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OAITW r.2.0

Profile Information

Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 19,107

Journal Archives

Impeachment: White House in Crisis with Ari Melber - rerun starting now. nt

Tom Brady threw a TD pass tonight.

To his 75th different receiver. Way to play, Tom!

Just watched the re-run of Rachael Maddow tonight....

Her bottom line - the Senate knows that the Ukraine interference is a disinformation play by Putin. So why are Grassley and Johnson demanding non-existant information from the government?

What is up with the Republicans, Trump, and Putin? I think the common thread is Organized Crime. Lets get Rudy on it!

Rachael Maddow vs. Sean Hannity.....

Why not a prime-time debate? Sean, pro-Trump, Rachael, anti-Trump. Lets see who makes the best case on Prime-Time. Would be a ratings bonanza!!!! Might change more than a few minds.

Bet Sean would duck a debate....chickenshit that he is.

I want the Democrats to slow walk the current investigation.

No reason to close off future avenues of investigation. Odds are, more shit drops.... if not, go with what you got. Make the Senate vote by: 10/15/20.

Ambassador McFaul opened an interesting gambit for Trump.

Offering a "bad info" defense against the real bad actors (Guilliani, et al). Rudy might be wondering if Trump will take the defense and throw him under the bus? If so, maybe he cashes in his "insurance" policy.

Ms. Hill is really changing the scope of this investigation.....

Clearly, Russia is behind the fabricated lies about Crowdstrike/Burisma. Which means?

I really wonder if Putin didn't deliver the gameplan to Trump in that secret Helsinki meeting.

Clean Energy Corridor....what's this? The cross Maine Irving energy plan for Canada?

Slick commercial, but I suspect it's not in our state's best interests.

Obama will always be my litmus test for what I want in a President.

I think, 100 years from now,historians will understand how truly great a President he was/is. He inspired. He was - no drama Obama. He employed smart, honest people to represent us. No friggen indictments in 8 years - and Republicans had House majorities. They chose to focus on character assassination of the Honorable Hilliary Clinton.He was smart and decisive when hi had to be.

He inherited a Republican financial nightmare....remember how Bush pumped money into cheap home mortgages in 2003? Trying to get his "ownership" economy as his selling point in 2004? At the same time, financial institutions were bundling and losing connection to the people getting mortgages? Yeah, financial anal lock-up. McCain would have finished us, but he wasn't smart enough to pick a competent VP...so I have no doubt things would have been in permanent "TILT".

Thank fucking God for Obama. And how does the Republican Party counter? Don Trump.

They are an organized crime party, and I am convinced it is a wholly only subsidiary of the Putin Crime Machine.

Russian has 1/2 of the economic output of California. But they own 1/2 of the US political oxygen. Time to elect a fierce Democrat who wiil confront this fundemental problem head-on. Everything else is a piece of cake.

How many DA's, ADA's lawyers are on the Democratic side of this Investigation?

I know we have a Republican used car felon(?) at point who masquerades as a fake farmer as well as a Hastert-like wrestling coach who can't find a proper jacket to wear to these meeting on the Republican side. I imagine Castor ain't getting a whole lot of intelligent legal support from his side of the aisle.
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