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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 12,456

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Pence talking to a black person! Inspirational!

Not scripted at all!

Poor Tiffany. Smart, articulate, and totally wrong.

What's Dad have on you Tiffany? After how he has treated you these past 4 years. Weird.

Sandmann in full gasser mode..

Who got in who's face, asshole? He's on the Republican gravy train.....

They are all readers....mailing it in.

None of them convey excitement or inspiration in their testimonials of the Executive Producer, Director, and Emcee, DJT.

So, last night...how many people in Trump's Base tuned in to the Rally?

7+million tuned into Fox. I'll concede 98% were Trumpers. But another 5MM people watched thru ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC. Doubtful 10% were true Trumpers. Listening to this commentaryalongside the actual convention would be too damn painful. Bet tonight is even less. I further imagine ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC will remain steady, but the Fox numbers are going to be like a Trump walk down a ramp.

Another related point. How many Trumpers watched the DNC Convention? A lot smaller % than sane people watching the RNC who are trying to understand this non-Party.

I'm calling this the Trump Bund Rally from this point on.

Because this is smelling like a 1930's rally in Germany. Fear everyone, except your white identity.

Who was that woman back in 2016 that was in the DU news as a another Trump alter ego.

Trying to remember her name. I remember that she vouched for Trump - although I can't recall specifically what that was about, but no one could find anything about her working for the Trump Organization.

Cocaine Blues - Dave Bromberg

This one's for you, Junior


Pending SEC announcement!

Trump Organization will be announcing their intention to purchase the tangible assets of the GOP. No terms have been divulged, but a spokesman for the organization said that their appears to be excellent synergy between the 2 businesses. Trump Organization sees great growth potential in acquiring various political parties in many countries to help streamline their cash flow optimization. Informed sources say that Putin World Domination is also in talks of acquiring the Trump Organization, thus creating the largest pure capitalistic Corporation in the world.

In recognition of this impending sale, the GOP has declined to not inform the public on what they stand for.

Over-Under on how many verbal gaffes, momentary forgetfulness, and veering off script will Trump

commit? - 4 nights - I'm figuring 30 total to open.
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