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Collimator's Journal
Collimator's Journal
April 13, 2021

How To Explain Monty Python. . .

To a young person who has never heard of them before?

After you have finished bemoaning what the world is coming to and feeling very old, where do you start the process?

I chose "The Spanish Inquisition" and gave the example of the comfy chair.

I also listed a few of their movies. Life of Brian strikes me as an excellent starting place, because Christianity's broad sway gives a point of reference for most viewers. Holy Grail should be fairly accessible, but someone completely unaware of Monty Python may not have heard of King Arthur.

What do you think?

April 2, 2021

Favorite Late Night/Talk Show Host

Colbert is my first go-to guy, then I switch to Seth Meyers. My house doesn't get HBO any longer, so I can't see full on broadcast episodes of John Oliver's show.

I enjoy Trevor Noah--or is it Noah Trevor--the guy is so versatile vis-a-vis his accents and dialects, it's fitting that his name works both ways. Samantha Bee is also amazing. She's the coolest Nasty Woman on TV. And Amber Ruffin is the most adorable. I don't have streaming capabilities but I catch her on Youtube. And when she is featured on Late Night With Seth Meyers, my TV stays tuned in after the monologue and A Closer Look.

I only pick up Kimmel on occasion, but that's mainly because he airs at the same time as Colbert. Fallon is my least favorite, but I don't hate on him the way some people do. He's just not my preferred cup of tea.

Anyone else keep a list?

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I love logic and respect feelings. My aspiration here is to engage in reasoned discourse. I believe that Truth Leaks. It may take the time span of a Grand Canyon to wear away at human deceit and denial, but truth always carves its own path.

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