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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 11,702

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Linda Ronstadt - Willin'.....


God, she was awesome....

David Bromberg - Jelly Jaw Joe - 1976


Man was cheap........

Caps- Bruins - they are so evenly matched......

Go Bruins!

So, did the 175 Republicans who voted against the 1/6 Commission also vote not

to accept the Electoral College? If so, they are the enemy of Democracy.

Van Morrison- 1984 - Cleaning Windows.

You know who influenced Van when you listen to this.....


Guy builds an obstacle course, based on Mission Impossible movie, to thwart

the squirrels from getting into Fort Knuts. You probably know how this turns out....

Dead, Frankfort.GM, 1972.......Going Down the Road....


Question on Taxes - using Turbo Tax

So, I am pretty much finished with my 2020 Fed/State returns. However, I have a problem that is driving ne nutz.

I need to use an IRS IP ID#. I have it and it is a 6 digit number. However, when I try to input into Turbo Tax, there is only space for a 5 digit number. Anyone else run into this?

Also, both State and Federal returns will be returning me substantial refunds as I declare 0 dependents....it's like a savings acct, I guess. What's my penaltyu for missing todays date....I had thought it got extended to July, but apparently not.

Dead, 1972, Hunerardt Jahr Halle , Frankfort, Germany, 1972

Going Down the Road.....Best version, I think...


Newman, Cooder,,,,than Linda Ronstadt

"Rider in the Rain"...going to Arizona. Linda loved this musical moment....so did Randy! Sorry Ry.

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