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His former wingman had his charges dropped from 33 to 6 in exchange for cooperation.

Now, we‘re no lawyers, but it certainly seems as though one would have to bring something big—like, say, evidence a member of Congress committed a host of crimes—to get prosecutors to whittle one’s charges down from 33 to just 6. According to the Post, the government also agreed to recommend other potential sentencing breaks, wherein a judge could choose to ignore the minimum required sentence, and Greenberg could get less than 12 years. That is, if he is determined to have provided “substantial assistance.”

While the plea agreement did not identify Gaetz by name, it laid out how Greenberg paid women for sex not just with him but unnamed “others.” According to The Washington Post, Gaetz repeatedly boasted of the “access to women that Joel provided him.” And as The New York Times reported back in March, the Department of Justice only began to look into allegations that Gaetz had compensated women for sex and slept with a minor, who he also allegedly transported across state lines, as it was investigating Greenberg, whom Gaetz met in 2017. At that point, the duo proceeded to allegedly commit a bunch of sex crimes together, for which they seemingly left a digital paper trail on Venmo and other online payment platforms.

Earlier this month, the Daily Beast reported that Greenberg had written a “confession” letter, in the hopes of obtaining a pardon from Donald Trump via Roger Stone, in which he admitted facilitating Gaetz’s interactions with the women and paying them on the congressman’s behalf. In April, after news broke that Greenberg would likely cooperate with the feds, reporters asked his lawyer, Fritz Scheller, “Does Matt Gaetz have anything to worry about?” After bursting out laughing, Scheller responded, “I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.” On Monday, Scheller declined to say what Greenberg’s plea would mean for Gaetz, only offering: “To paraphrase The Matrix, the plea agreement has a path, Mr. Greenberg just has to walk the path.”



Bad News For Gaetz: Court Sets Change Of Plea Hearing For Associate Accused Of Sex Trafficking

In a glimpse of the screws tightening around Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a federal judge in Florida on Thursday scheduled a hearing for a longtime Gaetz associate to change his previous not guilty plea in a sex trafficking case.

The move suggests that Greenberg will likely plead guilty in the case, where federal prosecutors have said that he committed a range of crimes that include stalking a political opponent, making fake IDs, and sex trafficking.

After a hearing last month in which both Greenberg’s attorney and prosecutors said that the former Seminole County tax collector was likely to plead guilty, Greenberg attorney Fritz Scheller told reporters that “I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.”

The court order in Orlando set the change of plea hearing for Monday. The judge added that “any representations or promises made to the Defendant” need to be laid out in a document filed before the Monday hearing.



4 Women Say Matt Gaetz's Wingman Pressured Them to Have Sex

“I wasn’t really in a position to say I didn’t want to do this. I wasn’t in my right mind. I was in over my head and it was kind of scary.”

Multiple women paid by Rep. Matt Gaetz’s wingman and close associate Joel Greenberg claim they felt pressured to do drugs and have sex with him.

Twelve women agreed to talk with The Daily Beast about their experiences with Greenberg and his friends under the condition of anonymity. All of them said it was their understanding that Greenberg—who until his indictment last June served as the elected tax collector for Seminole County, Florida—was paying them at least in part for sex, going as far back as 2013. Ten women told The Daily Beast they felt pressure at one time or another to drink or take drugs as an entree to sex. And all 12 said Greenberg encouraged them to invite friends, either for himself or men he knew.



This is not the Republican party that I have loathed over the last 30 years....

This is a whole new animal. I thought Dubya and Cheney were the spawn of satan. I never imagined that sh*t would get this crazy!!?? I don't recognize this country anymore. The tea party was irritating AF but these people are animals....

Judge Dismisses NRA Bankruptcy Case, Heightening Risk For Dissolution Of Group

Source: NPR

A federal bankruptcy judge dismissed an effort by the National Rifle Association to declare bankruptcy on Tuesday, ruling that the gun rights group had not filed the case in good faith.

The ruling slams the door on the NRA's attempt to use bankruptcy laws to evade New York officials seeking to dissolve the organization. In his decision, the federal judge said that "using this bankruptcy case to address a regulatory enforcement problem" was not a permitted use of bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy trial had paused other legal challenges the NRA had been facing, but this decision returns the group to its confrontation with the New York attorney general, who is seeking to shut it down over alleged "fraud and abuse."

"The @NRA does not get to dictate if and where it will answer for its actions, and our case will continue in New York court," New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a tweet after the ruling. "We sued the NRA to put an end to its fraud and abuse, and now we will continue our work to hold the organization accountable."

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2021/05/11/995934682/judge-dismisses-nra-bankruptcy-case-heightening-risk-for-dissolution-of-group

Some Mike Lindell fans reportedly stood in line for 7 hours to watch his rally at the Corn Palace --

Some Mike Lindell fans reportedly stood in line for 7 hours to watch his rally at the Corn Palace — but when the event started, the venue was half empty


Pictures at link


Georgia churches call for Home Depot boycott over voting rights stance

Georgia religious leaders on Tuesday called for a boycott of Home Depot over the company’s refusal to speak out against a new law restricting voting access in the state.

The move from officials, representing more than 1,000 churches in Georgia, underscores how activists continue to target companies in Georgia to use their considerable political influence to protect the right to vote. Georgia-based Coca-Cola, another boycott target, as well as Delta Air Lines came out forcefully against the restrictions, though only after they were signed into law.

The faith leaders said in a statement they were targeting Home Depot after representatives from the company declined to attend a summit of corporate and church officials recently. Home Depot has declined to specifically oppose the Georgia law and even went out of its way, when the law was pending in the legislature, to tell the Washington Post it did not oppose the measure.

“We don’t think we ought to let their indifference stand,” Bishop Reginald Jackson, presiding prelate of the sixth district of the AME church, which includes more than 500 Black churches in Georgia, said at a press conference outside a Home Depot in Decatur on Tuesday.


Scandal-plagued Florida politician Joel Greenberg reportedly tried to leverage his relationship with

Source: Business Insider

Scandal-plagued Florida politician Joel Greenberg reportedly tried to leverage his relationship with Rep. Matt Gaetz to get a pardon from Trump

Florida politician Joel Greenberg tried pressure prominent GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz to secure a pardon from President Donald Trump, Politico reported.

Greenberg and Gaetz, close allies in Florida and strong supporters of Trump, are now facing scrutiny from the Department of Justice for the potential sex trafficking of a minor.

Two sources told Politico that Greenberg spoke multiple times about pushing Gaetz to use his relationship with Trump to ask for a pardon. Gaetz has refused to confirm or deny whether Greenberg asked for the pardon, but he has denied passing along the requests to Trump.

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/joel-greenberg-tried-to-get-trump-pardon-through-gaetz-report-2021-4

Is anyone going to watch the George Floyd Trial...?

Here is the link, in case you don't have it. It starts at 3PM today.

So were those massage parlors fronts for prostitution??

I read an article that said the shooter had frequented those establishments. I have often wondered seeing those Asian massage studios with all the drapes in the windows if that was the case? They are open so late and some are open 24 hours. If it is true he had a sex addiction and wanted to be rid of the temptations; could it be that was where he was getting his addiction serviced in those places??
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