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OAITW r.2.0

Profile Information

Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 20,423

Journal Archives

So what do you think the polling will be this week?

70% anti-Trump v. 30% Trump tools.

Has anyone else noticed different DU datamasks?

Love DU....been here since 2001. Be transparent. If you want to leverage a high-quality database....please let me know.

I am probably OK with this because I bust every marketing focus group. Thankfully, they don't give a fuck about me. But I digress.....

Dave, Earl - Time to talk. What are your thoughts? GE vs. Trump.

Start leveraging your political assets....which is DU.

Why won't Trump defend himself, his honor, and his Presidendcy by confronting the

Democratic Impeachment Investigation on what he says is a witch-hunt. He has a chance to finally prove his toughness and explain his actions righteously in front of Shifty Schiff and for the whole country to see.

So why doesn't Trump take the opportunity to tell us the whole story and stick it to the witch-hoax hunters??

You put up a person like Donald Trump for our office of President?

You deserve getting your elephant ass kicked now and 2020. That's when the reality returns.

Nights like this make DU the place to be.

So many awesome people reporting locally - everywhere - on Democratic wins, charges the political batteries of us all. Well done everyone at the DU!

They won't give up power easily....watch Bevin and how the contest plays out.

Losing the Kentucky Governship is a huge blow, but I suspect Bevin will further drive the voters of Kentucky to a FU Bevin coalition.

I am really warming up to a Biden-Warren ticket.

I think Joe can be a significant transitional President....leading us out of a very dark moment in US History. Repair of US relations will be tantamount and I think Biden can focus and quickly rebuild the bridges to our Allies that Trump has actively tried to destroy.

Sen. Warren brings gender balance to the ticket and should be given a huge domestic portfolio to work with Congress to get economic and social reform that we sorely need.

If, in 4 years, this ticket has proven successful, Joe can honorably retire and let Warren get a shot at the Presidency in 2024.

My big concern....is there enough chemistry between them to make this work?
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