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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 1,209

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Why I can't support Bernie.

1/ Trump/Sanders - Both are blowhards.

2/Elect a Democrat, please.

Do you want to see the absolute filth attacking Rep. Schiff?

See his Twitter account. I read thru a few hundred responses and there were a lot of really negative bullshit trained at the Representative. I couldn't figure out the morons from the bots. The bots are very well trained.

Favorite Dead Album

First and always appreciated -Live Dead - Skull and Roses.

Then listen to "Not Fade Away ~ Going Down the Road Feeling Bad" that's the ticket.

Wow, looking at a side view of the entire panel and a thought struck me.

Turley is morphing into Bill Barr. Both mannerisms and facial contortions. And a helpful outlook to further Trump's takedown of our country.

Trump appears remarkably subdued today.

Waiting for him to suggest that Russia be invited into NATO.

Impeachment: White House in Crisis with Ari Melber - rerun starting now. nt

Tom Brady threw a TD pass tonight.

To his 75th different receiver. Way to play, Tom!

Just watched the re-run of Rachael Maddow tonight....

Her bottom line - the Senate knows that the Ukraine interference is a disinformation play by Putin. So why are Grassley and Johnson demanding non-existant information from the government?

What is up with the Republicans, Trump, and Putin? I think the common thread is Organized Crime. Lets get Rudy on it!

Rachael Maddow vs. Sean Hannity.....

Why not a prime-time debate? Sean, pro-Trump, Rachael, anti-Trump. Lets see who makes the best case on Prime-Time. Would be a ratings bonanza!!!! Might change more than a few minds.

Bet Sean would duck a debate....chickenshit that he is.

I want the Democrats to slow walk the current investigation.

No reason to close off future avenues of investigation. Odds are, more shit drops.... if not, go with what you got. Make the Senate vote by: 10/15/20.
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