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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Bawlmer, Murlind
Home country: United States
Current location: Trump Household
Member since: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 11:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,432

About Me

I love logic and respect feelings. My aspiration here is to engage in reasoned discourse. I believe that Truth Leaks. It may take the time span of a Grand Canyon to wear away at human deceit and denial, but truth always carves its own path.

Journal Archives

Honoring Dr. Ben Barres

A lot of people are responding to Caitlyn Jenner's recent talk about running for Governor of California and other things that she has had to say in media outlets and interviews.

I'm NOT a fan of Jenner's, but it bugs me that people always swing around to her transgender status in an effort to criticize the many, many stupid and tone deaf things she has to say. Maybe regarding one or two key issues, her status as a person who transitioned from one gender to another is relevant, but most of the negative comments don't relate to her positions or opinions, only on her physical change.

My point of view is that her biggest problem is being a member of the Kardashian Entertainment Troop. They don't sing or dance, but they need your attention so badly that they will do almost anything to get it, including "acting".

That nasty dig of mine leveled, I would like to present for everyone's general edification the story of Dr. Ben Barres. Dr. Barres was born as Barbara and transitioned in 1997. To quote this article from The Stanford Daily, "Barres doesn't like having his picture taken or speaking in public. . ." which makes the late neurobiologist the furthest thing from Caitlyn Jenner that I can imagine.

I first learned of Barres in a Charlie Rose interview (yeah, I know, but I enjoyed many of his broadcasts). Barres spoke of his commitment to supporting women in the sciences. He mentioned how one man came up to him after a lecture and complimented him by saying that he was more impressed by [Ben]Barres's work than his sister, Barbara's,[Barres] work. The fan, of course, had no idea that Ben and Barbara were the same person.

During his appearance on Rose's program, Barres also mentioned how much happier a person he was since he no longer thought about killing himself all the time. That really spoke to me. I am not transgender and other than being overprotected and "under-groomed"* for success as a girl, I haven't suffered from a lot of oppression in my life. But for one reason or another, I have struggled with suicidal ideation for as long as I can remember. It broke my heart that a person could feel so disconnected from their own body and socially constructed identity that they would have preferred to die than live in what to them was somehow an alien form.

Barres's life ended far too soon, at age 63, from cancer. But he did important work as a scientist and he put in the effort to help other scientists achieve their goals. As a former female, he could have shrugged his shoulders and thought, "Not my problem anymore." But he didn't.

He wrote an book, The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist and I think that perhaps Caitlyn Jenner has read a book? But Jenner does have great hair and looked fabulous in that bustier, so why shouldn't the world know about her rather than Dr. Ben Barres?

(Writer of this post freely admits that she is jealous of Jenner, who--despite being born male and being eight years older--is prettier than her. Writer's petty feelings stem from insecurity and not transphobia.)

* Not precisely a thing, but it kind of is.

How To Explain Monty Python. . .

To a young person who has never heard of them before?

After you have finished bemoaning what the world is coming to and feeling very old, where do you start the process?

I chose "The Spanish Inquisition" and gave the example of the comfy chair.

I also listed a few of their movies. Life of Brian strikes me as an excellent starting place, because Christianity's broad sway gives a point of reference for most viewers. Holy Grail should be fairly accessible, but someone completely unaware of Monty Python may not have heard of King Arthur.

What do you think?

Favorite Late Night/Talk Show Host

Colbert is my first go-to guy, then I switch to Seth Meyers. My house doesn't get HBO any longer, so I can't see full on broadcast episodes of John Oliver's show.

I enjoy Trevor Noah--or is it Noah Trevor--the guy is so versatile vis-a-vis his accents and dialects, it's fitting that his name works both ways. Samantha Bee is also amazing. She's the coolest Nasty Woman on TV. And Amber Ruffin is the most adorable. I don't have streaming capabilities but I catch her on Youtube. And when she is featured on Late Night With Seth Meyers, my TV stays tuned in after the monologue and A Closer Look.

I only pick up Kimmel on occasion, but that's mainly because he airs at the same time as Colbert. Fallon is my least favorite, but I don't hate on him the way some people do. He's just not my preferred cup of tea.

