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Member since: Fri Dec 1, 2017, 10:28 PM
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If this holds up as a North Carolinian I'm embarrassed

but happy the Democrats will be able to take the majority. I'm embarrassed because I took pride in NC being the most democratic southern state outside of Virginia. I thought we were more blue than Georgia especially after we elected Obama in '08 and Georgia didn't. Oh well I hope we can join GA in '24 in the next presidential election.

What's wrong with withdrawing troops from Afghanistan?

Obviously I'm anti-Trump but I don't see anything wrong about getting out of Afghanistan. Afghanistan to me is a lost cause and we shouldn't have been in there in the first place. It was fine to bomb them after 9/11 but it was a waste to go to war with them. We will never be able to fix the problems in Afghanistan.

Can Trump fire Nuclear Missiles?

I guess I want to know if he can decide to push the button to fire them or does he need to have the approval of few other people before he can launch them? From what I have been reading about nuclear football it seems like no one could stop him if he really wanted to launch them.

List something Trump does that you are glad you won't have to deal with anymore?

I will start with no longer having to deal with his stupid rants being televised by all news stations 24/7. It's going to feel good being able to ignore this dipshit starting January 21, 2021.

DU voting experience check in here if you voted today

like me. I live in Cary, NC and voted today. For those you who don't know Cary is a suburb of Raleigh and is located in the biggest county in NC. I showed up at 6:30 am to vote. The line was very small and it only took me 6 minutes to get in and vote.

You can say Chris Wallace sucks but the problem

really is that Trump is interrupting non stop and not following the rules. I know this is not shocking but the problem really is how can any moderator shut him up? They can't since he's just going to scream and interrupt on every occasion. The only solution to this is to give moderators the power in the future to cut off his mic when he interrupts. That's the only way to stop it because it will be the same even if we have a progressive moderator.

Did the Trump Campaign buy Youtube?

Every time I got to youtube's homepage the last few days I keep on seeing large pro-Trump adds at the top of the page. It's pretty annoying to deal

Trump is coming to my city on Monday

Just heard the local news and did a double take when they said Trump is coming to Morrisville, NC. I live only 5 minutes away from the site that he is visiting.


Breaking study shows Coca Cola as possible treatment

for Covid-19. They have been studies done that shows drinking Coca Cola weakens the virus and allows for quick recovery within 24 hours from Covid-19. Trump has stated "Coca Cola is great it's always been my favorite soda and I'm all for giving hospitals coke funds so they can use this magnificent drink to cure the virus. This is great great news we can re-open all 50 states tomorrow." There is speculation on wall street that Coke's stock will go up by 700 percent tomorrow with this break through study.

In case you didn't know I'm being sarcastic. Just letting out my frustration with all this bs speculation.

America's Youngest Generation Could Be A Problem For The GOP

As one of the older Millennials I found this article interesting. The GOP likes to always insult my generation as entitled and a bunch of snowflakes simply because a majority of us don't subscribe to their bs ideology. Looks like Gen Z will join Millennials as the next generation to get their wrath.

America’s Youngest Generation Could Be A Problem For The GOP
Gen Z is growing up, and right now it looks solidly liberal.

America’s youngest generation is growing up with political views similar to those of the millennials who precede them, according to a new poll, which found Generation Z to be diverse, left-leaning and largely hostile toward President Donald Trump.

The Republican Party “now has a TWO generation problem,” GOP pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson wrote on Twitter. “I am often asked if the pendulum will swing back and if Gen Z might actually be more right-leaning than the Obama-era Millennials. Current verdict: no.”

That data comes via a new report from Pew Research, which defines millennials as those born from 1981 to 1996 and Generation Z as those born after that. Under those definitions, the 2020 election will see a crop of Gen Z voters ages 18 to 23.

So far, according to Pew, today’s teenagers and youngest adults look pretty similar to the millennials now in their mid-20s to 30s ― and notably distinct from older generations. Just 30 percent of Gen Zers ages 13 to 21 and a nearly identical 29 percent of millennials surveyed said they approve of Trump’s job performance. About 60 percent of both groups said they agree that increasing racial and ethnic diversity is good for society.

Members of Gen Z stand out for their support for more government: 70 percent of those polled said the government should do more to solve problems, compared with 64 percent of millennials and 53 percent or fewer of older Americans.

Young Republicans look especially different from older members of their party. About half of Gen Z Republicans surveyed said they believe the government should be doing more, while just 38 percent of millennial Republicans and a third or fewer of older GOP generations agreed. Forty-three percent of Gen Z Republicans said that black Americans are treated less fairly than whites; only 30 percent of millennial Republicans and fewer than a quarter of older Republicans said the same.

Demography, of course, isn’t necessarily destiny. The GOP also faced prematurely dire claims about the party’s future after the 2012 presidential election. Young Americans’ opinions will have an effect on politics only to the extent they turn out to vote.


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