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Judge orders Sen. Lindsey Graham to testify for special grand jury in Trump election probe

A Fulton County judge ordered U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to testify before a special grand jury in Fulton County next month.

Graham is one of eight people jury members subpoenaed last week. Graham said he would fight the subpoena.

On Monday, the judge declared Graham a “necessary witness” to the investigation.

This is another step in a long legal process of getting Graham down from Washington to testify.



I don't guess wordle every day

I do get it most days but it takes me more tries than the ones who post in the morning threads. I just want to know if I am just stupid or do others do as well as me.

RT or Russia Today news site is not reachable...

Before you blast me for wanting to read there. I have been monitoring all news sites and I like to see what they have to say about the invasion of Ukraine.

They have been taken off line. I don't think that is right.

Cyberattack hits websites of Ukraine defense ministry and armed forces

Source: CNN

(CNN)A cyberattack hit the websites of Ukraine's defense ministry and armed forces, and the websites of two Ukrainian banks on Tuesday, according to Ukrainian government agencies' statements.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the hacking incident. "It's too early to attribute" responsibility, Victor Zhora, a deputy chairman at the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP) -- who is investigating the incident -- told CNN.

The incident comes as Russia has massed an estimated 150,000 troops close to Ukraine's border, according to United States President Joe Biden, and as US officials warn that a fresh Russian invasion could come at any time. Russia has denied it is planning to invade Ukraine.

SSSCIP identified the incident as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which floods a website with phony traffic to disrupt access to it. DDoS attacks are relatively cheap and easy to carry out. While they can be disruptive, they do not necessarily require sophistication.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/15/world/ukraine-cyberattack-intl/index.html

Eric Trump vows to go after New York AG after her office helped convince Mazars to dump his dad's co

Eric Trump vows to go after New York AG after her office helped convince Mazars to dump his dad's company

Hours after it was revealed that accounting firm Mazars was severing its relationship with the Trump Organization thanks in part to the work of New York Attorney General Leticia James, Eric Trump vowed to strike back.

Writing on Twitter, the second Trump son claimed that the Trump Organization would formally accuse James of unethical behavior during a court appearance this week.

"On Thursday, our team will be in front of a New York Judge outlining the blatantly unethical behavior of Tish James the NY Attorney General," Trump wrote. "There are 81 pages of videos, tweets & fundraising solicitations (some as recent as two weeks ago) in our lawsuit for the judge to see."


Georgia judge approves special grand jury for Trump election interference probe

Source: CNBC

A judge in Georgia on Monday approved the creation of a special grand jury to assist in collecting testimony as part of a criminal investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump to alter the outcome of that state’s 2020 election.

The approval came at the request of the Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis, who on Thursday said a significant number of witnesses were refusing to cooperate with her probe of Trump unless they were subject to a grand jury subpoena.

The special grand jury in the Trump probe will begin May 2 and will work for no longer than 12 months, according to an order issued by Fulton County Chief Judge Christopher Brasher, who approved the panel after a majority of county judges endorsed the request.

Under Georgia law, special grand juries, which are rarely created, cannot indict defendants on criminal charges. However, they can issue subpoenas for testimony, documents and other evidence, which a prosecutor then can use as the basis for criminal charges. Special grand juries also can make recommendations on prosecutions of individuals.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/24/georgia-judge-approves-special-grand-jury-for-trump-election-interference-probe.html

'Dangerous precedent': Jan. 6 committee trains its sights on false pro-Trump electors


As Capitol attack investigators dig into efforts by state-level Republicans to send Congress “alternative” slates of 2020 presidential electors, they're zeroing in on the involvement of Donald Trump's White House and campaign operations.

As presidential electors gathered in December 2020 to affirm Joe Biden’s victory, the Republicans who would have been Trump’s electors in several states that Biden won gathered anyway to cast unofficial votes. In five of those states — Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia — those electors then signed certificates claiming they were “duly elected and qualified” to represent their states.

Those certificates were then mailed to the National Archives and Congress. Now the Jan. 6 select panel is looking deeper at the Trump network's role in that strategy, which Democrats increasingly say may have amounted to a crime.

“We want to look at the fraudulent activity that was contained in the preparation of these fake Electoral College certificates,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the Capitol riot committee. “And then we want to look to see to what extent this was part of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the 2020 election.”

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/01/21/january-6-committee-precedent-pro-trump-electors-527528

Smartmatic sues Mike Lindell for defamation, saying he is 'crazy like a fox' and alleging he 'intent

Smartmatic sues Mike Lindell for defamation, saying he is 'crazy like a fox' and alleging he 'intentionally stoked the fires of xenophobia and party-divide for the noble purpose of selling his pillows'

Voting machine company Smartmatic filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and the company, alleging that he spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election to sell pillows.

"Crazy like a fox. Mike Lindell knows exactly what he is doing, and it is dangerous," Smartmatic alleges in its lawsuit, which includes Lindell's company, MyPillow, as one of the defendants.

The voting machine company sued both Lindell and MyPillow for defamation and deceptive trade practices. Smartmatic is asking for an unspecified amount of monetary compensation and for Lindell to retract claims he made that they and other voting machine companies switched votes from former President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden in 2020.

"He knows voting machines did not switch votes from former President Trump to now-President Biden. These facts do not matter to Mr. Lindell because he knows he can sell," reads Smartmatic's lawsuit. "He knows he can sell a preconceived story about voting machines stealing democracy by stealing votes from a president who is incredibly popular with millions of Americans. And, of course, Mr. Lindell — 'the MyPillow Guy' — knows he needs to sell pillows to keep and increase his fortune."


I think Lindell is back on the pipe....or having a breakdown

Mike Lindell seems confused about the date, suggests the government tried to kill him

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has appeared to struggle with reality during media appearances over the past few days, claiming on at least one occasion that the government was seeking to kill him.


On Monday night, Lindell spoke to his supporters from an undisclosed location on his Frank Speech website, appearing somewhat disoriented. This was the occasion when he had to enlist the help of an assistant, seemingly confused about what the accurate date and month were.



Here's how many California voters left question two of the Gavin Newsom recall ballot blank

In his campaign to survive the Sept. 14 recall election, Gov. Gavin Newsom implored Democratic voters to leave the second question of the recall ballot blank. The question asked: If Gavin Newsom is recalled, which candidate should replace him?

This strategy was deployed in order to paint the recall as a choice between Newsom and replacement frontrunner Larry Elder, a firebrand conservative radio host whose decision to enter the race late has since been blamed for Newsom's landslide victory.

Elder dominated the ballot's second question, receiving 46.9% of the question vote as of 9:10 a.m. Wednesday morning. The next closest candidates were Kevin Paffrath and Kevin Faulconer at 9.8% and 8.6%, respectively.

However, that big lead for Elder is a bit misleading. As of Wednesday morning totals, there were 9,137,428 total votes cast on question one (Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled?), and just 5,057,445 cast on question two.

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