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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 02:53 PM
Number of posts: 605

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Bring Your Own Brigade


I got a booster shot last week...

It had been about 7 months since my second Pfizer shot. Iím not 65.
I just filled out an online form at the nearest pharmacy and got an appointment that afternoon. When I got to the pharmacy I asked if it was okay that Iím not 65 and it didnít raise an eyebrow. I got the flu shot in the other arm at the same appointment.
I didnít notice any symptoms the first day and was even wondering if they gave me anything in the shot. Then a day later I got all over body aches, and sore arm, lasting about a day.
Anyway, just posting this because many people might be waiting for some announcement that they are eligible to get vaccinated with the booster. I say just go get it now if itís been 6 months since your last one. It gave me some peace of mind if nothing else. And idk if that I got quite a bit of symptoms from the booster is an indication that the initial vaccination had worn off or what.

Whenever I come on to DU

Iím getting all these boxes that appear taking up the screen that say MacAfee total protection
And scan virus protection. Never happened before. Doesnít happen on any other website I visit. Is anyone else having this problem?

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