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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 12,378

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Smokehouse Blues - Wynton Marsalis.


Mr. Morton would approve......

China virus vs, Trump virus.

China hammered on Wuhan and shut it down. Trump decided he could score political points by call it a Democratic hoax. He is responsible for 150,000+ deaths and he can't explain it away.

Just want Putin wanted.

So, I was on the back deck refilling the bird feeders and I saw....

2 grouse strutting accross the lawn. I stopped and moved closer to the railing....and they bolted into the woods nearby. Then 4 more bolted. Smaller, probably hatchlings from this Spring. I think they were part of a brood that hatched this year. Awesome to witness.

Racheal Maddow's show with NY AG Letitia James and tthe NRA corruption was outstanding.

Wayne and the corrupt cabal operating this scam ought to be criminally liable. Like, serve some serious jail time.

But I wonder why there was no mention of the NRA funneling Russian money into the 2016 election, via the Republican Party. Maybe not pertinent to this action, but it sure deserves to be prosecuted.

Just finished binging Season 5 and well into Season 6 of "Homeland"

S5 was good, but S6 is downright disturbing. One of the best storylines I've have watched in a series. It feels like I'm watching a Trumpian reality show, There's Steve Bannon, Legions of bots planning a RW takeover of USA. Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) just pivots into the most heainous CIA head imaginable.
Reality greact actiong by the core group.

Cannot stop watching this season......

Mississippi 1/2 Step Toodle - goddam -do.


Sugar Magnolia - 1972 - Dead - Venata, OR


If you like Live Music. holy fucken smokes.....

Anyone remember, Skillet and Leroy?

Red Fox and Luwanda - can't remember.

Best Live Dead tune......ever.

You can play this at my funeral, loud and proud! .


Willy and the Hand Jive - Band or NRPS? Who did it better?



Or NRPS with Jerry?


Earlier, more New Rider-ish sound..... I remember Clark University, 1972. NRPS headlined, the Dead played to give them a break......


You can see why Levon Helm gravitated to this music.....
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