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Member since: Fri Dec 1, 2017, 09:28 PM
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Youtube is Down Worldwide

I tried watching some videos on YouTube but they wouldn't load. At first I thought maybe it was my computer but after googling some articles have come up stating that YouTube has crashed all over the world. I wonder if the Russians took it down.

60 Minutes Troll's Trump with Giannis' big hands

I found this funny


Karen McDougal interview by Magic Johnson and Howard Stern in 1998

I found this clip very entertaining. In this clip Karen is being called out as a gold digger by Howard Stern.

Mark Cuban's presidential hopes take on heavy baggage with Mavs' 'culture of sexual harassment'

A bad basketball team and an admission in a podcast with Julius Erving that the team was tanking -- I thought these were Mark Cuban's biggest problems coming out of the All-Star break. For about 24 hours.

Then the Sports Illustrated bombshell dropped Tuesday night, a portrayal of the Dallas Mavericks organization as a "Real Life Animal House," and Cuban's world changed, possibly forever. While there are no direct accusations against Cuban in the lengthy article, it's his organization that he micromanaged that is under fire for "a culture of sexual harassment" and inappropriate conduct in the workplace.


Lavar Ball makes fun of Trump's hand size

Go to the 15:00 minute mark to hear Lavar make fun of Trump's hands and feet.

Star Trek wonders how could people elect Trump

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