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Is Ryan Lizza another set up?

Lizza I believe is the guy who wrote the article on Scaramucci, where Scar used all that profanity, and was forced to resign.

Scar recently predicted Lizza would pay a price for what he wrote.


Why do organizations who know better, like the NYer and CNN, keep falling for it?

We all need to change our approach

For thirty years, despite two Presidents who were Democrats, our country has been sliding into a deep, stinky right-wing hole, and we're all being dragged down with it. Half of Americans have been convinced that wedge issues like guns, gays, and abortion are more important than civil rights, economic equality, and human decency; candidates who favor the wealthy, who are pro-gun, anti-gay, and anti-abortion can essentially be child molesters and still get elected by half of our fellow citizens. This is a very bad place to be.

Progressives all must accept that no matter how true an argument we give, no matter how factual, the average person won't change their mind from falsity. Fox News has never won a person over using facts, and no facts are ever going to win that person back.

So what do we do?

Somehow, we need to take charge of the message. Trump of course is a master of that, as painful as it is to admit. So were Mussolini and Hitler. The Progressive people back then got nowhere by trying to be reasonable and factual.

There's a huge number of smart, passionate people on DU. What ideas do people have to take control of the message? Things that we ourselves can do.

It's the figurative act of getting up on a soapbox in the town square and saying: "Hey, listen here. We've got something to say."

How about this: small teams on twitter whose job it is to respond immediately to current events, nutty right-wing statements, and good policy moves by Dems (and other teams to echo it), using humor, irony, and sarcasm. Whatever it takes to get attention.

Or Youtube vids to the same effect?

Or a series of websites that push the same envelope? Not something safe like the NYT or MSNBC, but something that reaches the people that those sites don't.

Or a single edgy billboard, that makes the right wing media insanely mad?

Things are getting desperate. Let's talk about some ideas to fight it.
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