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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Bawlmer, Murlind
Home country: United States
Current location: Trump Household
Member since: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 11:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,432

About Me

I love logic and respect feelings. My aspiration here is to engage in reasoned discourse. I believe that Truth Leaks. It may take the time span of a Grand Canyon to wear away at human deceit and denial, but truth always carves its own path.

Journal Archives

Some things we encounter lift us up.

Other things make us want to take a shower, or empty our stomachs or shake our fists.

I just wanted to do the first, and share a sort of "oldie but goodie" that many will recognize.

It is also worth mentioning here that when not hampered by hooped skirts and social mores, women, too, will take up the fight for their country. We're seeing that happen now, and those efforts also lift us up.

Slava Ukraini

Saw on Seth Meyers' show. . .

. . . That some talking head at Fox criticized Biden (shocker, I know) for NOT singing "Happy Birthday" to the boy whom he called out to during his State of the Union address. The President mentioned that the young fellow's birthday had just passed and even said the words, "Happy Birthday" to the kid. Apparently, that just wasn't enough and it would have been more "human" if Biden had sung.

Major eye roll moment here, folks. Can you imagine what those selfsame Fox News pundits would have said if Biden had sung "Happy Birthday" in the middle of The SOTU? They would have called him a doddering old fool; there's no doubt in my mind.

Criticizing our elected officials is more than a right, it is a civic duty, particularly for the press. Nobody serving the people should get a free pass and even Democrats have to guard against becoming a bunch of "Yes Men". But the utter crap that Fox News puts out as they spin threads of nothing but hot air into clouds of dust is mind-boggling.

Threat Against Lawmakers Surge.

From The New York Times via Yahoo News:

One Menacing Call After Another.

It may not be a new problem, but we know who has exacerbated it.

"Threats against members of Congress jumped more than fourfold after Trump took office. In 2016, the Capitol Police investigated 902 threats; the following year, that number reached 3,939.

The threats range from phone calls with gruesome, specific descriptions of violence that have led to jail time for the callers to broad threats posted on social media for which juries have, on occasion, acquitted those charged."

This point is both infuriating and chilling:

"In several cases, defense lawyers have taken to arguing that their client should not be punished for comments that were consistent with what elected officials and political pundits have said. Several rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 have employed similar 'Trump made me do it' defenses."

Threats of physical violence against other people are wrong, of course. But in a system that permits free speech, the right to protest and the opportunity to vote, the people making these threats demonstrate their lack of commitment to our democracy. If things don't break your way politically, work harder and smarter for the next round, like Stacey Abrams. Pouting, blustering, threatening and assaulting people who oppose you is the Trump method.

Sarah Ferguson . . .

Says that she was the "most persecuted woman ever in the Royal Family".

Anne Boleyn can't even shake her head over that statement.

Jen Psaki Has Certainly Pissed Off Somebody.

Twice, now, I have seen a particularly unflattering picture of Ms. Psaki posted as a thumbnail over a click bait title. The first title made mention of some luxurious home she has (I don't recall the exact adjective)--because I guess living in a nice house makes her a hypocrite for supporting social programs that help the poor. The other click bait title (which I am NOT about to click on) shows up on my Huffpost feed and reads: "Take a look inside Jen Psaki's repulsive life." "Repulsive life" ?! Why don't they just come out and say she has cooties?

The picture chosen to make her look bad shows her with very large breasts and despite the way it is cropped, I suspect she may have been pregnant when it was taken.

Mind you, I'm not saying that pregnant women are unattractive--much less "repulsive"--but a woman carrying all that extra weight may feel ungainly which affects posture and mood and thus result in photos that are less than stellar. And of course, that is the point.

Psaki is attractive, in a polished, professional way--unlike the painted dolls of Fox News. The way she handles herself and her job is also polished and professional, so people gunning for her, her boss and the current administration need to dig out photos that make her look as bad as possible and attack her on whatever grounds--however flimsy--that they can find.

The whole thing is childish, ridiculous and obviously sexist. And, in a way, it highlights just how competent Psaki is. Because if they had anything substantive to work with, they would use it.

Where is THEIR Proof?

One of those blindingly obvious thought came to me the other day. My first response to my insight was self-congratulatory. Then I realized how non-original my "insight" was.

But here it goes:

Flat Earthers-- I can understand to a degree why you are skeptical of proofs regarding a round world if the proof involves pictures of our planet taken from outer space. I, myself, have ooohed and aahed over NASA images only to note the fine print in the caption advising that I was looking at an artist's impression. I can admit that some types of images can be faked.

I am more saddened by your inability to accept circumnavigation of the world when it has been done so many times for so many centuries. But hey, it's not like you were traveling on one of those ships yourself and even if you were aboard ship, you probably couldn't actually see the curvature of the earth from your vantage point.

But speaking of ships and vantage points, surely one of your vast and enlightened numbers has the impetus and resources to get on a boat, (or plane or helicopter, whatever), and whip out a smart phone and take a friggin' picture of the edge of the earth.

Where is YOUR proof flat-earthers? However it is that you picture the contours of our planet that differs from the many, many images of sphere-shaped planetary bodies in addition to our own home, why hasn't anyone provided any visual evidence for an edge or other discernable end to what you insist isn't a wrap-around world surface?

I'm not going to ask why no one has fallen off, (though you should), and I won't ask for pictures, because we know those can be faked. I just want to know why some member of your cohort hasn't gotten in some sort of transport vessel and gone there to see whatever you think there is there to see. Surely someone who has seen the magnificent Truth with their own eyes can report back whatever the hell is supposed to mark the non-curved starting or stopping point of a Flat Earth.

Of course, maybe somebody has provided a vivid description of the outer edges of our non-spherical world on one of the many Youtube videos devoted to the discussion of Flat Earth Beliefs. I can't say that I've ever managed to watch one all the way through. Guess I am just an ignorant fool caught up in a worldwide conspiracy that spans the edges of our disk-shaped planet. (Are the edges crimped or fluted? I'm picturing a lumpy apple pie here.)

Amber Ruffin Rules! As sweet as Kermit and as sassy as Miss Piggy.

What I really want to spotlight here is her poignant--but understandably angry--song at the end of this video. I don't know how to time sort/stamp/code whatever, but you can skip to around minute nine to get to the best part by sliding the red line from left to right until you see Amber walking away from her desk.

Anyone a Fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

The trailer for the eighth and final season dropped today.

I am really going to miss this show. It was always a guaranteed mood-lifter. I love the diversity of the cast, the 180 turn on stereotypes, (Is there any human less flamboyant than Raymond Holt?) and the loyalty-except-for-Halloween-heist evident within the squad.

Intellectually, I understand why it seems so tough to make a cop comedy right now with the ugly truth about systemic police brutality finally being communicated (a little) to White, mainstream America. But the show managed to thoughtfully approach some sensitive issues during earlier seasons. Ending this television series isn't going to make police in this country any better, but it will make television a little worse.

Just my two-cents, for what it's worth.

(Two-cents, I guess.)

Chocolate-covered cicadas available for those willing to wait.

And pay! This Maryland-based company, https://chouquette.us/, is selling the little critters dipped in milk or dark chocolate at $22 per dozen.

Being a Maryland native, I learned to clean my own crabs when I was only four years old. I am in no position to call bug-eating--covered in chocolate or otherwise-- into question. But I'd rather spend my money on a dozen crabs than a dozen cicadas.

And You Thought That Drumpf Was Going To Plunge The World Into Chaos

FYI-- This video is dated December 2015. This is before Jared Kushner became well known as the owner of a prime piece of real estate in NYC with a street number address of 666.
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