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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 14,369

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My Mailbox is Full.

Has been for 10 years. If you're in my contact list, no problemo, Works until you miss messages trying to arrange a shipment drop.

Black Throated Wind - Europe 73

Never made the album, but sounds like Bob from his studio album....


Jerry Garcia - Old Timey Dude - Blue Yodel #9


Not one that comes to mind, but what a great acoustic cut.......

David Bromberg - Long Tall Mama

I can kinda relate to this music.....


Thank God for MSNBC.

Well, thank someone who realizes that we need people who tell it like it is. There may be some who don't like a particular host - Andrea Mitchell, I am looking at you - ,but MSNBC tells the truth on all of the shows. Thank "God" there is a place to hear the truth.

Is there anyway I can get NESN on Youtube TV?

When I signed up a year ago, NESN was included, but it got dropped about 6 months ago. I'd pay a premium to have NESN as they carry most of the profeesional Boston sports games.

"Why wasn't the Capital protected"?

A very core question. I think we will find out the answer to this, but the Republicans are not going to like the truth.

My 1986 Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap...

Built to last and in fine shape. Fit, function, no fabric breakdown, constant wear. Faded? Yes, but aren't we all?

Except for 1 thing. Moisture. It always feels damp. It's been inside for a few days and it feels like it was left in a downpour, 15 minutes ago. Canvas absorbs moisture....and ..... Wish I could send my clouds to the West Coast.....

A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request - Steve Goodman


Worth a listen...related up to 2004.

Here's the story of Steve and his ashes at Wrigley Field.


Gunhild Carling - Basin St Blues.

Multi-dimenional singer/player. Louie would be connecting with er. Louie laid the best version of "Basin St. Blues" in Berlin, Germany. Gunhild returns the favor....


On edit = edited to her correct family name. Stupid Me/
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