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OAITW r.2.0

Profile Information

Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 20,306

Journal Archives

Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler - Let it Bleed - 1969


On edit....appreciate the "heartbeat".....

Hot Tuna - True Religion

It's the real deal.


Best feature about DU?

When my "My Posts" tab turns yellow.

John Denver - "Country Road"


This song is probably #1 in China Karaoke (or it used to be back 15 years ago).......they love this song, even if they don't understand the words.

John Prine playing Steve Goodman,,,My Old Man.

I can relate, lost mine in 76......


Phil Lesh and Friends - Cosmic Charlie

Yep. Phil got this song....


Leon Redbone - Lovesick Blues


Been in manufacturing all my life,

Never met a Trumper who has a clue as to making a product happen. By definition, they were never part of a group trying to develop new products.

Commander Cody - Beat Me Daddy, 8 to the Bar - 1980


Did George Frayne and Dan Hicks ever tour together?

If not, they should have.
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