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OAITW r.2.0

OAITW r.2.0's Journal
OAITW r.2.0's Journal
March 12, 2020

Biden v. Trump

We aren't making the same mistake twice, right?

March 4, 2020

An idea for future Democratic Primaries.

How about, 18 months before the 1st primary, we have a nationally televised lottery system where we create 3 primary voting days for all states. Each date would have a roughly equal mix of hi population and mid-to low population states across regions. Think of it in terms of an NFL draft lottery and the marketing interest it would draw.

We have 3 debates scheduled with all viable candidates (criteria TBD) before the 1st Super-Tuesday (ST1). Results of the 1st primary would limit the next 2 debates before ST#2. Further minimum thresholds limit the field for ST#3. Not saying candidates can't run in all primaries, they just don't get free political time if they can't show results in ST#2 and #3. Seems like 3 weighted regional primaries would be a better system than what we have now.

March 4, 2020

A great night for Joe Biden.

Changed my DU status from undecided to Joe, though I've always been predisposed to the Biden argument. I stayed undecided because of the sheer# of candidates that had great policy ideas and Joe's early lackluster performance had me wondering if he had the tools to be POTUS. The last couple of days has seen a seismic shift in the public perception of Joe's capabilities. He hit all of the right notes about where we have to go wrt to climate change and a new approach to energy technology. Decentralize the energy grid with labor intensive jobs. He's going to change the bullshit US policy on immigration because we need immigrants to help us survive the 21st century changes the climate is bringing.

Listening to Joe was uplifting, listening to Bernie was a rerun of every rally I've heard in the past 8 years.

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