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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 10,557

Journal Archives

Warren Zevon- Lawyers, Guns, and Money

On Dave, of course...


Hot Tuna - Keep on Trucking Momma.....


I followed this part of the Airplane....

Americanized version of Dead Flowers....


Early 70's....we ran with it!

Dead - early - One More Saturday Night.

Pretty awesome.....forget the stupid graphics....

The Commander,,,,,,, Channeling Jelly Roll Morton....


Housing for 75 million Immigrants,

Who we will need to deal with climate change/water table increase./physical infrastructure reinforcement.

If not immigrants....who?

On edit to add.....4 years ago my special had her sidding done. 4 Guatemalan dudes. I was blown away with the speed/efficiency, yet detail on 45/angles was perfect. They did not talk my language, totally, expertly, did a 2 week job, in 8 days. Yes, I was impressed.

Then I thought, what if we gave 75MM more people the experience and opportunity to save this country?

So tonight, sitting on my back deck, looking out to the Western Mountains of Maine,

Googlre dealt me these 3 songs in a row. After the 3rd.....I stopped to write this.

Whatever the Google algorithm, they served up, "Glendale Train". "The Hobo Song", and "Sing Me Back Home.

All tunes that Jerry Garcia played on. Steel Pedal, Banjo. and Electric Guitar. Wonderous musician.

"Glendale Train"

On edit, defferent version....but worth a watch.

On edit: Here's a live version of NRPS with Jerry playing steel pedal...

Garcia on Banjo - OAITW


Sing Me Back Home (Venata, OR) - 1972 = Jerry on the Lead Guitar




Parrot is pissed at cat's mewing....

"fucking asshole"

Dead, 100 Year Hall,1972,......GDTRFB.


Me, I'm wood chipping for the next 40 hrs runtime.

Not hanging with nobody. Just enjoying the conversion of branches to walking trails.
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