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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 14,569

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I can't believe my Inbox.....getting slammed by Emails for money.

It's a pain in the ass as I've given $400.00 this month. But they want more! Sigh....will kick another $50.00 because I am so damn proud to support our Party and this Country.

So proud to be a Democrat.

Fuck the opposition that hate this country.

I am loving this roll call....it is fantastic that we are hearing so many different voices telling

their stories and adding to their movement. Bravo, well done, DNC!

Anyone not think that Russian hackers aren't deperately trying to

torpedo this? I imagine that they've put a great plan in place.....probably capturing attack data and locations.

Gov. Cuome...............KAPOW. nt

Whatta Opening......

"Star Spangled Banner", like I never heard it.

Like a Road Leading Home, Garcia/Saunders, Keystone


Has it been said?

Reid, Maddow, and Wallace are perfectly balanced? This guy is happy to listen to these very honest, intelligent women covering this event. As a guy, I'm totally with them on their opinions. Home run.

Condoms, Charlie.

Probably one of my favorite TV ads that plays on MSNBC.

Charlie's wife whispers about him getting condoms, but he can't seem to make out what she's saying.

But her father hears. "Condoms, Charlie...she wants to know if you bought condoms". After a moment, it registers on Charlie and he says "Yes" out loud. The wife gives him a look that says, I can't believe you said that."

Cracks me up every time it plays...perfect ad for selling hearing aids.

Hey Jeff Bezos....wanna stick it to Trump and help the American people?

Offer the Amazon delivery fulfillment network to get the votes to the place they need to go....at n/c to the US voters. Trump will go nutz and you will be doing something tangible to save our democracy. Win/Win/Lose*

* Trump, that is.
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