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OAITW r.2.0

Profile Information

Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 20,568

Journal Archives

John Prine and Bill Murray....talking about their start in Chicago.

Pretty cool.....


So Biden wins, Democrats take the Senate and increase their majorities in the November Election.

Which Republican SC Justice resigns 1st? Because, dirt will be exposed.

Sam Adams, Boston Lager.

My beer of choice for dealing with CV-19 isolation. Your refreshment?

Starting 6th week of isolation...and I have 2 questions to ponder, regarding birds.

(1) What attracts birds to birdfood? Smell? Food energy and brain-processing (lightwaves)? Other birds? Anyone have any ideas. Talking regular wild birdseed.....

(2) Sitting on my back porch tonight, I heard what I think was a game/ground bird creating attention/looking for a mate.

The sound lasts about 10 seconds. Starts off as a singular, very muffled low freq sound, then amps up to a very repetitive muffled sound. Like cranking up a lawn mower with an oversized muffler, before it dies out. Don't think it's a turkey, but thinking it might be grouse. Seen a couple on the property over the past few weeks....

Bird and Johnson at BG.

Both retired,bit being honest.

Boston Sporst Classic

I have a question on Real Estate sales and tax implications.

I own a family property with my siblings that we want to sell. Assuming the sale happens, what is the tax implication to me? I am 67 and am interested in what I can expect for federal tax liability.

Would now be a good time to do a moon-shot employment program

for decentralized, labor intensive Energy Independence? Making Solar/Wind/Battery Systems our new focus for the 21st Century?

Followed by Infrastructure and Climate Change mitigation.... This will require immigrants to help address.

All things Trump can't do.

This problem can end the day after 10 Republican Senators signal to Democrats

that Trump's time is over. The nation's focus needs to find them.

So, testing.......and what we need to get our arms around this pandemic.

Say, 330MM people in the USA, testing all 2/week. That.s 32+ Billion tests a year for all Americans.

Ain't happening with Trump.

OK, so I was enjoying the nicest day, weather-wise, In Central Me. this PM.

That included a couple of beers and a little medicinal marijuana.......so I got to thinking....

Trying to think about the 1st Dead song I remember. I think it was in 1966 and the song was Truckin', It was a Warner Brother's 45. Can't remember whether it was the A or B side (promotion-wise), but I am sure it was a Van Morrison song. I don't think it was "Brown-eyed Girl, but "Into the Mystic".

Anyone know or can the Internet tell me?
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