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OAITW r.2.0

OAITW r.2.0's Journal
OAITW r.2.0's Journal
March 26, 2020

Thought I'd share my appreciation of a little pot......

In quarantine and in the middle of nowhere. Not a visible neighbor. By myself. I recently moved back to my home in ME. - open, because my ex, who lived there...died last February. Anyways, as a guy celebrating his 67th birthday tomorrow, I want to share my routine.

Wake up....depends when I go to bed

Next and always foremost, watch my backyard and contemplate. I have 50 mi views to the western mountains of Maine and an open 3 acres to watch the wildlife (deer/turkeys/grouse/coyote). When the snow goes, I'll be spending more time wandering the property....I spent 12 years thinning/de-limbing lots of trees in developing discrete walking paths/cc trails that are probably 1-1.5 miles long.

Make coffee, smoke a butt, Turn on NSMBC, read DU. Another coffee and another butt.

Next 3-9 hrs. - my business.

Then, Eat something.

Talk with my best friend, love of my life, and significant other in MA. She's in hospital medical records, so she's got her own professional stresses plus her daughter tele-med PA), son-in-law (5th yr residence in NY Hospital), and 3YO are decamped for a 10+ days at her small place. SIL was sleeping at his hospital every night...virtually on call, all of the time......he's from the DR. One of the smartest dudes I have ever met.

Check work stuff.....

Eat something, again. Just made a salad that will be good for 4 servings this week.

Have a glass or 2 of wine - or a few Sam Adams Lager. Smoke a 1 hitter. Looks like a cigarette and you pack a single hit to the tip. Take multiple hits*.

It's damn efficient and puts me in that frame of mind to post on DU. Intellectual discourse, hopefully.

Go to bed.

* Pro-Tip The drawback of this pipe is that tar eventually plugs up the delivery system (cigarette-pipe. Use a 3/32" drill bit to clean both ends. Ignite drill bit to clear tar and heat to melt the tar in the tube. Good as new.

March 26, 2020

Have you noticed that whenever Trump states a fact,

he never backs it up with a cite. Why? He's a liar, that's why.

March 18, 2020

It hit home for me today.

Bought a used vehicle in MA last January....took possession Friday. Engine light on, OBD says emissions vacuum~gas cap related.

I am 67, in pretty good health for a pack a day smoker. Anyways, I have my annual change of season cold - happens like clockwork around this time. So I took it back today to have a smoke test done on the vehicle. Small used car lot with a mechanic. I sneezed on entrance and it pretty much freaked everybody out. I was asked to wait outside until they could check my truck. An hour later, the sales/owner came out and stood about 7' away and said the mechanic doesn't want to touch your car.

I said OK, my fault, and it was. Lesson learned....going to Maine to a house that has no neighbors obvious, for the for-seeable future.

March 16, 2020

I like hearing 2 candidates really addressing my issues.

Seems to be a lot of agreement on the big picture and policy programs.

March 16, 2020

Joe is coming around.

He is starting to connect our future economy with a decentralized, labor intensive energy grid, that makes solar/wind/thermal our energy choices of the future..

March 16, 2020

I just bought a new home PC to run my business*.

An Asus - i7-9900 Intel cpu, 8GB RAM, and a 250GB SSD "C" Drive. My older PC, bought 4 years ago was an i3 processor and 4gb RAM. No SSD. It was excruciating slow, waiting on search functions. Lots of brainlocks and reboots, too. Task manager explained my problems. Too little memory and too too slow. I figure 20% of my worktime is waiting....

So, here's my scenario - I want to mirror my desktop and my laptop and do it through using a 250GB SSD as my business root drive. Plug and play on either device. I spend a lot of time away from homebase. I have a MS Office 365 sub on both machines and my mail server is configured to drop the same emails to both devices.

On a side note note, I've set-up backups to each device C: drives from the SSD. That gives me 2 good back-ups of the business data on the SSD drive.

Problem is laptop/Home PC desktop icon management. My laptop/desktop icons are a bunch of shortcuts to my SSD drive, but the same shortcuts don't seem to sync between the laptop and the home PC. Is there a way to do this?

Any help or comments appreciated.

* To be honest, I'm also planning to run Microsoft Flight simulator on a new 32" HP monitor. I also got a NVidia Graphics Cards for this program only.

March 16, 2020

What if there is a real political plan to manage Covid-19 and it's been in play since Trump

was being impeached?

What populations are most at risk in this pandemic? People living in hi-density areas. Places where multi-culturalism blooms. Places where education and science and manufacturing thrive?

These are the Democratic Party strong holds, but also the most likely exposed to the contagion due to the greater human interactions.

Trump (and the Republican Party) has to win the next election or he will be tried on a multiple of legitimate charges, none more vile as actual treason against the US of A. His family, too.

So maybe he off's the emergency pandemic response team to make sure we aren't prepared for such a viral outbreak. Then lie, obfuscate, distract, and bullshit the next few months.

Now he gets to declare a national emergency and soon, martial law. Then delay the elections while the cities populations die-off and he finally wins the popular vote.

March 14, 2020

Here is what I want Obama to do.

I want a national address, carried on all networks, paid by the DNC.

He gets up and address the American people 3.5 years later.

Scorch Trump like he did at the Dinner.
Only worse. Laugh at Trump while he disembowel's him, rhetorically, speaking.

Then, support both Democratic candidates fairly. Bernie deserves our support and he should be at the table when we develop a 21st century social policy. He should then turn to Joe and give his full-throated support to take DJT out. Make him stand for his documented crimes, free of Republican enabling.

March 14, 2020

Future Pandemics.

Should the UN have a greater force in getting involved in every country where new infections that have world-wide consequences are presented?

March 14, 2020

Socratic Method.

Here is the link.

hmmmm, is this the process to destroy Donald Trump's Base.....from the ground, up?

On edit....that is how I learned, from superior arguments. I think it is called education, today.

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