 AM (4 replies)

Trump says he and first lady will begin 'quarantine process' after top aide Hope Hicks tests positi

Source: CNN

(CNN)President Donald Trump confirmed on Thursday night that top aide Hope Hicks has tested positive for coronavirus and said he and first lady Melania Trump will begin their "quarantine process" while waiting for their own test results.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/01/politics/hope-hicks-positive-coronavirus/index.html
Posted by leftofthestorm | Thu Oct 1, 2020, 11:50 PM (12 replies)
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