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Member since: Fri Nov 24, 2017, 05:40 PM
Number of posts: 138

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I'm going back to my music in the lounge but before I go I just need to say this:

If this tax bill passes, there will be no stopping the total destruction of our government and safety-net institutions. I have told them all that if they vote "yes" for this tax bill their legacy will be the total destruction of America from the inside.

i believe I did my part by calling and sending e-mails and tweeting to our Congressional leaders both Senate and House. I am so sick at heart right now it is painful to even watch the news.

As soon as an organized group calls for protests in the streets, I will be there but right now all is quiet on the nation's front.

I really want to know how much more sanctions can we impose on NK without it resulting in

straight up genocide of entire people? Who are we really hurting with these sanctions?

There was a period of no missile launchings right after the last round of sanctions. Did we miss the opportunity to diplomatically resolve some of these issues?

Anyone know how Trump has taken care of NK yet?

He said he would take care of the situation after the latest launch. What is he planning or are the Generals not telling him what they are planning for fear he will tweet it?

There is now only one way to stop the Trump machine or live with the outcome for decades:

Vote down that tax bill. If there are any GOP who love country more than self and party they need to stop out and vote against passage of this draconian tax bill which will set back the Trump/Bannon/Russian machine. Failure of this bill to pass will seriously damage the Trump machine right now. GOP who are serious about making good tax reform can always come back and pass something more reasonable and sound AFTER Trump goes own in flames. But if this bill is passed in its present form, not only will working men and women be harmed, but it will seal in the racist, sexist, lying, ignorant Trump machine for the next two decades, including their court appointments. There must be at least three or four GOP Senators who realize this and who really care about America? Am I wrong?

Surprise, but I am finding NewsONE more creditable and more complete than other MSM.

Roland Martin's guests cover much more than just the surface of issues and his show covers more than the other MSM talking point stories. Check them out sometime.

Trump is not going to be satisfied until one of his base actually injures or kills a journalist.

He is practically begging for it to happen on Twitter.

TIME is no more. Just sold to a Koch Bros. entity. Cancelling my subscription...if I had one.

Enough is enough.

Can someone please explain what Trump is using as evidence that the tape was not authentic?

Maybe I missed something but what does "earthquake" have to do with it?
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