Anyone else keep a list?

"Tell Me That You Are A Woman Without Telling Me You Are A Woman"

A little "game" that I have seen different places online.

One of the saddest responses relates to doing that "keys-between-the-knuckles thing".

My way of telling someone that I'm a woman with using the exact words-- "Between the ages of 12 and 54, I had a three-tiered underwear system." Never met a woman yet who doesn't employ at least a two-tiered system.

Queen Can't Be Racist-- 'Cuz so many of her subjects are Black or Asian.

Fox Guest Says Crown isn't Racist Because Lands It Colonized Have Black, Asian People.

Article From Huff Post.

Feel free to laugh, cry, scream or just pick your jaw up from the ground.

Presenting Evidence Is A Good Thing. . . Except When It's Not?

Many Republicans continue to make noise about the need to present evidence regarding widespread election fraud. (They had a chance to present such evidence in several dozen court cases and failed to provide any that met legal standards.)

Some of these same Republicans are dead set against the presentation of any evidence in the coming impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

So, according to them, we need to make a big show of examining their claims of voter fraud in a public venue. But we must not subject the man making the claims of voter fraud to a public examination of his actions.

Consistency is not a Republican value, apparently. Law and Order and respect for the police are their stated values, however. Except for when they are very upset about something and the police stand between them and the people they want to murder for making them upset.

I understand now. . . sure I do. . . ?

I Think That T***p Is Going To End Up Hating Biden More Than He Hates Obama

T***p tried to make "Biden" a humorous by-word for lack of initiative just as he tried to make Obama a by-word for incompetency.

T***p, like other aggrieved white people, could comfort himself with the delusion that Obama got where he did due to special treatment in the service of political correctness or whatever. But Biden is not only white, he comes from the same background that T***p would like to claim in service to his own personal mythology. Biden's story and rise though life are the ones that he desperately wants to claim for himself.

But Biden is real. T***p is a fragile delusion that has cracked through and through. I don't know when the funhouse mirror is going to collapse into shards, but it will.

45 Was The Star Trek V Of American Presidents

You Trekkies out there know what I'm saying.

Any other analogies come to mind for the non-geeks out there?

What Would You Swear Upon?

The talk of Harris being sworn into office on Marshall's Bible made me think.

I am not a Christian. I have read the Bible closely and while I do believe there is beauty and inspiration to be found in its pages, I no longer ascribe any sacred significance to it.

If I needed to swear an oath to my country, I would rather place my hand on my grandmother's naturalization certificate. It is the formal acknowledgement of her journey to become an American. Even though it uses the phrase, "in the Year of Our Lord", it also uses the words, " in the [insert number here] Year of Our Independence" and that gives me chills.

Maybe I am thinking about it right now because I have lost a lot of pride in my country under Trump's regime. Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in particular has knocked a lot of the pride and faith right out of me.

Anyway, putting aside my own feelings, if you were to be sworn into office, what object--if any--would you choose to be the visual symbol of your oath?

Oh, by the way, Jefferson's Bible does come to mind. And didn't he also own a Koran that a Muslim congressperson used for his oath?

Everyone is talking about pardons.

Will Trump try to pardon this person, can he pardon himself?

I am not a lawyer. If there is anyone here with real training and credentials please correct me.

As far as I understand the concept, you cannot pardon someone unless they have been convicted.

Right now, some of the terrorist/insurgents have been charged. No trials have been convened. Therefore, until the accused are given their verdicts in court, no one can possibly pardon them.

Now, I know that political clout and other means have been used in the past to get charges dropped in all kinds of situations. But, as far as I understand, no one can issue a pardon for a crime that has not yet been proved. I wish people would consider this point in these discussions about Trump pardoning his family, his cronies and his supporters.

Again, I am open to correction if I am wrong. But I would rather such correction come from someone with real information, not just people speculating. I understand the need to speculate. We're all worried, upset and scared. Speculation is a way of trying to prepare ourselves and feel more in control. It also makes us feel important and less like insignificant background players in this intense drama unfolding around us.

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