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OAITW r.2.0

OAITW r.2.0's Journal
OAITW r.2.0's Journal
October 30, 2018

My take on being fan of the Red Sox.

Obviously, tonight is a great night to be in Red Sox nation. This team won 108 games in regular season, then steamrolled the Yanks, Houston, and finally, LA. I was surprised, but....not really. This towne loves their Red Sox. Everyone talks about them. Everybody has an opinion.

But I was scared, I admit it. The f'n Yanks. They had a Murderer's Row of hitters. Up and down their line-up, they could crack a game into a laugher. But they didn't...thank the RS Gods!

Most of us thought David Price....cannot win in the clutch. Why? Because the media told us he can't.....but he did, big time Personally, he still has problems with the Yanks, but....lets fast forward. Price/Evoldi/Sales...yes, that is the cherry on the top! This team was all in on winning, all were available to do whatever Cora asked. I watched this team 4 years ago when they finished last in the American League and I was excited...Betts, JBJ, Bienitendi, Bogarts, Vasquez (eventually Devers)....whatta core!

Whattabout next year? Yeah, I'm riding this - they have the experience now to win the WS...they've done that and proven themselves. Next year, a few tweaks with pitching and, oh boy, can't wait to start the 2019 season!

October 29, 2018

I think Trump is trying to incite civil unrest by heading to Pittsburgh on the eve of the election.

He wants to have video/pics of angry people reacting to his presence. This is all about trying to shift the optics from the RW rhetoric that motivated the MAGABomber and SynagogueShooter to commit these acts to a "mob" moment where he can frame the protestors as the problem. This is all about the election and his desperation to influence the undecideds.

October 27, 2018

Here is a core link of people who think 180 degrees different than DU.


This should explain that there are 100's of people who think this terrorist is a Democratic/Deep State actor. They will never question their own ideological shortcomings. If they did, they'd be probably have to shoot themselves.
October 26, 2018

Towing a white fan that seems connected with the investigation.

Van has windows with lots of signage....would love to see a zoom on what they say. Update: Pictures of Trump!!!!RW paraphenalia!!!!!

October 24, 2018

RWNJ or State Sponsored Terrorism?

It's probably one or the other.....

October 24, 2018

Climate Change is real, Caravans aren't.

We need to protect the coastlines of our country against the destruction of climate change. We will need lots of people, like immigrants, to do the hard work of fortification against this reality.

We need to elect smart people that understand this. Trump and Republicans will ensure that the results will be worse going forward.

October 23, 2018

We need to build walls.

Stupidest place to spend billions on walls is the Mexican/US border. We need them on our coasts. And we need the immigrants to help us rebuilding them as we try to save our coastlines. How tough is this for morons to understand?

October 22, 2018

Just voted absentee.

Straight D and for all bond questions.

My question....why was the Senate/Representative choices ranked choice, but the Governor's race wasn't? Given that it was because of the split choice we had to settle for LeClown LePage...I would have hoped that this would also apply to the Governor's race.

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