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Member since: Fri Dec 1, 2017, 09:28 PM
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Stone Cold stuns Trump

Old clip of Stone Cold pulling his move the stunner on Trump but I always enjoy watching it.

The Rock vs Trump in 2020

Myself and a friend of mine were randomly speculating on what if the wrestler the Rock who goes by Dwyane Johnson ran against Trump. Keep in mind we were both joking about this and not taking it seriously. We laughed at how depressing it would be if came down to those two 2020. I then thought about an insult the Rock would use against Trump in a debate. It came to my mind that the Rock would say "Trump has put the country in a slump and I'm the guy to get us over this hump. Vote for me and dump this jabroni chump like a pile of crumbs in the garbage." So just chiming in does anybody have any clever rhymes or insult for Trump in 2020. I thought this could be fun thread.

How come Dems never use scare tactics to get people to vote?

I was just thinking about this the other day of how Republicans have always been successful at getting their base to show up to vote through scare tactics. We know the typical scare tactics they use such as racism, death panels. I was thinking about how Dems could have done their own scare tactics during the '16 election. For example they could have had commercials of people losing their health insurance due to the republicans taking it away and then dying or going bankrupt. They could have also had commercials that dealt with Net Neutrality and said that the Republicans plan to take away your Internet. Another idea I had is a commercial that shows a bunch of rich people laughing about all the money they are going to steal from the middle classes by having tax increases on the middle class and the poor.

Star Trek predicts what Trump will do to the Unemployed

I thought his clip was pretty interesting and depressing at the same time.
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